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UKNakedMen: Desmond Cooper, Justin Evans

UKNakedMen: Desmond Cooper, Justin Evans

Data Released: Mar 20, 2018 (UKNakedMen: Desmond Cooper, Justin Evans)


UKNakedMen: Dany Romeo, Dominique Kenique


Data Released: Jul 18, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Dany Romeo, Dominique Kenique)


UKNakedMen: Matt Ander, Rico Fatale


Data Released: Jul 7, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Matt Ander, Rico Fatale)

Don’t say we never listen! We had requests for another hot portion of Matt Anvers, and here he is, bulging and brooding and ready to go, and for a partner we chose brand spanking, fresh-off-the-bus – Rico Fatale, a sexy hunk, out to make a big splash for his first ever – ever scene. …

UKNakedMen: Jerry Kaytton, Paul Ryan (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 26, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Jerry Kaytton, Paul Ryan)


UKNakedMen: Joel Vargas, Bastian Karim


Data Released: Jun 15, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Joel Vargas, Bastian Karim)

Oh just how cute is this coupling, cute as a button – Bastian Karim – offering up his sweet, sweet hole to big, burly bugger – Joel Vargas. Bastian is a hungry show off and a pushy bottom, as inexperienced as he may be this boy LUVS, like really luvs a good hard dicking. …

UKNakedMen: Wilson Blanco, Ely Chain (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 8, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Wilson Blanco, Ely Chain)


UKNakedMen: Martin Hovor, Pablo Sanchez


Data Released: May 31, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Martin Hovor, Pablo Sanchez)

These two cuties, were our wild cards for the month and taking a chance on two handsome newbies paid off in pints, Pablo Sanchez is our floppy haired, horned up bottom whilst his big, bulging, beefy boss-boy is Martin Hovor, and with these two lads there was very little direction, just rev ’em up, take off the muzzles and let ’em at each other. …

UKNakedMen: Tommy Hunter, Peter Lipnik (Bareback)


Data Released: May 10, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Tommy Hunter, Peter Lipnik)

Sweet, shaggy haired and sexy – Tommy Hunter makes his creamy, juicy debut at uknakedmen and when his partner is Peter Lipnik ( Tommy’s choice of the stable) we knew its was gonna be a bareback, spunky sizzler. The lads are on the sofa, no airs or graces here, I know you just wanna see Tommy’s raw dick sliding into Peter’s sweet hole. …

UKNakedMen: Dmitry Osten, David Paw


Data Released: May 5, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Dmitry Osten, David Paw)

Hubba Hubba, we had to postpone this shoot for a couple of days so by the time the shoot day came these boys were like animals, and you’ll see that in the scene, all that chemistry, all that cock and all that CUM. …

UKNakedMen: Viktor Adam, Tim Law (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 26, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Viktor Adam, Tim Law)

WOW just like at the size of Viktor Adam, this stud is as broad and tall and wide and girthy…! plucky young Tim Law is an accomplished cocksman ( bareback-cum pig) but even he is struggling to get the length and breadth of this mighty meat into his hungry mouth. …


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