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Data Released: Jul 3, 2014

Magic Troy: Jason Ackles, Troy

You’ve heard of ”Magic Mike”, now meet this weeks straight guy, ”Magic Troy”, a nickname given to him by our new Bait boy from Georgia, Jason. Once you lay eyes on this handsome, 6′ 6”, blue eyed, blond muscle stud jock, his bubble butt and his 9” cock – he’ll put his magic spell on you too! His new nickname came about from the fact that he left his hometown where he was a high school football star in need of an uplifting change from some troubling circumstances. So, with no limitations he decided on what he considered a happy and exciting location, Las Vegas. …

And, what do you do to make a lot of quick cash in Vegas when you’re a super hunk like Troy – isn’t it obvious – join a group of male strippers – and that’s just what he did. He’s since moved from Sin City and given up stripping, but not dancing. He does hip hop and break dancing and says he’s ”too good” at line dancing in the country bars that he loves going to. But as suprising as it may seem, he now makes a living teaching ballroom dancing, Tango and Swing are his favorites. On the other end of the spectrum, he builds cars and loves drag racing. On top of it all, he’s modest about his looks, laid back, really nice and has an upbeat personality – an all around great guy to hang with under any circumstances. Like our Bait boy Jason, he’s never done porn, the only camera he’s be on is a webcam. However, he is very open to sexual experiences. He’s a swinger and he used to take his girlfriend to swingers clubs where he would play with lots of girls, but would not allow his girlfriend to play with other guys – only girls. So, doing porn is something he always wanted to try and now is the time – but he’s not telling his current girl about this. So, both boys are stripped down and working their cocks up as they watch the pussy porn playing in the studio. Even though Jason is a cutie, your eyes will be drawn to super stud Troy who, as most straight guys, is oblivious to Jason’s leering at his buff body and extra size cock. As usual, Caruso goes to get ”approval” from the production team and bring the girl back with him for the hot three-way that’s supposed to take place. OK, so as we expected, ”the girl” is a no show and Caruso gives the boys the option to either go home unpaid or have sex with each other and take home double the cash. The very cool and laid back Troy didn’t have the normal reaction of being taken aback by what Caruso is asking. He tells Caruso ”I just lost my pad” and just basically says ”you have to try everything at least once” – and off they go. The boys start stroking each others cocks and Troy says ”it’s so weird”, Jason ”It’s not so bad”, Troy ”easy for you to say”. They then swap blowjobs and Troy gets pretty good at it pretty fast – later on when asked how it was, he says ”I didn’t know what it would be like, but I didn’t hate it… it was like a vanilla popsicle” – we guess he meant it was a pretty neutral experience for him. If we didn’t pull Jason off Troy’s cock, he might’ve spent the day there… but who wouldn’t! The boys then do a sexy frot session and just a little kissing But, next is fucking and Troy pounds Jason doggy style and then flips him on his back for a harder fucking. Troy is getting limp from fucking a dude, so he pulls out and both boys sit back on the couch watching porn and jacking off. You’ll see the sweat building on Troy’s hunky body as he jacks his thick 9” cock – but Jason cums first and then watches Troy finish himself off to an explosive finish. If you like ’em big and straight, do not miss ”Magic Troy”!




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