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Staxus: Navon Raffi, Ron Negba (Bareback)

Staxus: Navon Raffi, Ron Negba

Data Released: Mar 29, 2018 (Staxus: Navon Raffi, Ron Negba)

With its glossy backdrop – which includes a rather impressive looking garden beyond the windows of the film-set – it’s hard not to get the feeling of quality in this torrid little escapade between Ron Negba and STAXUS newbie, Navon Raffi. That said, we’ve more than a sneaking suspicion that you won’t be admiring the view outside once Raffi approaches the camera, whips off his clothes and begins to play with that delightfully uncut shaft of his; teasing the skin for our crude entertainment and ensuring that his ramrod swells to maximum effect. Indeed, any lingering sense of admiration for the setting will surely be eliminated totally once Negba appears in the fray; as the blond wonder jumps straight down into his new mate’s crotch and begins to slurp on every swollen inch that’s groaning out for attention. …

Staxus: Fero Kalo, Navon Raffi (Bareback)

Staxus: Fero Kalo, Navon Raffi

Data Released: Mar 25, 2018 (Staxus: Fero Kalo, Navon Raffi)

When new boy, Fero Kalo, says that he wants to give someone a massage then you can rest assured that he really means it – lock, stock and barrel! Indeed, there doesn’t appear to be a single inch of Navon Raffi’s body that he misses as he works his magic using his fingers and elbows – a fact that his young subject very clearly appreciates given the manner with which Raffi invitingly arches his backside. What’s more, it’s a gesture that doesn’t fail to seize Kalo’s attention – teasing his mate’s hole with his fingers, before inviting Raffi to turn round onto his back so that he can give focused attention to the thick, meaty, uncut shaft that is now aching away in the fellow’s crotch. …

Staxus: Dimitri, Jake Stark, Jarde (Bareback)

Staxus: Dimitri, Jake Stark, Jarde

Data Released: Mar 22, 2018 (Staxus: Dimitri, Jake Stark, Jarde)

First things first – take note of the watermelon in the colander on the table at the start of this fantastic threesome. It may seem a bit of an innocuous addition to the film-set, and there’s every good reason that you’ll simply be relishing the sight of Dimitri and Jake Stark suck cock and snog each other’s faces off on the sofa; but believe us when we tell you that that innocent looking fruit is quickly transformed into the centrepiece of the action when the two lads decide to stick their schlongs into its fleshy pulp. What’s more, the kink doesn’t end there; with the two lads offering a slice of melon to their buddy, Jarde, when he arrives just a few minutes later, only to reveal their “trick” by means of a pic on one of their mobiles. …

Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone (Bareback)

Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone

Data Released: Mar 11, 2018 (Staxus: Jake Stark, Rudy Stone)

Football training can be thirsty work – which explains the amount of drinking bottles that young Jake Stark is having to look after at the start of this delicious escapade with STAXUS favourite, Rudy Stone. But it can clearly also be a very sexually stimulating exercise too given the way that these two lads quickly take the opportunity to enjoy an open-mouthed smooch together. Not that there’s anything lingering about this kiss, it must be said. Fact is Stone can’t wait to get inside his mate’s shorts to admire the handsome bulge in Stark’s pants; and to then explore even deeper, as he pulls out his buddy’s swollen shaft and sucks on every thick, meaty inch that’s now pulsating before him. Indeed, Stone’s ardent desire to pleasure his teammate continues apace, as he teebags his pal’s ball-sac and then invites Stark to join him for a hot, raunchy session of 69-ing. …

Staxus: Milan Silver, Ron Negba (Poolboy) (Bareback)

Staxus: Milan Silver, Ron Negba: Poolboy

Data Released: Feb 1, 2018 (Staxus: Milan Silver, Ron Negba: Poolboy)

There almost seems to be a romantic connection between Milan Silver and our latest newbie, Ron Negba, as they cavort together playing ball in the pool; but anyone who’s expecting a lengthy show of smooching once they’ve jumped out of the water could be in for a disappointment. This isn’t to say that the two lads don’t kiss, of course – the sensuous nature of their friendship makes this almost an inevitability. Yet it’s pretty clear that neither of these handsome dudes really wants to hold off from a much more carnal encounter; and within a few seconds Negba’s attention has travelled down his mate’s handsome body and he’s very lovingly caressing Silver’s torso and upper legs in anticipation of unleashing the swelling length of flesh that he already knows is buried inside the fellow’s laced-up trunks. …

