FrenchDudes – Lyam Dylan, Kader Jawell & Romain Alabien [Full]


Data Released: Jul 28, 2014

Double Dose For Newcomer Romain Alabien: Lyam Dylan, Kader Jawell, Romain Alabien

Starting out on the couch, from left to right, we have Lyam Dylan, in the middle, our new’cummer’ Romain Alabien (lucky guy) and Kader Jawell. With Romain sitting in the middle, he’s got a handful of Lyam’s crotch and Kader’s. when Kader stands up, we can’t help but see his hard cock under his runners. Lyam is a slow starter, but finishes strong. Down come Romain’s pants to expose his hole for a little finger play before playing with Kader’s cock. Then Romain takes a turn servicing Lyam’s cock while Kader stands back and jerks his. Sizing up the situation, Kader sees an opening and moves in giving Romain access to both hard cocks. …

Romain continues to work both of their cocks as the clothes start to come off. Romain gets on all 4’s so our two studs can size up his ass and gauge his tight hole. While Lyam face fucks Romain, Kader takes charge of the rear. Looking up at the camera and giving us the “check this out” hand jester, he pounds Romain’s ass until he breaks the condom. No worries, we have plenty more Kader. Come back to see how Romain fairs in the end. We pick back up with our three young studs still going at it. Romain Alabien sucking Lyam Dylan’s cock with Kader Jawell tapping that ass. Love those washboard abs on Lyam as the cameraman gets a little coaching from Kader as he pumps Romain’s ass. Romain takes time out to do some Nike worship while Kader continues to stroke and play with his cock. Every once in a while, we get an added bonus and can see the porn tape running on the flat screen in the background. Bet you didn’t know this was a Double Feature! LOL The tag team action goes back and forth with no break in the action for newcummer Romain. That’s okay Romain, the big payoff load is here. Romain sits back on the couch jerking himself off while Kader and Lyam stand on each side and both cum all over his torso and and shirt. Talk about a payload!




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