MEN – Str8 to Gay – My New Stepdad Is A Pervert, Part 2: Travis Stevens & Will Braun

Travis Stevens & Will Braun at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015

Travis Stevens’ stepdaddy is searching his room, probably for more video of him jerking off. When he hears the front door open, he is left with no choice but to hide in young Travis’ closet. Travis has brought over his friend, Will Braun, to chill. Thinking that the grownups are out of the house, the horny studs can only think of sucking each other’s hot, excited cocks. Will plows Travis’ tight hole, unaware that Travis’ pervy stepdad is recording every second of the hot fuck session.

BelAmiOnline – Zac DeHaan & Chris Hoyt, Bareback

Zac DeHaan & Chris Hoyt at BelAmiOnline


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015

Is it really true? Zac is prepared to trade his anal virginity for Chris Hoyt’s telephone number? I suppose for this we will have to wait and see if Kevin gets his way or not, but for now we do know that Kevin lived up to his end of the bargain and Zac was able to hook up with the man of his (day)dreams.

BelAmiOnline – Scott Reeves & Arne Coen, Bareback

Scott Reeves & Arne Coen at BelAmiOnline


Data Released: Apr 16, 2015

It seems to be a little bit of a custom for our boys to make some tea for their visitors in our Bratislava studio, and this time it is Scott Reeves who is expecting to meet up with Arne Coen. After our initial chat with Scott both guys swap to English as their common language, although with these 2 very sexual guys, there is very little room for talking… and yet again, nobody drinks the tea…

DallasReeves – Nicoli Cole & Blake Barnes, RAW

Nicoli Cole & Blake Barnes at DallasReeves


Data Released: Apr 16, 2015

Nicoli Cole & Blake Barnes Love It RAW.

TheGuySite – Junior & Jaxton Wheeler, Flip-Flop

Junior & Jaxton Wheeler at TheGuySite


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015

After his first try bottoming, Junior wasn’t sure he wanted to try it again. Well, he gets fucked again. Turn about is fair play and he gives it right back to Jaxton.

DudesRaw – Christian Matthews & Trit Tyler

Christian Matthews & Trit Tyler at DudesRaw


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Christian Matthews makes Trit Tyler service his cock before burying his tongue deep into the trashy bottoms hole. Trit needs to be fucked and Christian is happy to oblige. But Christian wants some dick in his ass and Trit takes over with the fucking and pounds him until he fucks a load right out of him. Trit finishes Christian off by shooting a hot load on his furry hole and fucking it in.

DebtDandy 83, Bareback

Debt Dandy 83


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

So it’s my second appointment. His place looked average. Not exactly tidy but no mess either. The boy lived together with two lesbians. A young dude who was in real deep trouble. 30,000 crowns in debts. No job, no future. But I somehow liked him. So I gave him a chance to solve it. In the beginning he was very much against my offer, but after a while and my threat to simply leave he agreed. I played with him, spanked him and let him suck my cock for a quite long time. He was almost choking on my cock. I was getting so horny. Couldn’t wait any longer to fuck him. His asshole was so tight. He screamed like a little bitch. He told me that he always tried to talk the Lesbians into straight sex with him. What would they say if they would see him now?

BrokeStraightBoys – Trevor Laster & Ryan Fields, RAW

Trevor Laster & Ryan Fields at BrokeStraightBoys


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

Ryan Fields was supposed to top Trevor Laster in this scene, but thanks to his new tattoo, looks like he’s earned a place bottoming instead. They get hard with some oral as Trevor gets on his knees in front of Ryan and gives him head, making that cock wet with spit as he licks and sucks until it’s hard as fuck. But he’s not done with Ryan yet, he spreads Ryan’s ass cheeks apart and buries his face between that ass, rimming his hole and running his tongue along Ryan’s tight entrance as Ryan lies back and enjoys it as he plays with his prick. …

WilliamHiggins – Milan Neoral & Vlado Tomek, RAW

Milan Neoral & Vlado Tomek at WilliamHiggins


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015

Milan and Vlado RAW – FULL CONTACT

SeanCody – Jeremiah

Jeremiah at SeanCody


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015


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