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SweetAndRaw: Working With Raw Wood (Rob Maxwell, Tommy Rogers)

Data Released: Dec 15, 2015

Get prepared to be turned on by Rob Maxwell and Tommy Rogers, two amazing twinks chosen especially for your viewing pleasure. Tommy happens to be a hard-working twink. He’s chopping a chunk of wood when Rob comes in and offers to help. However the help offered turns out to be a sexual favor. Both twinks grope each other as they kiss. Stripping, Rob kneels and takes his buddy’s dick in his mouth. The slim twink moans and Rob keeps sucking until they swap. Before penetrating the sweet delicious ass, Rob rims Tommy’s hole, taking his time as he savors the smooth tight ass. When it comes to ass fucking, Tommy gladly sits on Rob’s dick and fucks himself until they cum. Hot jizz, delicious cum facial, cum-tasting and swapping!


SweetAndRaw: David Russo, Martin Love (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 27, 2015

Martin Love is at home enjoying a smoke when his blond twink buddy David Russo gives him a call. Moments later, David knocks at his door and walks in demanding to know where “it” is. Martin, who’s obviously horny, stands up and grabs his crotch. David willingly drops to his knees and starts servicing the rugged, gruff jock. Martin, however, is surprisingly tender as he returns the favor, taking David down to the balls then kissing him and stroking both their cocks at the same time. Martin then turns David around, bends him over and rims his sweet hot ass, priming him for a bareback fuck. While Martin eats out David’s ass, he pumps the blond’s cock, milking him from behind and exposing the pink starburst. He spits into it lubing him up then works his throbbing hard shaft inside. Martin gives David a hot, deep bareback fuck until they both unload with rich, creamy loads of cum.


SweetAndRaw: Danny Montero, Caleb Moreton (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 20, 2015

Latin twink Danny Montero shares his bareback fantasy with extremely well-endowed Caleb Moreton. When the unsuspecting top shows up, he’s more than willing to help Danny fulfill his long-awaited dream of getting fucked by a really huge cock. Caleb strips and shows off his thick, uncut beauty. He then approaches Danny who strokes him into a full erection and starts sucking on the delicious slab of meat that seems to barely fit in Danny’s mouth. But Danny is determined, if nothing else. He goes down on Caleb with gusto, bobbing his head back and forth and getting the thick shaft coated in his own spit. Soon Caleb returns the favor then lays Danny on his back, on a table, where Caleb proceeds to eat the sweet gay twink’s extremely hungry hole. Once he’s primed Caleb works his monster shaft into Danny, stretching his rarely used ass and leaving him gaping and with loads of cum all over him.


SweetAndRaw: Gabe Russel, Roberto Allegretto (Bareback)

Data Released: Aug 18, 2015

Roberto Allegretto bops around the kitchen looking for something to eat when roommate, Gabe Russell, walks in. They waste little time as their lips meet and the twink lets Gabe strip him down. Gabe works Robert’s nipples, feeling his ass, and soon has his big cock buried inside his mouth. After a while, the twink drops to his knees and returns the favor. Gabe shoves Roberto against the kitchen counter and buries his face in the twink’s ass, tongue lapping, licking and rimming the tight, pink hole while fingering and stretching him out. …

SweetAndRaw: Martin Love, Dimitry Borodin (Bareback)

Data Released: Aug 11, 2015

Martin Love is having a smoke and a beer while playing his guitar. Meanwhile Dimitry Borodin is taking a shower nearby. When Martin demands a fuck, Dimitry steps out and the gruff, muscular jock dries off the twink off. Immediately, Dimitry drops to his knees and services Martin, who then sits down and lays back to enjoy Dimitry’s oral service. Cigarette in hand, Martin keeps smoking and gets rock hard as Dimitry makes love to his cock. The two kiss after a while and Martin then shows Dimitry some respect by sucking his cock as well. But the aggressive top is more about fucking and goes for Dimitry’s hot ass. …

