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PrideStudios: Hans Berlin, Sean Maygers

PrideStudios: Hans Berlin, Sean Maygers

Data Released: Mar 27, 2018 (PrideStudios: Hans Berlin, Sean Maygers)

Sean is selling his boat and it is in desperate need of repair work. Hans is interested in the boat, but points out the hole in the hull. Once the small-talk is over Sean asks Hans what’s it worth to you and they go inside to negotiate. Once inside, they immediately embrace each other and the clothes start coming off. Hans sucks Sean’s massive cock first and then Sean sucks Hans. Sean then moves to Hans’s ass and rims him for a bit. He then starts fucking Hans slow and steady at first and then more intense. They fuck in a couple positions before Sean has Hans on his back in a chair and he fucks him until he cums and then pulls out and shoots his load all over Hans.


PrideStudios: Aiden Hart, Scott DeMarco (Earning My Keep)

PrideStudios: Aiden Hart, Scott DeMarco: Earning My Keep

Data Released: Jan 30, 2017 (PrideStudios: Aiden Hart, Scott DeMarco: Earning My Keep)

Scott & Aiden are sitting in bed discussing their future vacation to Italy. Aiden asks Scott if he has been saving his money as he said he would and Scott admits that he might have to borrow some from him. Annoyed, Aiden tells Scott he needs to stop spending so much money on nice clothes. Unable to resist Scott’s charm, Aiden tells him that if he gives him the fuck of his life he will spot him the funds for the trip. Scott starts out sucking Aiden’s cock and he makes sure to take all of it down his throat. …

PrideStudios: Fernando Del Rio, Connor Halstead (My Credit Sux)

PrideStudios: Fernando Del Rio, Connor Halstead: My Credit Sux

Data Released: Jan 2, 2018 (PrideStudios: Fernando Del Rio, Connor Halstead: My Credit Sux)

Connor comes to Fernando, who is his financial advisor, because he wants to buy a new car but his credit is bad. Fernando looks up his credit information and informs him that his score is way too low and he would have to pay too much to finance a new car. He also informs him that he owes him money as well and needs to pay him. Connor has no money and seeing an opportunity Fernando seduces Connor and tells him he will forgive his debt if he fucks him. Fernando grinds his ass against Connor and then Connor pulls out Fernando’s cock and sucks him. Fernando then sucks Connor on his knees. …

PrideStudios: Julian Knowles, Jett Rink (Surprise Office Visit)

PrideStudios: Julian Knowles, Jett Rink: Surprise Office Visit

Data Released: Dec 19, 2017 (PrideStudios: Julian Knowles, Jett Rink: Surprise Office Visit)

Jett is at this desk working when he hears a knock at the door. Julian walks through and Jett asks him what he is doing there! Julian is wearing his gym clothes and obviously all sweaty from working out. He approaches Jett with a confident swagger and tells him he cannot resist him and pulls Jett into his sweaty body. Jett sniffs in Julian’s man sweat and is immediately intoxicated by Julian’s charm. He tells him to lock the door and the two start making out. Julian pulls down Jett’s pants, bends him over the desk, and starts rimming his ass. …

PrideStudios: Cesar Rossi, Rico Romero (Sensual Loads)

PrideStudios: Cesar Rossi, Rico Romero

Data Released: Dec 5, 2017 (PrideStudios: Cesar Rossi, Rico Romero: Sensual Loads)

Cesar is very stressed out and Rico has sensed his tension in his shoulder. Rico starts massaging him on the bed and that massage soon turns much more sensual and sexual. Rico gets Cesar out of his clothes and begins sucking his thick uncut cock. Cesar then rims Rico’s ass before having Rick ride his cock. The two fuck all over the bed with Rico loving having Cesar’s cock deep in his ass stretching his hole. Once both have shot their loads, Cesar is relieved of all his stress.


PrideStudios: Marco Lorenzo, Jack Gunther (I Miss You Baby)

PrideStudios: Marco Lorenzo, Jack Gunther

Data Released: Nov 21, 2017 (PrideStudios: Marco Lorenzo, Jack Gunther: I Miss You Baby)

Marco and Jack are lying in bed and Marco is asking him about his recent trip and telling him that he really misses him while he is away. Jack works as a male exotic dancer when he travels and Marco wants him to put on a private show for him. Reluctantly, Jack gets out of bed and starts stripping his clothes off for Marco. Before he finishes, Marco is on his feet and the two are embraced in a passionate kiss. They are soon naked and share blowjobs with each other ending in a nice 69. Marco then fucks Jack in several passionate positions until he cannot hold back and both shoot their creamy loads.


PrideStudios: Hunter Vance, Lex Ryan (Office Stress Release)


Data Released: Nov 7, 2017 (PrideStudios: Hunter Vance, Lex Ryan: Office Stress Release)

Hunter Vance has arrived at Lex Ryan’s office and he is excited about their weekend trip. Lex is still not ready to leave the office yet and Hunter starts coaxing him to get out of there. He massages Lex and then decides he should seduce him into having sex right there in the office. Unable to resist the charms of Hunter, Lex gives in and pulls out his big cock as Hunter starts sucking him. Lex then bends Hunter over the desk and starts rimming his nice ass. He then fucks Hunter bent over the desk and then up on top of the desk. Hunter’s vocal reaction to each thrust of Lex’s cock is priceless. Unable to hold back, Hunter shoots his own load and then Lex shoots a nice load all over Hunter.


PrideStudios: 1st Time Lovers (Timothy Rivers, Leo Luckett)


Data Released: Oct 24, 2017 (PrideStudios: 1st Time Lovers: Timothy Rivers, Leo Luckett)

Leo & Timothy are sitting on the couch watching a movie. When the movie ends, both are a little annoyed with the ending and they start up a conversation. Timothy asks how Leo’s dating life is going and Leo lets him know it is non-existent and he has difficulty with girls. Timothy then asks if he likes to watch porn and they start talking about that. Soon Timothy is confessing that he and another friend have been watching Gay Porn together and jacking off with each other. …

PrideStudios: Let’s Be Versatile Baby (Rego Bello, Colby Jansen)


Data Released: Oct 10, 2017 (PrideStudios: Let’s Be Versatile Baby: Rego Bello, Colby Jansen)

Colby & Rego are sitting in bed discussing their sex life and the fact that they always do the same thing. They want to spice it up a bit and try fucking each other. They share blowjobs to warm each other up and then Colby goes right for Rego’s big bubble but and he rims his ass deep before fucking him Doggy style. He fucks Rego in a few different positions before Rego proclaims it is his turn to fuck Colby. Colby rides Rego’s big cock first and then flips onto his back where Rego fucks him so good that they both explode in their own juices.


PrideStudios: Get To Work! (Seth Santoro, Mike Maverick)


Data Released: Sep 26, 2017 (PrideStudios: Get To Work!: Seth Santoro, Mike Maverick)

Seth is sitting in the back room of the warehouse he works at looking at his phone when Mike comes through the door. Annoyed that Seth is not working; Mike calls him out and tells him he needs to stop being lazy and get back to work. Seth ignores him at first and then argues back by saying that Mike just needs to get laid. Awkward moment and then Seth plants a kiss on Mike. The two kiss for a bit and then Seth drops to his knees and sucks Mike’s hard cock. …


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