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TwinksInShorts: Luke White, Jason Smith


Data Released: Jul 17, 2017 (TwinksInShorts: Luke White, Jason Smith)

Jason Smith knows what he’s doing when it comes to pleasing twinks in need of a massage with a happy ending. He’s got a strong grip and if nothing else, there’s that humongous, fat, uncut cock! But what’s a hunk like Jason to do when HE needs a massage? He calls on Luke White, a newcomer to the scene who needs the cash but also wants to prove that he can give a good massage and work out Jason’s sore, tired muscles. …

TwinksInShorts: Danny Chris, Tom Uli (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 26, 2017 (TwinksInShorts: Danny Chris, Tom Uli)

Big and meaty muscle hunk Danny Chris awaits sweet and tender Tom Uli. The tattooed twink needs a massage but he also needs a guy like Danny to manhandle his pretty body! Danny wastes little time. His hands slippery with oil, Danny expertly manipulates Tom’s tanned body, working his back and shoulders, down to his ass. He soon moves to Tom’s head, where he places a muscled thigh on either side. …

TwinksInShorts: Jason Smith, Danny Mendez (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 12, 2017 (TwinksInShorts: Jason Smith, Danny Mendez)

Jason Smith is in a daze, still thinking of the last massage he received, where he ended up bareback fucking massage buddy Jeffrey Lloyd and spewing his seed. But the moment Jason’s next massage client walks in, he’s focused and attentive to only one thing…giving slender twink Danny Mendez a great massage. …

TwinksInShorts: Martin Polnak, Jonathan Strake (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 3, 2017 (TwinksInShorts: Martin Polnak, Jonathan Strake)

Slender and adorable, Jonathan Strake is eager and looking forward to his massage. And who wouldn’t, when the masseur is as hot and sexy as Martin Polnak? The handsome young man flips Jonathan over and immediately gets his hands slippery with oil. …

TwinksInShorts: Massage (Shane Hirch, Nick Vargas) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 6, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Massage: Shane Hirch, Nick Vargas)

If you should be a hostess, individuals arrived at you to create them feel much better. In the course of time, nevertheless, the main one providing the massage will require one herself. What would you? If you should be attractive hottie Nick Vargas, you look for dark-haired barter and beefy piece Shane Hirch. Shane wastes very little time obtaining his fingers slick with gas, operating the painful muscles of Nick. …

TwinksInShorts: Trent Tarzan, Tom Uli (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 22, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Trent Tarzan, Tom Uli)


TwinksInShorts: Tomm Charlie, Sam Thomas (Bareback)


Data Released: (TwinksInShorts: Tomm Charlie, Sam Thomas)

Smooth and handsome masseur Tomm Charlie has a surprise for Sam Thomas. He’s got an outdoor massage planned for his twink buddy and it’s one he thinks Sam will like. Wasting little time, Tomm gets his hands all slippery with oil then gets to work. Moaning all the while, Sam clearly enjoys Tomm’s hands on his back. But not nearly as much as he likes them on his ass! …

TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Edy Reed (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 23, 2016 (TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Edy Reed)

In an idyllic countryside setting, smooth and slender twink Edy Reed awaits his massage from tall, dark and handsome, Joel Vargas. The older hunk immediately gets his hands on the pixie-like Edy and his hands are everywhere, stroking and caressing and tweaking. As sensual and romantic as it is erotic, Joel soon has the twink’s cock out, playfully sucking the sweet curved piece of meat. He’s soon feeding Edy his own cock, fucking the slender twink’s face before getting him off the chair to play with his ass. …

TwinksInShorts: Joshua, Jeffrey Lloyd


Data Released: Jun 28, 2016

Having given several massages to his twink clients, Jeffrey Lloyd is now in much need of a massage himself. He pays a visit to the handsome and beefy hunk, Joshua, who immediately gets to work, rubbing out the kinks and knots up and down Jeffrey’s back, as well as his shoulders. There’s just one problem. Jeffrey being the horny young man that he is, makes it clear he wants much more the moment Joshua lays his slippery hands on his glutes and starts massaging. The shorts practically fly and Jeffrey lets Joshua have his way with his beautiful ass then massaging his huge uncut fat cock until he spews a hefty load of jizz!


TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Blake Burrows


Data Released: Jun 21, 2016

Charming and sensual Joel Vargas has the hots for the new kid in town, Blake Burrows. They meet up one afternoon and Joel offers the twink a free massage. Blake jumps at the chance, thinking he’s going to get a simple massage. Little does he know, Joel’s got other plans. After heading to a secluded wooded area, curly-haired Joel strips Blake down and gets him completely naked. He then pulls out the oil and pours it all over Blake’s back. Then, his hands slippery with oil, Joel practically makes love to Blake using only his hands. The twink is fully hard, with a big uncut cock for Joel to tease with his tongue, hand, and ass as he rubs himself all over the fat tool before jerking Blake off with a handjob that makes the slender twink explode.



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