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Str8hell: Tono Milos, Martin Hovor (RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 (Str8hell: Tono Milos, Martin Hovor)

Martin Hovor is in charge of Airport Security and he has a very sexy interviewee today. Martin certainly doesn’t hold back, as he searches the luggage and then pats down Tono. He soon as him naked and is fingering his tight hole. Then Martin gets naked too and has Tono sucking on his massive erection. …

Str8Hell: Hugo Antonin, Martin Polnak, Nikol Monak, Tomas Fuk (RAW, DUTY BOUND)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2017 (Str8Hell: Hugo Antonin, Martin Polnak, Nikol Monak, Tomas Fuk)

Tomas Fuk and Nikol Monak are in Drakes bar enjoying a drink, at the start of a wonderful Dreamset suggested by Dan. They are soojoined by Hugo Antonin and Martin Polnak. Nikol invites the new arrivals to get a drink on him, whiie he and Tomas go down to explore the dungeon. Martin and Hugo decide not to bother with a drink and they go down to the dungeon too. As they arrive Tomas and Nikol, both naked, grab hold of Martin and shackle him to the wall, assisted by Hugo. …

Str8Hell: Nikola Donoval, Igor Tapak (RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (Str8Hell: Nikola Donoval, Igor Tapak)

Igor Tapak is being held in a cage in the airport dungeons. He is proclaiming innocence of any wrongdoing to his guard, Nikola Donoval. But Nikola has plans for him. He shackles Igor’s hands above his head and pats him down. Igor complains as Nikola’s hands feel all over him. …

Str8Hell: Nikol Monak, Jan Bavor (RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: May 19, 2017 (Str8Hell: Nikol Monak, Jan Bavor)

Nikol Monak is in charge of Airport Security. He is working as Jan Bavor sits and waits to be attended to. Jan asks to be seen as he has been waiting. Eventually Nikol calls him over. A discussion ensures about some contraband which Jan claims is not his. He is made to wait again as Nikol makes a phone call. …

Str8Hell: Tom Vojak, Filip Sebek (RAW, RAUNCHY)


Data Released: May 5, 2017 ()

Tom Vojak is in the dungeons enjoying a cigarette and hoping for some action. Filip Sebek comes in, looking rather timid, but is soon relaxed enough to be sucking on Tom’s massive and very hard cock. Having enjoyed that big cock in his mouth Filip stands up and has his pant down. …

Str8Hell: Rosta Benecky, Petr Lipnik (RAW, DUTY BOUND) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 7, 2017 (Str8Hell: Rosta Benecky, Petr Lipnik)

Peter Lipnik is gagged and shacked in a cage when Rosta Benecky appears. Rosta’s big cock is out of his pants and is already hard as he opens the cage door, goes in and starts to feel Peter’s sexy ass. He spreads the cheeks and starts rimming Peter’s tight hole. Peter moans as he feels the tongue on his tight hole. Rosta rubs a thumb over the hole and pushes it inside. …

Str8Hell: Viktor Adam, Martin Hovor (RAW, DUTY BOUND)


Data Released: Mar 10, 2017 (Str8Hell: Viktor Adam, Martin Hovor)

Viktor Adam is shackled and gagged in the dungeon as Martin Hovor takes his pleasure. Viktor moans loudly as Martin uses a whip on that hot body and feels all over it. Martin then clamps Viktor’s nipples making him moan louder as he pulls on them. Martin gropes Viktor’s crotch and slaps his thick thighs. …

Str8Hell: Martin Hovor, Boda Gold (RAW, RAUNCHY)


Data Released: Feb 10, 2017 (Str8Hell: Martin Hovor, Boda Gold)

In this hot raunchy scene we have Boda Gold gagged and shackled. He is naked and showing off his hot hole as Martin Hovor wanks and sucks his cock. Martin has his whip for use and is soon lapping at Boda’s hot hole and fingering it a bit too. Martin loses his underwear, showing off his rock hard cock as he rubs it over Boda’s feet. …

Str8Hell: Martin Polnak, Boda Gold (RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (Str8Hell: Martin Polnak, Boda Gold: RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)

Boda Gold is in charge of Airport Security. Martin Polnak is sent in to see him. Martin provides his ID but needs a visa, apparently. A discussion ensues about how he can get the visa, which ends up with Boda having to give him a full examination. Martin stands and Boda begins to feel all over his body. Then Martin removes his tee shirt and is told to remove his jeans too. …

Str8Hell: Jakub Smolik, Nikol Monak (RAW, AIRPORT SECURITY)


Data Released: Dec 2, 2016 (Str8Hell: Jakub Smolik, Nikol Monak)

Jakub Smolik has been detained in airport security. He has been stripped to underwear and tied to a chair, with a hood over his head. Nikol Monak has been designated to interrogate him, trying to find some contraband. He keeps asking where the contraband is, grabbing at Jakub’s cock and balls in the underwear, and using his nightstick for encouragement. Then he removes the hood from Jakub and we see that he is also gagged. Nikol then starts to rip off Jakub’s tee shirt and pulling on his nipples. …


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