SweetAndRaw: Nick Gill, Luis Bigdog, Nick Daniels (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2015

Nick Daniels is working when Nick Gill and Luis Bigdog walk in. A moment later, Nick’s standing and he, Gill and Luis swap spit. The intruders strip Nick down but by this point Nick’s forgotten to be scared because he’s too turned on. Especially when he eyes Luis’ whopper! The gruff-looking thug’s got quite a beauty, bordering on the edge of a monster cock. He slaps Nick in the face with it and you can almost feel its weight. Nick gets shoved back down on it and takes the entire length and is “made” to suck Gill a while before going back to Luis’ much larger slab of beef. Gill does down on Nick for a while then rims his ass while spit-lubing the head of Luis’ cock. …

SweetAndRaw: Alex Granger, Billy Parker (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2015

Alex Granger and Billy Parker are enjoying a weekend getaway and there’s no better way to get away from it all and relax than by sucking cock on the balcony of a retreat. Alex enjoys Billy’s dick service, sighing and moaning until he decides to return the favor. Alex sucks on Billy for a bit before turning him around and working his raw, uncut dick inside the twink. Taking Billy bareback, or anyone for that matter, out in the open, where anyone can see you is a thrill that obviously turns on both of these piggies. Of course, Alex isn’t all top. He likes a hard, throbbing dick up his ass almost as much as he likes to give. So, after a while, he stops fucking Billy and rides him until it’s time to fuck Billy again, slamming him like a whore and spraying a load all over the curly-haired twink, seeding his hole, then leaving him with a cummy asshole before finally taking a huge cum facial.


SweetAndRaw: Thor, David Gold (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2015

Thor and David Gold are enjoying the start of their summer the way countless of twinks have done before them: out in the sun, splashing around in the pool. Except that all that frolicking has left them extremely horny. Thor immediately swallows David’s thick, uncut tool before he gets to experience the same treatment. David is just as hungry for cock as Thor and devours the juicy piece of meat before playing with his dark-haired buddies sweet, raw hole. Priming Thor with spit and stretching him out with his fingers, David teases the soft ring until he’s ready to fuck. And the bareback fun truly begins! Thor gets fucked on all fours before riding David then, finally, taking him while laying on his side. Thor fires off a juicy load while fucking himself on David’s cock then gets a huge facial that splatters all over his face, lips, and tongue.


SweetAndRaw: Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks, Carl Baxter (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 7, 2015

Ronny Howard, Billy Webster, Sam Brooks and Carl Baxter are in a sauna taking in a good steam. Except the steam gets them even hornier than usual. Sam pairs up with Billy for a sensual make-out and handjob session while, beside them, Ronny and Carl pair off for the same. It’s soon a cocksucking free for all between Billy and Sam while Carl finger fucks Ronny. All four are soon out of the steam room and Billy takes Ronny first, fucking him with his big, fat cock as Carl and Sam look-on, kissing and stroking their own impressive meat. Hungry for more, Ronny is soon riding Sam while Billy chows down on Carl’s uncut beauty. …

SweetAndRaw: Joe Parks, Timothy Nixon


Data Released: June 30, 2015

Timothy Nixon is relaxing on a chaise lounge when Joe Parkes comes to oil him up. While applying lotion Joe’s fingers stray and he plays with Tim’s beautiful ass. After massaging the plump buns, Joe reaches between Tim’s legs and milks his cock. The twink then rolls over and Joe starts sucking his fat, uncut dick. Joe works it until Tim gets hungry for a juicy cock down his throat. After feeding Tim, Joe fucks his raw tender hole with his bare cock. Soon, Tim straddles Joe and it’s hot to watch the look on Tim’s face, as well as his fat dick sway back and forth like a pendulum, his big balls bouncing up and down, as he rides Joe’s fat dick. Tim gives Joe a facial then laps up Joe’s cum when he shoots all over his belly. The two swap a kiss, tasting their own loads before parting.



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