DirtyTony – Tyler Griz & Dayton O`Connor


Data Released: Jul 16, 2014

Tyler Griz needs to be initiated before he hits Dore Alley, and Dayton O’Connor is ready to break him in good before the boys in the alley get their turn. It doesn’t take long before wide-eyed Tyler goes from a shy student to an eager participant as he jumps into a pair of chaps that frame his thick cock perfectly. That sight is more than Dayton can resist, and he quickly gets his lips down to the base of Tyler’s thick tool to show his skills. Then its Tyler’s turn, and after a couple muffled gags, Tyler settles his throat nicely around Dayton’s cock to show he’s a quick learner too. …

Now that he has loosened his trainee up, Dayton goes in for it and bends Tyler over to show him how a good top works his bottom. You can smell the sweat, leather and lube as Dayton mercilessly plows Tyler’s prostate, milking moans from his trainee. Turnabout is fair play though as Tyler shows that he will be Dore Alley’s new fucking prodigy. Dayton turns around and straddles his new trainee, to see what he has learned. He slides down the full length of Tyler’s rock hard cock, and gets a ride he will not forget. Just to show he knows where Dayton’s g-spot is, Tyler pulls Dayton’s head back and drives it in deep. With Dayton’s back arched it is clear he has taught his newbie well. As soon as Dayton comes up for air, he is primed and ready to shoot his massive load high in the air before he licks the remains off his leather. With a few more power drives, Tyler is ready to let loose to. But instead of an air shot, Tyler grabs the back of Dayton’s head and pulls his eager mouth in for a full taste of that huge load. Dayton licks it all up making sure not to waste any of that load before he spits it back into his trainee’s mouth.




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