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VideoBoys: Hunter Sykes, Jo Diamond

Data Released: Aug 23, 2015

After we shot a solo with Hunter Sykes, we were really excited to get him into a duo scene. But with who?! Hunter has a bit of the “bad boy” in him and, if he’s going to bottom, he likes is top to be masculine and a dominant. So it occurred to us that he might harmonize well with Jo Diamond. But before we had a chance to propose the idea to him, Hunter sent us a text message late one night: “I’m with a guy the club tonight that’s really hot and he said he’d like to do a scene with me.” He sent us a picture of the guy he was with and can you believe it? It was Jo Diamond. That night at the club they got down to some heavy necking and crotch grabbing but their plans to go off and fuck were sidetracked by some cock-blocking friends. So when we got them together in the room a few days later there was a certain sense of urgency to get right at it. …

VideoBoys: Sonny Feeds Liev (Sonny Stewart, Liev Ivankov)


Data Released: Jul 24, 2015

As soon as Liev Ivankov appeared on the site, it was amazing how many of our Videoboys models, even ones we hadn’t heard from in a long time, came out of the woodwork to ask to be in a duo with this boy. Everyone wanted their shot at Liev. But ultimately it had to be Liev’s choice who would be his first partner. He wanted a sporty guy, a masculine guy, someone who would fuck him hard and feed him cum. He wanted a guy that was a couple of years older, confident and just a little bit rough. Sonny Stewart was exactly what Liev had in mind. And lucky for us the minute Sonny saw Liev’s picture he gave us an enthusiastic yes before we could even ask the question. …

VideoBoys: Sleep Over (Lukas Jensen, Dominic Couture)


Data Released: Jun 19, 2015

Lukas Jensen hasn’t had much of opportunity to explore his sexuality since coming out recently. He’s had a few dates but didn’t really get a chance to do it all. When his friend Dominic Couture comes over to watch a movie, Lukas hopes he’ll get a chance when Dominic accepts his invitation to stay the night. They both wake up with morning wood, and it’s Dominic who makes the first move. He can’t wait to get his lips around Lukas’ big erection. Lukas returns the favour with pleasure, gradually working himself into a position where Dominic’s dick is just millimetres from Lukas’ ass. After teasing Dominic’s dick until he can’t stand it anymore, Lukas jumps right on that boner and rides it like he’s at the rodeo. …

VideoBoys: Pierre Fitch’s Home Movies (Skyler Chase & Pierre Fitch)


Data Released: May 21, 2015

Skyler Chase is quite a cute guy, and he was very excited to finally work with Pierre! Skyler is also passionate about music so Pierre thought it was really hot when he learned he was going to be fucking another DJ. Skyler didn’t waste any time when the two guys started taking off all their clothes. He practically inhaled Pierre’s thick cock while Pierre filmed getting sucked with his hand-held camera. Pierre then flipped Skyler over and fucked him really hard. Skyler loved it so much that when asked if he’d like to get fucked again by Pierre, he flashed a big smile and said, “Sure!”


VideoBoys – Jordan Thomas & Nick Reed

Jordan Thomas & Nick Reed at Video Boys


Data Released: Feb 22, 2015

Jordan’s Naked Challenge: Jordan Thomas, Nick Reed

Strip poker is too clich for the today’s gay boys. When Jordan Thomas and Nick Reed felt like they wanted to add a little suspense to the fuck session they invented a series of increasingly difficult challenges to determine what clothes would be removed and by whom. It was anyone’s game right up to the end but when Jordan turned in a brilliant performance in the “handstand challenge” he earned the privilege of removing Nick’s last scrap of clothing and having him naked, vulnerable and at his mercy in front of him. …

VideoBoys – Jordan Thomas & Shawn

Jordan Thomas & Shawn at Video Boys


Data Released: Feb 7, 2015

When you have piercing blue eyes and chiseled cheek bones like Jordan Thomas you have every right to expect to command the attention of those around you. And especially that of your boyfriend. But when Jordan and Shawn arrive back to their hotel after a day of shopping Jordan finds that Shawn is too wrapped up in texting his friends to give Jordan the attention he deserves. When showing a little skin doesn’t change Shawn’s outlook, Jordan ups the ante by getting right down to his sexy undies and giving Shawn a faceful of ass that he can’t refuse. Once Jordan has Shawn’s attention he takes charge of the situation. …

VideoBoys – Dominic Couture & Skyler Dallon


Data Released: Dec 30, 2014

Cumming Of Age: Dominic Couture, Skyler Dallon

At the ripe old age of 22 Dominic Couture has had his share of hot sex with guys he’s picked up at clubs, and he’s developed the skill of sizing up potential partners with just a glance. So you could forgive him for thinking that eighteen year old Skyler Dallon might be a bit shy and inexperienced in bed. After all, Skyler’s cherubic face and his diminutive size give off a vibe of youthful innocence that you don’t often see in clubs. Dominic himself really only started into an active sex life after the age that Skyler is now. But Skyler, driven by powerful urges, started into his sex education very early in life and now has a degree of sexual experience that many older men would envy. …

VideoBoys – Zac Hunter & Vic Palmer


Data Released: Dec 3, 2014

Zac Gets His Nine Inches Of Pleasure: Zac Hunter, Vic Palmer

By now we know pretty much how Zac Hunter’s mind works. He can appear to be paying attention to the mundane day-to-day activities of life but we know that just below the surface he’s thinking about big, juicy dicks. You might say that he’s a high functioning cock-o-holic. And for the past 4 months the cock that’s been upper most in his daydreams is that of Vic Palmer. Vic and Zac aren’t strangers. For the past four months Zac has been subtly “grooming” Vic every time he saw him at the club where they work. …

VideoBoys – Dominic Couture & Jo Diamond


Data Released: Nov 15, 2014


VideoBoys – Jo Diamond & Zac Hunter


Data Released: Oct 18, 2014

Power Fuck: Jo Diamond, Zac Hunter

Little Zac Hunter is the boy-crazy teen who knows what he wants when he sees it and he wear’s his horniness out on his sleeve. When he sees a boy he likes he’ll tell anyone within earshot “Oh my God, I want him to fuck me!” He’s such a cute little bundle of sexual energy he’d be the most welcome guest at a party of tops. Like Zac, Jo Diamond has a very healthy sex drive and he has a reputation around the gay village for his unbroken chain of conquests. If Jo sees a guy that he wants he finds a way to get that guy into his bed. And why not? …


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