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RandyBlue: Euro Slut JD Carlo shoves his thick beef up muscle hunk Peter Lipnik (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 2, 2017 (RandyBlue: Euro Slut JD Carlo shoves his thick beef up muscle hunk Peter Lipnik)

JD Carlo and Peter Lipnik are hanging outside shirtless. Their hot muscled bodies are soaking in the summer sun. They decide to heat things up inside as well. They head inside to the living room and begin to make out. They are down to their speedos and their bulges start growing as they begin to make out harder and harder. The kissing leads to grinding and soon the boners need to be unleashed. JD gets his cock sucked first. …

RandyBlue: Jack Ganley, Bastian Karimm (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 19, 2017 (RandyBlue: Jack Ganley, Bastian Karimm)

Jack Ganley is jerking off to porn on his phone. But he is being watched. By Bastian Karim. This dude walked in and saw Jack jerking it. But he was too shy to say anything. And he was too turned on to move. Jack turns his head and sees Bastian staring at his large engorged cock. Although startled at first, he tells Bastian to come in. …

RandyBlue: Dane Stewart, Owen Michaels (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 14, 2017 (RandyBlue: Dane Stewart, Owen Michaels)

Grindr hookups are so easy. Owen just tells dane his address and lets him know that the door is unlocked. Dane enters the bedroom and finds Owen ass up in just his underwear. He has Dane strip down and then Dane pulls off Owen’s underwear. …

RandyBlue: Peter Lipnik, Markus Hovor (Bareback)


Data Released: May 17, 2017 (RandyBlue: Peter Lipnik, Markus Hovor)

Markus and Peter are outside on the balcony. They want to go for a swim in the pool. But alas, the weather is not permitting today. It is cloudy and cold. But Markus has an idea to warm them up. He takes them inside, and they he and Peter start to make out. …

RandyBlue: James Huck, Erik Spector (Bareback)


Data Released: May 10, 2017 (RandyBlue: James Huck, Erik Spector)

James Huck asked Erik Spector for directions. Erik decides to claim this lost boy for his own. He leads James back to his place and makes a pass. James is startled at first, but then caves to sheer hotness of Erik’s muscled up body. …

RandyBlue: Straight stud JD Carlo shoves his RAW uncut cock deep into power bottom Dom Ully


Data Released: May 3, 2017 (RandyBlue: Straight stud JD Carlo shoves his RAW uncut cock deep into power bottom Dom Ully)

Dom Ully is smoking at the window. JD Carlo wants to get a puff too. They finish a cig together and then start to make out. The kissing turns them on so much that they have to get naked. The two naked dudes start exploring each other’s bodies. JD Carlo sucks on Dom first. …

RandyBlue: Diego Falco, Tommy Hunter (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 19, 2017 (RandyBlue: Diego Falco, Tommy Hunter)

Tommy Hunter is new to Randy Blue. This tall twink is hiding a secret. And Diego Falco is hiding up stairs and spying on him to find out what it is. Tommy starts to touch himself and and he pulls out his cock. Diego’s mouth practically drops open when he sees the massive cock that comes out of Tommy’s pants. Tommy starts to jerk off and Diego’s mouth is just watering. …

RandyBlue: Brendan Patrick, Dane Stewart (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 12, 2017 (RandyBlue: Brendan Patrick, Dane Stewart)

Gay Irish hunk Brendan Patrick gets filled up with cum by bisexual Dane Stewart.
Evil Jeff here, and I am psyched to be shooting another Randy Blue video here in the states. It’s been almost a year, and I am giddy with excitement. I have two hot hunks with me today. Bisexual tattoo artist Dane Stewart. And Irish gay porn star Brendan Patrick. …

RandyBlue: Martin Muse, Peter Lipnik (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 5, 2017 (RandyBlue: Martin Muse, Peter Lipnik)

Martin Muse is a sexy twink. He is totally ripped and this tall lean handsome fucker with a model face has abs and a sexy butt. He also has a monster cock. This huge uncut piece of meat wants to find a home in a warm ass. …

RandyBlue: Jeffery Lloyd, Brick Moorewood (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 29, 2017 (RandyBlue: Jeffery Lloyd, Brick Moorewood)

Brick Moorewood is sleeping face down on the couch. And then he awakens to the lovely warm hands of Jeffrey Lloyd. Jeffrey takes his shirt off and starts to massage him. Jeffrey puts warm oils on Brick’s back and starts to rub him down. He first rubs down his back and then rubs down his front. …


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