FrenchDudes – Kevin Sportswear, Tony Rekins, Alex Kiffeur [Full]


Data Released: Jul 21, 2014

Getting Some Strange At BeKool: Kevin Sportswear, Tony Rekins, Alex Kiffeur.

Kevin Sportswear and Tony Rekins are at the local lounge ‘Be Kool’ enjoying a drink together. When Tony is involved, you know it’s going to get a bit rough. In the mood for some ‘strange’ these two give new meaning to the way you go about getting it. Enter Alex Kiffeur or should I say dragged? The action is fast, hard and furious as Alex sucks on both of cocks before Kevin goes around and starts fucking Alex up the ass while he sucks on Tony’s big cock. From the sound effects, Tony is enjoying this blowjob thoroughly. The cameraman backs away to give us a clear shot of the action with Tony up on his knees shoving a Nike in Alex face while Kevin continues pounding the backdoor. …

Alex gets a face full of cock and Nike and then Tony and Kevin swap ends. The two continue taking turns at Alex ass and looks like Tony gives Alex a mouthful only to return to the action. These boys are don’t with their new boy toy just yet. We pick up the action with Alex Kiffeur on all 4’s and Kevin Sportswear pounding his ass doggy style as Tony Rekins walks back in. This is about to get interesting! Kevin lays down on the floor on his back as Alex mounts his big cock. Then Tony lubes up and drops down to join “in” for some double penetration. Try as he might, Tony can’t manage to get his cock in. BUT, the view was great while he was trying. Nothing but cocks, balls and assholes. Alex continues to ride Kevin’s cock while Tony is left to watch and help out with the camera. Kevin and Alex move the action to one of the dance cages. Alex gets inside the cage and pokes his ass out through a set of bars with Kevin adding the rhythm. The action goes from the cage to the floor, to the counter, the bar and back to the cage. Tony still wants in on the action as we see him standing behind the two men tugging on his cock. In the end, it’s Alex on his knee’s tugging on his cock with Kevin and Tony side by side stroking theirs. Tony is first to blow and let’s it go all over Alex. Well, all but one nice long stream of cum hanging off the head of his cock. Then it’s Alex and blows his load all over the speaker that Kevin is sitting on. To add the finishing touch, Kevin let’s go and cums all over his torso.




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