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Spritzz: CMNM Action With A Buff Dude (John Russell, David Foster) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 18, 2017 (Spritzz: CMNM Action With A Buff Dude: John Russell, David Foster)

When he gets the call for manly action, slutty fucker John Russell is more than happy to show up and work the begging cunt. When he arrives his host David is dressed only in a bath towel, and his cock is bouncing to get sucked and fucked – as loud and wet a he can get it! After bending his hairy ass way back the young top stud finally gets what he wants… a sub slut who is willing to take his big fat cock all the way to the hilt, grunting around moaning as he goes, letting us know his asshole is getting stretched bare from a pro.

Spritzz: Language Lesson Becomes Gangbang Session, Part 2 (Luke Tyler, Oscar Roberts, Jack Green, Casper Ellis)


Data Released: May 11, 2017 (Spritzz: Language Lesson Becomes Gangbang Session, Part 2: Luke Tyler, Oscar Roberts, Jack Green, Casper Ellis)

The orgy is well in swing and the rigid dicks of the four guys are hard and ready for fucking! Luke takes on Casper’s boyish butt, while ripped Oscar humps hard into Jack Green’s tight fuckhole. The pack gets fucking in every possible combination, literally using their mother tongues in the best form of cultural exhange until all loads are popped in a massive bukkake-de-luxe – and sperm-crazed Jack is totally coated in creamy jizz from the three other horny dudes!

Spritzz: A Sly Wank Ends With A Hardcore Fucking (Cameron James, Ethan White)


Data Released: Apr 13, 2017 (Spritzz: A Sly Wank Ends With A Hardcore Fucking: Cameron James, Ethan White)

If you have to share your room with a buff exchange student, it’s no wonder that your own sexual fantasies run riot. Ethan White is so turned on by the fact that blond Cameron is spending nights sleeping in his bed that he’s forced to jack off over the thought. Even though he’s not fully developed yet, Ethan still already sports a massive dong between his thighs, and his secretive masturbation doesn’t stay that way for long. His visitor, Cameron, gets into the action and does not just Ethan a favour by sucking his XL fucktool up to full erection – this little piglet really needs to be fucked!


Spritzz: Wild DP Session With Young Dude (Florian Richter, Nico Lacosty, Adam Torres) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (Spritzz: Wild DP Session With Young Dude: Florian Richter, Nico Lacosty, Adam Torres)

This inked, hunk fucker wakes up horny as hell, and when he can’t get his mate on the top twin bunk to give him some relief he heads out to cruise himself a new date. Picking up his anonymous online play buddy, he heads home to get his cock sucked how he needs. With all of the grunting with pleasure, though, his upstairs friend wakes up and decides he wants in on the action, and soon he’s taking both rigid dicks up his ass in a wild DP fuck frenzy. When one of the lads squirts his cum over the other fucker’s tool, he just uses it as lube to drive his humping deeper into the bare asshole.



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