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RawAndRough: Double Dick Me (Gabriel D’Alessandro, Theo Styles, Shay Michaels, Hans Berlin) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (RawAndRough: Double Dick Me: Gabriel D’Alessandro, Theo Styles, Shay Michaels, Hans Berlin)

Gabriel has just finished loading up Theo’s ass. He asks his buddies Shay and Hans if they want to load Theo’s hole too. Little does Gabriel know that the guys are going to fuck him too. Shay and Hans take turns fucking Gabriel and Theo, switching back and forth til Gabriel busts his nut. Hans and Shay are still horny as fuck, so they decide to double dick Theo’s little fuck hole. The guys stretch that hole out, ramming both of their cocks into Theo. Hans pulls out and shoots his load all over Shay’s cock while it is still inside Theo. Shay orders Theo to get into doggy position, then fucks Theo’s cum filled ass until he shoots a load in Theo too.


RawAndRough: Don’t Fuck with the Hunter (Hugh Hunter, Josh Dors) (Bareback)


Data Released: Feb 9, 2017 (RawAndRough: Don’t Fuck with the Hunter: Hugh Hunter, Josh Dors)

Another filthy scene from our UK director Jason Stormme. Hugh Hunter has just finished tidying up and cleaning the dungeon when Josh Dors walks in and can’t resist getting his tongue right between Hugh’s firm ass cheeks and gets his hole wet. There’s only one thing on Josh’s mind then so he makes Hugh suck his dick to get it extra hard and wet for his ass, whilst he enjoys Hugh’s beefy ass over his face. …

RawAndRough: Hans Pounds Dusty (Hans Berlin, Dusty Williams) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 22, 2016 (RawAndRough: Hans Pounds Dusty: Hans Berlin, Dusty Williams)

Hans Berlin is one horny German and he craves some American ass. Dusty Williams is more than happy to satisfy that craving. Hans face fucks Dusty to get his cock nice and hard so he can plow Dusty’s hot ass. After some hard drilling on the fuck bench, Hans hoists Dusty up in the swing sling and pummels his hole mercilessly. Dusty shoots a huge load all over his fury chest and Hans scoops it up and feeds Dusty his own cum. Hans then blows his load on and in Dusty’s well fuck man hole.


RawAndRough: Dex Gets Winched (Dolf Dietrich, Dex London) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 5, 2016 (RawAndRough: Dex Gets Winched: Dolf Dietrich, Dex London)

Dex London has wanted to get used and abused by big daddy Dolf Dietrich for ages. But Dolf is a strapping 6’5 tall and Dex is a pocket-sized 5’4. Dolf easily knocks him around, chokes him on his dick, and pushes Dex’s face in to the wall whilst he loosens his hole with a few fingers and some spit… but how does a guy like Dolf suck dick whilst standing up? …

RawAndRough: Fuck Me, Part 2 (Ace Era, Boy Fillmore, Damon Andros, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (RawAndRough: Fuck Me, Part 2: Ace Era, Boy Fillmore, Damon Andros, Dolf Dietrich, Hugh Hunter)

The boys are back and charged up for the second half of this all out piss drenched fuck party. It’s Hugh Hunter’s turn to get fucked, and he just loves dick. He gets fucked by Boy, Dolf and Damon. They take turns on his ass and mouth, and drench him down with piss in between fucks. One hole is not enough for Dolf, so he gets Hugh and Ace’s butts side by side and goes from one hot hole to the other. Dolf ends up dumping his load on Ace’s muscle butt, then feeds his load to Ace right out of his own hole. Boy puts on his puppy gear and rough fucks Hugh and Ace. He feeds them puppy piss and two loads of cum. This puppy is one horny fucker.


RawAndRough: Fuck Me, Part 1 (Boy Fillmore, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Ace Era) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 6, 2016 (RawAndRough: Fuck Me, Part 1: Boy Fillmore, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Ace Era)

Ace Era knows exactly what he wants – a few big cocks to fuck his hole. He wants cock so bad, his ass has a tattoo on it in bold letters FUCK ME. Before Ace is allowed to get that cock in his hole, he must drain all the guys of the piss they have been saving up for him. Dolf, Hugh, Damon and Boy all take turns drenching their new fuck boy. Dolf bends Ace over to find he has a glass butt plug in his tight pink hole. Dolf pulls the plug out and licks it clean. Dolf, Damon and Boy all take turns fucking Ace’s sweet ass. Hugh is begging for some cock too, so his buddy Dolf shoves his big cock inside that muscle ass to shut him up. The fuck fest is on as the boys trade off fucks and squirt some more piss in this orgy of muscle and fur. Come back next week for part two.

RawAndRough: Daddy’s Waterboy (Jim Ferro, Aarin Asker) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 1, 2016 (RawAndRough: Jim Ferro, Aarin Asker)

Jim Ferro has some cock and piss to share with his boy Aarin Asker. Jim starts out by ramming his tongue up Aarin’s furry ass hole. Then Aarin gets on top of Jim’s hard cock and rides it. Daddy Jim gives his boy a piss shower and Aarin returns the favor by pissing all over himself and his Daddy’s boots. Jim orders Aarin to lick those boots clean. Aarin does as he is told and cleans those pissy boots with his tongue. Then Aarin gets back on top of his Daddy’s dick and rides it till he gets that Daddy load deep in his ass like a good waterboy.


RawAndRough: Rubber Fuck Lads (Gaston Croupier, AJ Alexander) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 11, 2016 (RawAndRough: Gaston Croupier, AJ Alexander)

AJ and Gaston have wanted to fuck for ages and AJ loves fucking in his rubber chaps… so they get together at the Bunker, a London dungeon play space, and properly go for it. AJ is in total control, making sure Gaston services his dick before he gets his tongue deep in Gaston’s hole to give him some all-natural lube before he pounds him in to the bench… Gaston is totally helpless underneath as AJ power-drives his thick Scottish cock hard and deep in to him til he can’t hold back and shoots his load. It’s not over there though, as AJ sits back and makes Gaston give him plenty more cock worship until he’s ready to shoot his own load and feed AJ a nice mouthful of Italian cum.


RawAndRough: Pounded In The Piss Tub (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2016

Cast: Jacob Slader, Chris Perry, Patrick O’Connor, Tony Bishop, Dolf Dietrich, Aaron Burke.
Chris Perry is sitting in the Raw and Rough piss tub and he is eager for some hot man piss. Tony Bishop and Dolf Dietrich take turns wetting Chris down and fucking his face. After the piss runs out, it’s time for some butt fucking. Chris and his bottom buddy, Patrick O’Connor, take turns getting fucked by the rest of the group. Chris then decides he wants to fuck Patrick. He plows Patrick’s hole ’til he busts his nut.


RawAndRough: Watch Us Fuck (Gaston Croupier, Pietro Del Toro) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 17, 2016

Pietro Del Toro is looking for a hot ass to fuck on a sunny afternoon and his favorite place to cruise is the top floor of an abandoned building complex on the outskirts of Berlin. Basements and dungeons might be horny but sometimes you want some light so you can see the hole you’re fucking. Gaston Croupier is cruising the same building and once the two guys spot each other there’s only one way things are gonna end… The guys take their time making sure Pietro’s dick is rock solid from all the attention Gaston gives it, and then lubed up with nothing more than spit, Gaston gets his hole pounded and his ass pumped full of a load… all under the watchful eyes that are all around them.



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