Staxus: Ben Isai, Jake Stark, Orri Gaul (Foreskin Fuckers) (Bareback)

Staxus: Ben Isai, Jake Stark, Orri Gaul: Foreskin Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 28, 2018 (Staxus: Ben Isai, Jake Stark, Orri Gaul: Foreskin Fuckers)

It’s almost like getting two scenes for the price of one with this stupendous, dual-focused escapade – featuring Orri Gaul and Ben Isai going at it hammer-and-tong-style in one half of an apartment, and new boy, Jake Stark, enjoying a lengthy solo session in the other. Only at the very end of proceedings – when the spunk’s about to fly, so to speak – do the three lads finally encounter each other! Until that point, the action remains very much departmentalised; with the duo initially focused very much on foreskin play, whilst Stark reaches for his favourite arse toy and pleasures himself on his own. Now if you’re a fan of the hairless look, then you’re in for a treat as far as young Gaul is concerned. …

Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Eytan Zevi, Robin Rhea (Sticky Mucky Spunktexters) (Bareback)

Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Eytan Zevi, Robin Rhea: Sticky Mucky Spunktexters

Data Released: Jan 25, 2018 (Staxus: Bjorn Nykvist, Eytan Zevi, Robin Rhea: Sticky Mucky Spunktexters)

If ever you doubted that Robin Rhea was the consummate cocksucker, then be prepared to have your reservations put very safely to bed courtesy of this two part escapade featuring hunky newbie, Eytan Zevi, and everyone’s favourite blond beauty, Bjorn Nykvist. To be fair, these two buddies actually seem to be in some kind of competition where Rhea’s oral skills are concerned – taking it in turns to be pleasured by their dick-slurping hero, and each ensuring that they take photographic evidence of the lad’s accomplishments on their phone. First up it’s dark-haired hunk, Zevi, whose nicely upturned shaft is soon getting all the attention it could ever desire from Rhea’s skilful mouth; before the fellow eagerly returns the tight-lipped favour, whilst also lapping at his mate’s hungry, …

Staxus: Max Grey, Orri Gaul (Pool Boy) (Bareback)

Staxus: Max Grey, Orri Gaul: Pool Boy

Data Released: Jan 21, 2018 (Staxus: Max Grey, Orri Gaul: Pool Boy)

Sometimes, the hottest porn can actually be the simplest – indeed, when you’ve got a gorgeous lad like Orri Gaul in the mainframe chances are it can be pretty much as straightforward and uncomplicated as it comes. Give him the chance to strut around naked – or in this case swim in a pool and then jump out to take a soapy shower – and all a director like John Smith has to do is sit back and film; safe in the knowledge that there surely isn’t a gay porn-loving guy on the planet who won’t relish the delicious results. …

Staxus: Charlie Keller, Ron Negba (Fucking Pissed Off 2) (Bareback)

Staxus: Charlie Keller, Ron Negba: Fucking Pissed Off 2

Data Released: Jan 18, 2018 (Staxus: Charlie Keller, Ron Negba: Fucking Pissed Off 2)

Let’s be honest, the very idea of being picked up and carried by a fireman is the fantasy of a whole legion of gay men – and for young Ron Negba it’s a dream that’s about to come true at the start of this fabulous little set-piece with our Icelandic dream-boy, Charlie Keller. True, the lad only gets bundled to a nearby sofa; but that’s surely enough to get any cock-loving beaut’s heart racing, and needless to say the handsome little blond is soon like putty in Keller’s powerful, manly hands. Barely a few seconds in and our dark-haired Nordic warrior is able to reach into Negba’s pants so that he can start devouring the young lad’s dick; before the tables are turned and it’s Negba who’s worshipping his hot, horny saviour’s ramrod in return. …

Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi (Foreskin Fuckers) (Bareback)

Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi: Foreskin Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 14, 2018 (Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi: Foreskin Fuckers)

You can’t help but get the slight impression that bespectacled beauty, Max Grey, is almost a little bit disappointed in his buddy’s erection at the start of this top-notch encounter with Sivan Ozzi. Not that the young lad doesn’t enjoy the feel of his mate’s hard-on in his mouth as the two of them savour the delights of foreplay on the sofa together. But Ozzi’s burgeoning hardness does prevent his mate from making the most of all that delicious foreskin that he has wrapped around the end of his handsome joystick; and having clearly relished running his tongue playfully around Ozzi’s prepuce, Grey finally has to admit defeat and concentrate on giving a more conventional blowjob. …


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