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TitanMen: Audition (Dirk Caber, Liam Knox)


Data Released: Mar 8, 2017 (TitanMen: Audition: Dirk Caber, Liam Knox)

On his run, beefcake Liam Knox jogs by a familiar stranger: Dirk Caber, home from his workout. Dirk motions Liam to follow him to the back of the house. Their foreheads meet, hands roaming each other. Dirk grips the growing bulge in Liam’s shorts and releases it, rubbing his stubbly face on it. He sucks Liam to the root, smiling up at him. …

TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss (Jason Vario, Lorenzo Flexx)


Data Released: Mar 1, 2017 (TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss: Jason Vario, Lorenzo Flexx)

In the pool, muscle men Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario kiss as they wrap their arms around each other before hitting the outdoor shower. They continue to lock lips, cocks pressed against each other, as the massive Jason towers over Lorenzo – who feasts on Jason’s uncut throbber. …

TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss (Dirk Caber, Anthony London) (Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Feb 22, 2017 (TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss: Dirk Caber, Anthony London)

Resting outside, Dirk Caber teases his hole and strokes his rock-hard cock. He’s watched by furry daddy Anthony London, stroking his bushy slab. Dirk motions him over, his boner grinding on a towel as he deep throats London, who whips his dick on the sucker’s mouth. They 69, Dirk’s body writhing in pleasure. Anthony sucks Dirk – then takes him inside to pound him from behind, Dirk arching back to watch in the mirror behind them. Anthony gets on all fours (“Fuck me boy!”), then sits on Dirk and rides – the two soon coating the top’s body in cum, wads clinging to his fur.


TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss (Alex Mecum, Adam Ramzi)


Data Released: Feb 15, 2017 (TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss: Alex Mecum, Adam Ramzi)

Alex Mecum lays his head in Adam Ramzi’s lap – and is quickly greeted with a kiss. Adam rubs his furry face on the jock’s chest. He grabs Alex’s ass, then releases the stud’s huge cock. …

TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss (Dallas Steele, Liam Knox)


Data Released: Feb 8, 2017 (TitanMen: 2 Men Kiss: Dallas Steele, Liam Knox)

We love seeing his taint and the delicate hair that covers his delicious areas. Then we get a view from Kevin‘s perspective, looking down on his strong, masculine hands as they work that stiffy. Kevin goes back to the couch, but this time puts his feet all the way up so we can enjoy them AND his sweet ass all at once. …

TitanMen: Beards (Alex Mecum, Bruce Beckham) (Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Feb 1, 2017 (TitanMen: Beards: Alex Mecum, Bruce Beckham)

A day at the barber becomes more than either man bargained for when muscle stud Bruce Beckham gets a shave from the handsome and ripped Alex Mecum. Unable to keep their hands off each other, the two men lose the trimmer, lose their pants and lose their inhibitions as they get into action right there on the barber’s chair. …

TitanMen: Demolition (Eric Nero, Jason Vario)


Data Released: Jan 25, 2017 (TitanMen: Demolition: Eric Nero, Jason Vario)

Eric Nero stops Jason Vario from destroying a wall. “What else are you offering me?” asks the disappointed construction stud. “I got something for ya,” responds the boss, taking out his huge cock. Jason unleashes his uncut meat, the two stroking. “That’s a thick cock, dude,” admires Eric. “Want me to suck it?” …

TitanMen: Demolition, Scene 3 (Lorenzo Flexx, Tex Davidson)


Data Released: Jan 18, 2017 (TitanMen: Demolition, Scene 3: Lorenzo Flexx, Tex Davidson)

Two hard-hat men choose to celebrate-and beefy Lorenzo Flexx understands precisely what he wishes, falling to his legs to praise Tex Davidson’s beast after splitting soil on the newest website. “Fuck yes!” moans Tex as his button gets slobbered. Lorenzo operates constant channels of throw that stick towards the base from his mouth, leaking right down to the ground from Tex’s sac and his experience up. As he makes his penis about the sucker’s torso down on that motherfucker!” moans Tex. “Yeah child!” Tex hurts his marijuana back, their own penis throbbing in pleasure.


TitanMen: Demolition (Adam Ramzi, Dirk Caber)


Data Released: Jan 11, 2017 (TitanMen: Demolition: Adam Ramzi, Dirk Caber)

At work in an empty pool, Adam Ramzi is approached by Jack Giles from Big Ball Wrecking: “I hear you need this hole demo-ed?” The two smile, embracing and licking each other’s pits. Adam deep throats Jack’s cock and they eat each other – but are soon interrupted by Dirk Caber, who wants Adam all to himself. …

TitanMen: Demolition (Eric Nero and Bruce Beckham Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Jan 4, 2017 (TitanMen: Demolition: Eric Nero and Bruce Beckham Flip Fuck)

In the first scene from TitanMen’s “Demoltion”, construction boss Eric Nero’s stroke gets interrupted by architect Bruce Beckham, who has designs on the stud’s dick – the two engulfing each other’s beasts before flip fucking.



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