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RedhotLatinos: Bahiano Fox, Felix Cohn, Guido Cavas, Salvador Caravan

Data Released: Dec 3, 2015

School is IN! All the boys in their white shirts and ties. After classes are finished and on his way home, Felix passes by an open door and spots Guido Cavas on his knees giving tall, muscular, Bahiano Fox an incredible blow job. Felix can’t seem to look away and is caught by Salvador Caravan! Salvador invites Felix into the flat and nudges his head down on Bahiano’s cock. Now Guido will have to share. Two mouths are better than one…three hard dicks are even better still! Felix is on his knees and now his real school lessons begin. …

RedhotLatinos: Felix Cohn, Leandro Braston

Data Released: Nov 19, 2015

Leandro Braston is the teacher and his pupil Felix Cohn has come to talk to him in the classroom. Leandro just can’t seem to stop staring at his mouth. Powerful, passionate, kisses. He holds his head. Hot fucking chemistry. Extensive makeout scene. Leandro’s plump mouth has a red, swollen tongue and the kissing continues. Jacking each others hot cocks. Finally Felix drops to his knees and Leandro fills up his mouth. Begging for the dick of this Adonis, he goes hands free while Leandro fucks his mouth. Felix stand in Front of Leandro who grips his waist while he pounds him so good. …

RedhotLatinos: Gerardo Bartok, Javier Scilla

Data Released: Nov 5, 2015

Oops! Javier Scilla has spilled a drink all over Gerardo Bartok! It won’t be the only spill! Let’s get you out of those clothes…Javier starts caressing Gerardo and quickly swallows his perfect dick. Javier has a tongue piercing and a very deep throat! Gerardo pushes his cock all the way to the nuts in Javier’s hungry mouth. Now it’s Javier’s turn for some pleasure. Bent over on the couch close up on his glistening asshole Gerardo is rimming and tongue fucking him dipping his hard red tongue in and out. Javier’s brown asshole is delicious. Close up clenching and tensing in pleasure with Gerardo’s sloppy spit. …

RedhotLatinos: Cristian Torquato, Junior Pavanello (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 29, 2015

Junior Pavanello goes out for his daily run along the beach. Along the way, the masculine powerhouse spots latin twink Cristian Torquato. The young man is in a pensive mood, enjoying the view. He needs to get off and persuades Cristian into sucking his cock. But it doesn’t take much. Cristian is horny for a big man like Junior and he’s more than happy to service the muscle god and even take a close aggressive face-fuck. Then Junior easily positions Cristian so that he can mount him fuck his tight pink hole raw.


RedhotLatinos: Gerardo Bartok, Alan Efron

Data Released: Oct 22, 2015

Chest to chest on the bed Gerardo Bartok and Alan Efron share sexy tongue kisses, pinching and sucking each others nipples getting hotter and hotter. Gerard frantically jacks his uncut cock, finally standing on the bed so that Alan can start to choke himself on the fat mushroom head. Alan lays down on the bed Gerard looks him right in the eye with his mouth full. Sucking his dick and tickling and licking his ass. Gerardo slapping his dick against against Alan’s pleasure hole teasing him with a wide, slippery tongue, Alan spreads his legs wide. Slowly Gerardo inserts a butt plug into Alan’s little hole…and you understand why this preparation was necessary, once Gerardo starts hard, fast, pounding Alan’s twink ass. …

RedhotLatinos: Daddy Dominik King, Rodrigo Costa

Data Released: Aug 27, 2015

Daddy Dominik King answers the door and in walks Rodrigo Costa, a cute young guy who’s come to fix Dominik’s problems. Standing on a ladder Rodrigo teases Dominik with the bulge growing in his pants. Now eye-to-eye with Rodrigo’s cock, Dominik begins to fist on the hard flesh. Making his way off the ladder to Dominik, the men enter a passionate embrace. After shedding their clothes, Dominik begins another oral assault on Rodrigo’s cock. As Rodrigo finds Dominik’s hungry hole, he begins to probe and explore with his fingers. Now familiar with the opening, Rodrigo rams a large dildo up deep into Dominik’s gut. Successfully opened, Rodrigo now pounds away at the stretched out hole. With a loud moan of pleasure and his eyes tightly closed, Rodrigo spits his load into Dominik’s open, awaiting mouth.


RedhotLatinos: Thiago Castro, Robert Lambertinni (Bareback)

Data Released: Aug 20, 2015

Thiago Castro is hanging out at home, waiting for some action to arrive. Robert Lambertinni shows up looking all innocent but so horny and slutty it would make the devil blush. The two waste no time stripping and soon Robert is working his oral magic on Thiago’s fat, uncut dick. It’s no easy task but Robert is not discouraged. He manages to deep-throat Thiago and the way his throat stretches is extremely hot! The only thing hotter is watching Robert give his ass up to Thiago. Somehow he manages to take every inch of the Brazilian beef deep inside his beefy bubble butt. The looks on his innocent face will drive you insane!


RedhotLatinos: Roy Font, Lukas Branko


Data Released: Aug 13, 2015

In a small office Roy Font is requesting information from his coworker Lucas Branko. As Lucas is explaining he doesn’t have what Roy is looking for, he notices the bulge in Roy’s pants and offers some sexual help. Roy whips out his huge dick and Lucas begins to slurp it up. Roy pushes Lucas up against the wall as he uses his tongue to trace then enter Lucas’s anxious hole. Pinned against the wall, now being impaled by Roy, Lucas moans. After pounding Lucas out over the desk and a lot of sloppy oral Roy shoots a full load of cum into Lucas’s mouth then kisses him until he busts his nutt on himself.


RedhotLatinos: Tadeo Vega, Karlos Night, Tommy Morris (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 30, 2015

When two men – Tadeo Vega and Karlos Night – come across each other in the gay Brazilian twink aisle in the adult video store they begin passionately making out. Tommy Morris sees the men making out and feels his cock start to get hard. After watching them Tommy decides to join in by kissing Karlos. Tommy, with a mouth full of Karlos, shares the fun with Tadeo. As Karlos licks and fingers Tadeo, Tommy pulls on his massive meat. Savoring Tommy’s meaty dick and Tadeo’s ass, Karlos was in heaven. Tadeo gets on his back in a black leather chair with Tommy straddling him and Karlos taking turns filling their manholes. Tommy is double penetrated from both ends. While enjoying a ride on Karlos’s big dick, Tommy blows his load deep in Tadeo. Just like the sexy Tommy, Tadeo rides Karlos till he climaxes. With help from Tadeo and Tommy, Karlos releases his cum on Tadeo’s back.


RedhotLatinos: Mateus Axel, Sandro Bullock (Bareback Flip Flop)


Data Released: Jul 23, 2015

Mateus Axel and Sandro Bullock bump into each other on the street and catch up before Sandro invites Mateus back to his new apartment. While checking out Sandro’s new place, Mateus has only one thing on his mind. Bareback sex! Sandro is a top-notch sucker, greedily gobbling as much as he can before switching positions. Mateus shows off his oral skills then they take turn fucking each other, enjoying every moment of their raw intimacy.



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