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StagHomme: Diego Senna, Damien Crosse (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 19, 2017 (StagHomme: Diego Senna, Damien Crosse)


StagHomme: Raw Summers (Damien Crosse, Diego Summers) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2016 (StagHomme: Damien Crosse, Diego Summers)

Damien Crosse gulps down all of Diego Summers’s extra thick cock before hungrily taking it raw in just about every position served aggressively hard by Summers until he finally breeds Crosse.


StagHomme: Raw Summers (Diego Summers, Damien Crosse) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2016

Damien Crosse gulps down all of Diego Summers’s extra thick cock before hungrily taking it raw in just about every position served aggressively hard by Summers until he finally breeds Crosse.


StagHomme: Raw Glory 2 (Wagner Victoria, Antonio Miracle) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 24, 2016


StagHomme (RagingStallion): When Stags Breed


Data Released: 2016


StagHomme: Raw Glory (Wagner Victoria, Damien Crosse)


Data Released: May 28, 2016

Brazilian “safado” Wagner Vittoria comes to Stag Homme for a second round of bareback action. This time he’s looking to stick his monster-thick piece in some lucky anonymous mouth and hole that hungrily awaits on the opposite end of the glory hole. And what better way to be greeted than by another “delicia” of a gluttonous Latino?Yes, Damien Crosse and his eternally insatiable hunger are on the other side of the hole. Damien of course swallows Wagner’s epic cock with pure adoration and an ocean of saliva. …

StagHomme: Raw Sports (Wagner Victoria, Mario Domenech) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 21, 2016

Mario and Wagner are long term buddies since high school times and have had the hots for each other secretly from the start. Today they are doing some cross fit by the beach getting all sweaty and horny spotting each other. They rest by one of the benches and start touching secretly their meat bones. Wagner is hungry and wants to go take a bite but he needs to see his girl afterwards so Mario proposes to go to his place close by and shower quickly before heading for lunch. Over at Mario’s …


StagHomme: Raw Vice (Antonio Miracle, Damien Crosse) (Bareback)

Data Released: Mar 1, 2016

Damien Crosse is getting high and asphyxiating himself while he jerks off under the shower, when the doorbell rings. Damien’s fuck date, Antonio Miracle, has just arrived…and he wonders who he’ll have the pleasure of giving permission to do whatever they want to with his body. Damien however will never know. Since Damien will be blindfolded from the point the stranger enters the room until after the stranger cums on his asshole twice before taking all the thick cum from Damien’s hole and lapping it up into his own mouth before finally letting the load fall inside Damien’s throat. Blindfolded bareback with multiple orgasms and cream pie felching. Gotta love Stag Homme’s RAW VICE


StagHomme: Stockholm Syndrome Part 3 (Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech)

Data Released: Jan 24, 2016

In this 3rd instalment of our popular series “Stockholm Syndrome” Spanish tattooed muscle hunk, and first time on Stag Homme website, Mario Domenech takes captive helpless stunning muscle bottom Antonio Miracle. What follows is one of our most nasty piggiest cum filled scenes we have here at Stag Homme!


StagHomme: Hidden Cam with Xavi Duran and Antonio Miracle (Bareback)

Data Released: Dec 18, 2015

This is without a doubt one of the hottest scenes we have at Stag Homme. First time on Stag Homme Spanish hunk Antonio Miracle hides a camera in his bedroom and invites his fuck buddy Xavi over. What follows is an incredible and real fuck with 100% genuine chemistry between the two. As if it’s not enough Antonio takes out another camera and the two film some very intimate close ups as well. All bareback of course.. Don’t miss it!



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