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UKNakedMen: Logan Hawk, Dom Ully (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Logan Hawk, Dom Ully

Data Released: Jan 9, 2018 (UKNakedMen: Logan Hawk, Dom Ully)

Handsome, tattooed, punks are always a pleasure to watch as they strip off and show off. Logan Hawk is making is splattery, bareback debut at uknakedmen. Spunky Dom Ully is on the receiving end of his furious attentions, and gets a good, rodding and hot load into the squelchy bargain. Logan is a really stud, I luv that ‘mean-mutha-fukka-look of his you know this rampant top is gonna be a real macho fucker – and he is. Dom takes it mercilessly, feeling his arse opening up like a ripe fruit as the raw meat is stuffed inside him and slides dripping out from his fuck-hole. Still the oversexed lad is pushing back for more uncut dick, riding the bareback dick or on his back with his legs pushed into his face, so Logan can ram the meat in to its maximum as handsome Dom moans and squirms with pleasure!


UKNakedMen: Vitali Kutcher, Jamie Oliver (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Vitali Kutcher, Jamie Oliver

Data Released: Jan 2, 2018 (UKNakedMen: Vitali Kutcher, Jamie Oliver)

Oh such a handsome face, Jamie Oliver is a perfect, cute boy-next- door and when he’s coupled with spunky little fucker Vitali Kutcher you know we’re in for some spunky, creamy fun as these boys tease and suck, and rim and fuck. The guys get straight down to some heavy duty, petting, mutual waking and sucking each others uncut dicks, making sure they tongue each other loose foreskins, you know what that does to a man! Vital might be shorter and cute as button but he fucks like a piston and take his pleasure hot, and raw. I luv watching Jamie’s handsome face creased with ecstasy as that dick slides into him, pushing all of his buttons between pleasure and pain before its fat, raw helmet lands fairly and squarely on his Gspot and drives him wild! Just watch spunky, cutie Vitali, go, he may be a bantam weight but he fucks like a heavy weight!


UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten)

Well Christmas is certainly here and lets turn up the heat and the cheer with this scorcher as Jason Smith fucks Dmitry Osten, bareback, uncut cocks, and one of the thickest, juiciest cocks I’ve beheld in a long time, I mean its like a massive, dark bratwurst, we’re lucky Dmitry is such a cum hungry cock-jockey. This cute little lad was raring to go and luved the girth, weight, length of the massive tool that was the meaty matter in hand. Dmitry is on his knees, quite rightly worshipping that monster meat, with due praise. …

UKNakedMen: Marty Lang, Casper Ivarsson (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Marty Lang, Casper Ivarsson

Data Released: Dec 4, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Marty Lang, Casper Ivarsson)

These two dirty blondes are stiff in their pants before we even get the cameras rolling. Casper Ivarsson is as long and lithe as Marty Lang is muscular and beefy, its a horny, muscular collision of smooth hot skin on smooth hot skin, and its especially hot because these cheeky young pups have gone, skin-on-skin bareback, naughty! Marty’s pants are yanked down by eager Casper who gobbles at that thick, juicy, uncircumcised dick, as Marty lies back and soaks up the attention this eager, hungry young pup affords him. Then when Casper’s dick is standing erect and ripping with Marty’s spit the boys buckle down to some serious, raw fucking, Casper’s down like a hurdler at the starting post, ready for some hard thrusting, holding onto the edge of the bed filled with anxious, aroused trepidation as he feels that raw cock pushing at his spit lubed, tight, young hole!


UKNakedMen: Greg Noll, Peter Lipnik (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Greg Noll, Peter Lipnik

Data Released: Nov 25, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Greg Noll, Peter Lipnik)

Open wide Peter Lipnik, and he does, he can’t wait to gobble and swallow that sweet, meaty, package, just watch him deep throat hat, uncircumcised cock – as best he can – its a big one. Our sexy newbie Greg Noll is on the grateful receiving end of Peter’s attentions and by the stiffening of his cock we can see he’s enjoying that hot, tight blow-job. Greg’s a sexy, sexy guy and his glasses are really cute too, boys do make passes. Peter can’t wait to bend over and spread his sweet, smooth butt cheeks for that big, dark, uncut meat and I made sure I got right in to watch Peter’s tight hole, resist…..stretch and accept that throbbing meat. Greg pumps that juicy hole for all he’s worth, glorying in the feeling of that muscular fuck-tube squeezing his hot rod until he;’s ready to burst and squirt his steaming load right up inside Peter!

UKNakedMen: Dan Johnson, Mickey Taylor

UKNakedMen: Dan Johnson, Mickey Taylor

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Dan Johnson, Mickey Taylor)

Hurrah, he’s back – Mickey Taylor, and he’s coupled with the big, brawny, studly – Dan Johnson and….erm..someone else! Sexy Mickey Taylor has gone punk, blue hair and red hot attitude, he can’t get enough uncut cock, we scripted this for a hot-duo-fuck but when Mickey saw that juicy uncut, anonymous cock at the glory hole, he just couldn’t resist and was on that with his hot lips and his even hotter, tighter arse, getting himself fucked from both ends. And who can blame him ?! …

UKNakedMen: Dale Madden, James Huck

UKNakedMen: Dale Madden, James Huck

Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (UKNakedMen: Dale Madden, James Huck)

Dale Madden is revved up and raring to go, wouldn’t you be if sexy, lithe, toned and hung – James Huck was laid out infant of you, stretching his juicy, sweaty hole wide for your throbbing cock and eager tongue. Dale is on his knees mouth open wide begging for that thick, uncircumcised cock and James is very eager to roll back his foreskin and push that pulsating member, up to his heaving balls in that hot mouth. James’s cock is rock hard and as his dick stiffness so there’s a little ‘give’ in his arse, just aswell – thats a fat, raw dick he’s gonna be taking. …

UKnakedMen: Rico Fatale, Sam Wallis


Data Released: Oct 31, 2017 (UKnakedMen: Rico Fatale, Sam Wallis)

When tall, taut, tanned and sexy Sam Wallis, has a choice of two, huge uncut cocks at the glory hole, of course his ip dip do, is gonna settle on the biggest one and lucky for Sam the guy behind the hole, behind the cock is stunningly sex Rico Fatale, he’s so big, taut and ripped he looks like a manga cartoon of sexiness, especially with that huge, uncut cock. Wow, Sam’s eyes aren’t bigger than his appetite for dick, an appetite which is met and even exceeded by Rico’s appetite for eating ass and sucking juicy, uncircumcised cocks. …

UKNakedMen: James Oliver, Joel Vargas (Bareback)

uknakedmen gay

Data Released: Oct 25, 2017 (UKNakedMen: James Oliver, Joel Vargas)


UKnakedMen: Andro Maas, Brent Taylor


Data Released: Oct 18, 2017 (UKnakedMen: Andro Maas, Brent Taylor)

There’s a very warm welcome for our favourite, bi-sexual – Brent Taylor (“I fuck girls and men fuck me”) as we couple him with UKnakedMen stunner – Andro Maas. Cock-hungry – Brent is at that glory hole like a starving man, and the dick thats presented to him would be enough to quell anyones hunger, but once Brent has got that delicious, dark, uncut cock in his mouth he’s rampantly ready to get his arse stretched good ‘n’ proper, …


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