MEN (Str8 to Gay): Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant, Mickael Lane (Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend)

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant, Mickael Lane: Ramming My Daughter's Boyfriend

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant, Mickael Lane: Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend)

Marco finds his daughter’s phone just as it happens to be receiving a dick pic from her boyfriend, who later shows up to the house. He’s curious and decides to test him out on behalf of his daughter.

MEN (Gods Of Men): Justin Matthews, Max Wilde (Seduce)

MEN (Gods Of Men): Justin Matthews, Max Wilde: Seduce

Data Released: Jan 16, 2018 (MEN (Gods Of Men): Justin Matthews, Max Wilde: Seduce)

Justin Matthews and Max Wilde are hot and horny. A quick romp does the trick.

NextDoorRaw: Alex Tanner, Elye Black (Manly Meditation) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Alex Tanner, Elye Black: Manly Meditation

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Alex Tanner, Elye Black: Manly Meditation)

With Alex Tanner guiding him through some relaxation breathing exercises, Elye Black feels his tension slipping away. Once Alex is assured that Elye is comfortable, he employs a more hands on approach, and Elye quivers with every touch. Alex tells Elye that touch is important for uniting their energy, but that a certain kind of touch can make them one. Elye smiles as Alex runs his hands up and down Elye’s naked body, bending over to take his cock into his mouth. Elye suddenly understands what Alex means, and he’s definitely open to the possibilities as Alex carefully mounts his rock hard dick. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles, Elder Zachary (Innocent Exploration)

MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles, Elder Zachary: Innocent Exploration

Data Released: Jan 14, 2018 (MormonBoyz: Elder Ingles, Elder Zachary: Innocent Exploration)

Elder Zachary returned to his mission apartment, his hole still wet from Bishop Hart’s cum. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to have the older man’s cock in his ass, and how aroused he was to be filled with another man’s semen. Bishop Hart told him he couldn’t talk about it with anyone, especially the other missionaries. Elder Zachary didn’t like the idea of having to lie to his companion, but he promised to do as Hart told him. Little did Zachary know that his companion, Elder Ingles, was struggling with the same. Elder Ingles couldn’t stop thinking about the way Hart touched him and teased his body, coaxing his body to respond with an erection. …

JasonSparksLive: Phoenix Tanner and Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Salt Lake

JasonSparksLive: Phoenix Tanner and Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Salt Lake

Data Released: Jan 9, 2018 (JasonSparksLive: Phoenix Tanner and Spencer Daley BAREBACK in Salt Lake)

Meet the newest addition to the never ending cavalcade of hot new models discovered on Jason Sparks Live – Phoenix Tanner. The tattooed tanned blondie is ready to play with our resident strawberry blonde hottie Spencer Daley. They trade blow jobs getting each other even harder than they were on first meeting. Phoenix buries his tongue deep inside Spencer’s lilly white ass before shoving his bare cock in so deep that Spencer’s hungry hole will be filled and satisfied like it’s never been before.

HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves (Close Encounters) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves: Close Encounters

Data Released: Jan 16, 2018 (HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves: Close Encounters)

Sitting on a swing looking adorable, Joey Mills is hungry for cock and using a hook up app not realizing that Garrett Graves, the guy he’s been “Grindr’ing” is right across the street. The two sexpots wave at each other, get indoors and get down! After a smoldering make out session, Garrett gets down on his knees, pulls at Joey’s tighty whities and out flops that famous phallus just aching for attention. Garret gives it to him. Joey pulls at the back of Garret’s head, stuffing as much schlong inside the guy’s groin hungry gullet as possible then slapping the super sized torpedo against his wet, waiting tongue. Mills pulls off Garrett Graves jeans gorging himself on the kid’s already rock hard rod. …

HardBritLads: Guy Rogers, Justin King

HardBritLads: Guy Rogers, Justin King

Data Released: Jan 16, 2018 (HardBritLads: Guy Rogers, Justin King)

Handsome hairy muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King start off on the sofa in Adidas sportswear. Both have powerful hairy legs and chests. As they get a feel of each other, they kiss. Then Justin lifts his top. Guy sucks on his big hard sensitive nipples, which gets Justin hard. Guy takes off his sports vest and Justin can’t wait to get his lips around Guys hairy nipples. Guy goes back to Justin’s nipples, giving them another good play and suck as he rubs the bulge in Justin’s shorts. Justin pulls them down, and Guy squeezes his dick over his white undies before taking them off. His dick is uncut, and Guy starts licking the end, jerking him off, then gets into some hot sucking. With Guy pleasuring his dick, Justin reaches out to rub Guy’s amazing arse, pulling his shorts down, then his undies, exposing his hairy muscle butt, which he massages as he’s sucked. …

CzechHunter 337 (Bareback)

CzechHunter 337

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (CzechHunter 337)

I was looking for boys at a subway station almost at the outskirts of Prague. That’s where I met a guy full of surprises. He was reserved at first but I managed to open him up. Suddenly he started to tell me about his sexual adventures. He really lightened up while talking about threesomes and other cool stuff he did. The boy was a student so I assumed his financial situation was far from ideal. That’s why I offered him a special way to broaden his horizons and make some nice cash at the same time. He surprised me a lot when he agreed, we just had to find a discreet place where to do it. And we found a very interesting spot indeed. We simply slipped in an apartment building and did it on the staircase. We were lucky that no one saw us. Or heard us. We were rather loud.

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Tyler Griz, Chip Young)

While working on their chest exercises, Tyler Griz was complaining to his bud Chip Young about the bad hookup he had last night and how the bottom didn’t know what he was doing or how to service his cock. Since he hadn’t gotten his rocks off the night before, Tyler was getting extremely turned on with all the muscle sweating in the gym and Chip flexing his beefy chest that he couldn’t take it anymore . Chip suggested they head to the sauna and he would give up his phat ass to Tyler so he could unload his jizz in it. Tyler did just that but as he left the sauna, Chip got another cock shoved in his face only to find out another hot muscle jock from the gym wanted the same thing!

8TeenBoy: Nicholas Romero, Dustin Cook (My Favorite Part) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Nicholas Romero, Dustin Cook: My Favorite Part

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Nicholas Romero, Dustin Cook: My Favorite Part)

It’s a beautiful day for a romantic date at a stunning San Diego garden. Nicholas Romero and Dustin Cook take in all the beauty the plants, birds and bee’s have to offer before they head home to show the birds and bees UP! With young hormones raging, they kiss and explore one another’s beautiful, smooth bodies with their tongues. Romero is a sucker for a nice cock and Dustin’s dick is to die for. He worships the weapon with wet, wild abandon as he eye fucks Cook’s chiseled cheek boned face. Appreciating every divine deep throat gulp, Dustin pushes Romero down onto the bed to show his boy just how happy he’s made him. …


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