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Suite703 – Cameron Marshall, Dareian Blue & Nikko Alexander


Data Released: bonus

My Brother’s Hot Friend: Cameron Marshall, Dareian Blue, Nikko Alexander

Cameron and Dareian are getting ready for a night at an exclusive nightclub, but only if Nikko helps line up the VIP access. Problem is he’d rather play video games and talk smack than help his two friends out, so they show him what a real joy stick is and better yet how to score with it.


Suite703 – Damon Audigier, Danny Brooks & Tommy Defendi


Data Released: bonus

My Brother’s Hot Friend: Damon Audigier, Danny Brooks, Tommy Defendi

Damon is studying for a big midterm coming up. Danny and Tommy are partying with Damon’s older brother, who had to leave the house. Danny and Tommy don’t want to stop, and so they raid Damon’s room. Damon tries to tell them to go away and leave him alone, but they refuse and convince him to hang out with them. And by hanging out, they mean suck their cocks.


Suite703 – Alex, Krys Perez & Micah Matthews


Data Released: bonus

My Brother’s Hot Friend: Alex, Krys Perez, Micah Matthews

Micah Matthews is hanging out with his brother’s friend, Krys Perez. Micah informs his boyfriend, Alex, that his brother’s friend is pretty hot so Alex says he’ll rush home right away to get more acquainted. Problem is lunch is short but Alex walks in just at the right time.


Suite703 – RC Ryan, Sebastian Rivers & Tristan Tucker


Suite703 – Men Hard At Work: RC Ryan, Sebastian Rivers, Tristan Tucker
How do you make it up to your boss when you fuck up his vacation? Let him fuck you senseless when he gets back, of course! For Sebastian and Tristan it’s put out or get out when RC Ryan returns. Fuck or get fired boys!

Suite703 – Ben Patrick, Jason Pitt & Ken Mack


Suite703 – Men Hard At Work: Ben Patrick, Jason Pitt, Ken Mack
Ken is mentoring the newest addition to his realty group, Ben. It’s his first open house and he’s nervous enough but then the home-owner’s son, Jason, shows up. You have to take advantage of every opportunity, so Ken demonstrates how to get some dick on top of a commission.

Suite703 – Ari Sylvio, Trevor Knight & Tucker Scott


Suite703 – Men Hard At Work: Ari Sylvio, Trevor Knight, Tucker Scott

Ari is going to pay his debt to society by heading to the big house, and his first day is going pretty much as he imagined. Officer Knight is giving him a rough time and intentionally puts him with another inmate, Tucker, who isn’t thrilled for the company. As far as room-mates go, these two are off to a rocky start, until Knight separates them to find Ari is hard as a rock. Looks like this fresh meat comes with a bone, and these men are ready to feed the need.


Suite703 – Antonio Madiera, JT Ross & Lucas Knowles


Suite703 – Men Hard At Work: Antonio Madiera, JT Ross, Lucas Knowles
Coworkers Antonio and JT have had their eye on the office water guy Lucas for some time now. The time has come that they get their hands on him too. He is definitely one tall drink of water that they won’t forget anytime soon!


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