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RawFuckBoys: Justin, Brogan Reed (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 27, 2017 (RawFuckBoys: Justin, Brogan Reed)

Two muscled bodies raw fucking in the kitchen. On your knees and suck cock – watch the muscles flex with each thrust down the throat. Watch that tight ass – it need raw dick. Bent over the table bareback fucking is the tastiest dish served. Cum explodes over tight abs and then another load bred deep inside that muscled ass drips out of the worn hole.


RawFuckBoys: Hayden Michaels, Colton Burke (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 20, 2017 (RawFuckBoys: Hayden Michaels, Colton Burke)

Hayden has a talented tongue – he wraps it around Colton’s big cock as he sucks it hard. But with Colton on his back – his legs spread wide he uses his talented tongue to its most deliciously devastating best as he buries it deep into Colton’s pale hole. Then he shoves his raw dick into that saliva lubricated cunt – pounding it hard while grabbing his smooth white butt cheeks. Colton is in raw fuck heaven.

RawFuckBoys: Alec, Zack (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 13, 2017 (RawFuckBoys: Alec, Zack)

Big dicked Zack gets his massive cock deepthroated by Alec. The size of the raw meat is enough to fog up Alec’s glasses. Zack wants his bare cock deep inside Alec’s tight hole and rims that hole to get it wet and ready.



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