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SketchySex: Non-Stop (Bareback) (Bareback)

SketchySex: Non-Stop

Data Released: May 4, 2018 (SketchySex: Non-Stop)

My ass has never been fucked this good and my roomie recorded everything. Every guy that came into our apartment was seriously hung. The loads just kept cumming!


SketchySex: The Thirst (Bareback)

SketchySex: The Thirst

Data Released: Apr 19, 2018 (SketchySex: The Thirst)

I can feel the cum from each load getting fucked up into me. Just can’t get it deep enough inside of me. Dick after dick. I just can’t stop myself. I need it.


SketchySex: Sunday Rush (Bareback)

SketchySex: Sunday Rush

Data Released: May 2, 2018 (SketchySex: Sunday Rush)

Sunday mornings are the best here. Guys are getting out of the weho after hours and sex clubs. Lining up outside to get in. Our neighbors keep complaining. Fuck em.


SketchySex: Deep Inside (Bareback)

SketchySex: Deep Inside

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (SketchySex: Deep Inside)

Don’t remember my name. All I know is to keep sucking and grinding. Can’t stop getting my hole plowed. Feeling that hot cum getting fucked deep inside of me. Get it in there now!


SketchySex: Cum Dump 24/7 (Bareback)

SketchySex: Cum Dump 24/7

Data Released: Feb 7, 2018 (SketchySex: Cum Dump 24/7)

I was on the kitchen table. Getting my ass drilled. I could feel the cum from the last dude getting fucked deeper into me. Cum dripping from my hole. Strangers passing by me in my own apartment. I don’t care who they’re I just want a hard dick in me 24/7.


SketchySex: Gabs Gaping Hole (Bareback)

SketchySex: Gabs Gaping Hole

Data Released: Jan 24, 2018 (SketchySex: Gabs Gaping Hole)

Last Sunday the sketch pad was busy. Gab was sucking back every load he could. Cocks shoved in his face from every direction. Loads dropped in his mouth and cum fucked up his ass. He was seriously cum hungry.


SketchySex: 10 Loads, 1 Dumpster (Bareback)

SketchySex: 10 Loads, 1 Dumpster

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (SketchySex: 10 Loads, 1 Dumpster)

I take load after load. Day after day. There is no stopping me. Maybe I should get some help?!


SketchySex: Random Loads 3 (Bareback)

SketchySex: Random Loads 3

Data Released: Dec 27, 2018 (SketchySex: Random Loads 3)

An insane cum shot compilation from the biggest cum dumps on the west coast.


SketchySex: Gimme Big Dicks (Bareback)

SketchySex: Gimme Big Dicks

Data Released: Nov 29, 2017 (SketchySex: Gimme Big Dicks)

Addision just can’t stop! Every big dick out there. He wants em all. Fuck yeah! Stick that big cock in there and fuck that ass. Two dicks at the same time!


SketchySex: Seed Of Addiction (Bareback)

SketchySex: Seed Of Addiction

Data Released: Dec 13, 2017 (SketchySex: Seed Of Addiction)

Its hard work keeping our cum dumps full. We spend all day glued to our smart phones. Just looking for the next load. I swear I’m losing my vision. When the dude finally cums we’re on our knees, slob-bering, crawling around. My back is killing me but I can’t stop this.



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