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WorldOfMen: Chris Michaels, Ryan Richards

Data Released: Nov 26, 2015

Now that it’s getting darker out earlier and the weather is getting colder, long-time couple Ryan Richards and Chris Michaels have fled south, to the balmy, southern climes of Florida. There, turned on by the heat and the sun and the pool, Chris and Ryan prove that passion doesn’t die just because you’ve been together for more than a decade. Ryan enjoys pushing “Daddy’s” buttons, sucking his big fat cock and slobbering all over his balls. Once a cocksucker always a cocksucker. …

WorldOfMen: Brock Hart, Steve King

Data Released: Nov 19, 2015

While the temperatures dip and the days get gloomy around much of the world, in Florida, the days are warm and sunny. Brock Hart and Steve King are naked and taking full advantage of the weather. Though, truth be told, it’s early morning and these two pigs have just come home after a night carousing at the local bars and clubs. Super charged and still way too horny to go to bed and get some sleep, tattooed and pierced Steve offers up his cock for Brock to suck. Steve is soon rimming Brock’s hungry ass and slides home, balls deep. After fucking the beefy hunk, it’s Steve’s turn to get pounded. Brock delivers a good pounding, shooting a hefty load all over Steve’s furry belly.


WorldOfMen: Bo Bangor, Dawlton Hawg

Data Released: Nov 12, 2015

Dawlton Hawg is horny for company and invites Bo Bangor over for a bit of fun under the sun, in the pool of his new house. Soon, the skies darken and it starts to drizzle. But even that doesn’t dampen the spirits of these two sexually charged beasts. The sun eventually comes back and it seems to increase their libido as the pigs talk dirty and make out, getting each other hard. The two take turns sucking each other and Dawlton digs his tongue deep into the tattooed muscle jock’s hole. Under the cover of Dawlton’s patio, Bo rides Dawlton for a while before getting on hands and knees and getting fucked from behind. Dawlton’s thick cock looks great as he pounds in and out of the big, butch, burly hunk, barebacking Bo until he blows his load and seeds his hungry ass.


WorldOfMen: Marc Angelo, Sam Wyze

Data Released: Nov 5, 2015

There’s a new motorcycle gang in town and everybody wants to be a part of it. Sam Wyze is actually one of the new members being considered but he’s got to jump through hoops before he even comes close to being a real member, with his own jacket. So he walks in on Bear Rider headquarters and goes straight to one of the leaders. Marc Angelo is amused but irritated Sam’s broken his train of thought, as well as his game of pool. When Sam demands a tip on how to get into the group faster, Marc gets a devious smile on his face, the wheels start turning, and he knows he’s about to have some fun and have his way with eager Sam, who will do…anything!


WorldOfMen: Butch Powell, Scott Fitzpatrick

Data Released: Oct 29, 2015

After cruising each other at a local leather bar and sex club, Butch Powell and Scott Fitzpatrick find a secluded corner. There, the bald naked daddies get down to business. Masked man Scott is a a big time cocksucker and drops to his knees while pierced, inked, and bearded daddy Butch talks dirty. It’s a big, fat cock Scott devours and as much as Butch enjoys the service, what he truly wants is hole. Furry, wearing a cockring and sporting a ball stretcher, Butch gives Scott the rimming of a lifetime. Scott is soon bent over, with Butch buried balls deep inside him, pounding away bareback. The two get into some primal fucking. They get sweaty and loud, with Butch pumping away and Scott begging for more. After a bit of ATM (ass-to-mouth), more sucking, and then more raw fucking, Butch seeds Scott and a short while later rewards him with a second load, this time down his throat!


WorldOfMen: Brad Ramsey, Ray Stone

Data Released: Oct 22, 2015

Daddy Ray Stone is a big, brawny, bald hairy Top and that’s just the way Brad Ramsey likes his men. Ray’s hung thick, too! Long, fat, and floppy, Brad loves sucking his man’s incredible meat, slobbering all over the beefy, mouth watering piece as if he hadn’t sucked cock for months. In a 69 position, the role playing couple please each other, with Ray sucking Brad and Brad servicing Ray’s big balls. The bearded and pierced bottom “boy” enjoys getting his face fucked and his jaw stretches wide to accommodate Ray but it’s his hairy, hungry fuckhole Ray prefers to have stretched out and used. …

WorldOfMen: Alex Powers, Brock Lucas, Marco Bolt

Data Released: Oct 15, 2015

Alex Powers and Brock Lucas are on vacation in Provincetown. There must be something about the warm sun and the sound of the surf that gets them horny because after walking the shoreline the couple ends up back in their room, making out. As they walk past Marco Bolt, another vacationer, they cruise one another. Clearly there’s a spark and the beefy muscle bear is soon on his feet. He peers through the window as Alex and Brock start going at it. When the tattooed, furry, and horny couple spot Marco, the game is on! The bearded hunk wastes little time in walking in and presenting a thick, fat, uncut cock. Brock immediately devours the juicy piece of meat but Alex wants some, too. He wraps his lips around the head of Marco’s cock and starts sucking, sharing the Latino cock with his boyfriend. …

WorldOfMen: Kroy Bama, Cooper Hill (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 8, 2015

After sexting each other for nearly a month, Kroy Bama and Cooper Hill finally decided to make plans and meet. If their chemistry in person was anything like their connection online, they knew they were headed someplace exciting. And they were right! Little time was spent on preliminaries, like pretending to be interested in a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. No, these two decided to just a get room. Kroy was instantly hard, offering up his fat cut cock to Cooper. The hairy, bearded muscle bear then dropped to his knees to devour Cooper’s cock, tease his balls, and rim his hole. Once Cooper’s lubed with spit, Kroy works his thick piece balls deep inside and stretches out the hole he knew be would have the moment they exchanged pictures. Guess some things are just worth the wait!


WorldOfMen: Rusty McMann, Kyle Scott, Marc Angelo

Data Released: Oct 1, 2015

Intergenerational couple Rusty McMann and Kyle Scott get off on daddy/son roleplay, as do millions around the world. They have an open relationship and every once in a while, “son” Kyle likes to go off on his own and pick up a hot and beefy younger “daddy.” And there’s no better specimen of hot muscle bear daddy than tattooed, bearded and pierced Marc Angelo. Kyle works his charm on Marc and takes him back to his place, forgetting to mention he’s already involved. They start going at it hot and heavy, making out, sucking cock, and rimming hungry hairy assholes. But once Kyle’s got Marc on all fours, “daddy” Rusty walks in on them. It’s not what it looks like, is it? Oh, but it is! Rusty joins in on the fun and Marc, recovering from his initial panic, gives himself up to the fantasy!


WorldOfMen: Sergio Moreno, Fernand Dutch

Data Released: Sep 17, 2015

I meet the boys in the most famous canal of all Amsterdam (the one with the nice girls in the window) and after a few bad looks from the girls and their bodyguards we just made our way back to the flat. The boys don’t waste any time and get busy as soon as we get in. They kiss passionately but at the same time Sergio’s hands find their way to Fernand’s white smooth ass. His hole is so welcoming that Sergio bends him over to rim and finger him. Fernand turns around and sucks Sergio’s thick cut cock before presenting his own cock for servicing. Sergio sucks him back but soon turns his attention back to Fernand’s hole. …


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