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PhoeniXXX: Jan Cores, George Taylor (Good Friends and Fuck Buddies)

PhoeniXXX: Jan Cores, George Taylor: Good Friends and Fuck Buddies

Data Released: Mar 19, 2018 (PhoeniXXX: Jan Cores, George Taylor: Good Friends and Fuck Buddies)

George is a horny boy with limited experience, having sucked cock with friends before in the sauna. He’s open to suggestions from his friend Jan, though! It’s a matter of moments before he’s sucking on that delicious uncut cock, showing his pal his skills, then turning his attention to that hot little ass. With a little rimming Jan is ready to take that cock, sliding his hole down on George’s boner and riding him, taking that dick all over the bed and finishing up with a load in his face and his cum wanked out!


PhoeniXXX: Dan Jenkins, Sean Savoy (Dan Gets It Good and Hard)

PhoeniXXX: Dan Jenkins, Sean Savoy

Data Released: Dec 29, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Dan Jenkins, Sean Savoy: Dan Gets It Good and Hard)

Sean promised a good show and he really didn’t let anyone down. The handsome and fit kick-boxer said he would love to slam Dan’s hot hole, and of course Dan was down for that. The lust between these two fit young men is real and genuine, so much so that they had to stop and have a break to save their cum for the real action. The mutual sucking and rimming almost got them unloading, but it’s the slamming ass fuck that Dan takes from Sean that really gets us all ready to shoot our cum with them. Check out the messy facial and be ready to want a second round with these two!


PhoeniXXX: Fraser Jacs, Brian Lost (A Great Fuck and A Lot Of Cum)

PhoeniXXX: Fraser Jacs, Brian Lost: A Great Fuck and A Lot Of Cum

Data Released: Dec 19, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Fraser Jacs, Brian Lost: A Great Fuck and A Lot Of Cum)

Even though Brian loves to use his 8 inch cock in another guys ass he really enjoys getting a good pounding from another generously endowed dude, and Fraser is the perfect choice. The two make a great team, both sporty jocks with great dicks, and they know how to use them. The guys start out with some greedy sucking, making each other leak precum, then it’s time for Fraser to slide into that hairy hole and give his new friend the pounding he so obviously needs. By the end of it all Brian has a hot mess of thick white cum all over his chest!


PhoeniXXX: A Shower Of Cum In A 6 Boy Orgy! (Bareback)

PhoeniXXX: A Shower Of Cum In A 6 Boy Orgy!

Data Released: Dec 10, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: A Shower Of Cum In A 6 Boy Orgy!)

Models: Yann Talonn, Thomas Sunny, Patrick Jackson, Adrian Polow, Brandon Pav, Kevin Pure.
When you get 6 horny boys together in one room and let them just go at each other this is the kind of mind-blowing party you get! Every cock in the room is deliciously hard, with some real jaw-breakers ready to be sucked and pleasured! Inches of hard young man meat are soon sliding into tight holes as the boys team up, swap their boners and fuck their way to a jizz-drenching bukkake finish that leaves on lucky member of the gang totally dripping in semen!


PhoeniXXX: Mason Woods, Lincoln Gates (Hairy Top Gets Some Hole)

PhoeniXXX: Mason Woods, Lincoln Gates

Data Released: Nov 29, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Mason Woods, Lincoln Gates: Hairy Top Gets Some Hole)

Mason likes to top, but he isn’t the kind of young man to turn down the chance to take a ride on a good hard dick. When he saw handsome and hairy Lincoln he ciuldn’t wait to taste that uncut meat and feel that length sliding in and out of his hole. The two have a real chemistry together, greedily sucking on those dicks as we get in close and feel like we’re there with them. You’ll wish you were when you see Lincoln sliding into that butt and giving the tanned young man the kind of fucking he loves to get! The cum loads these two finish with are deliciously messy.


PhoeniXXX: Janusz Gol, Ryan Days (He Loves Older Men With Big Cocks)

PhoeniXXX: Janusz Gol, Ryan Days

Data Released: Nov 19, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Janusz Gol, Ryan Days: He Loves Older Men With Big Cocks)

When cute young Ryan told us he likes to get fucked by older men with big meaty cocks we knew Janusz would be the perfect man for him. As you can see, the feeling was very much mutual, as is the sucking and cock play these two enjoy before Janusz turns his attention to that plump little rump! It seems young Ryan is experienced with older and dominant men, being a rugby player might have something to do with that. The boy gets a great ramming all over the bed before the two finally gush their seed out, with Janusz delivering one of his most amazing cum loads over the boy’s face!


PhoeniXXX: Fucking Out Loads At Work (Riley Tess, Jonny Parker)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Fucking Out Loads At Work: Riley Tess, Jonny Parker)

You can understand why these guys would be fucking at work, it’s a wonder Jonny and Riley can get anything done at all with those big juicy cocks needing attention all the time! The guys meet in the shelves and withing moments they’re making out, swapping their big cocks and getting ready for a hard and frantic fuck that sees hairy Riley bouncing on that shaft and splashing his cream out in ecstasy. With his bottom buddy satisfied Jonny pulls out and proceeds to drench Riley’s back with semen in fountain of an ejaculation! It’s no wonder they need to get off with so much jizz in their balls!


PhoeniXXX: Twink Bottom Gets A Jock Dick (Jack Masters, Scott West)


Data Released: Aug 31, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Twink Bottom Gets A Jock Dick: Jack Masters, Scott West)

Jack loves to really own a twink bottom, and we knew Scott would make a perfect young man for him to have some fun with. Jack really loves that big solid cock, he was stroking himself off and seemed to want to gobble that dick forever. Soon he’s getting his own delicious dick sucked too, and with a little rimming of that twink hole he’s sinking in deep and giving Scott the kind of fucking he signed up for. Watch him getting that boner good and deep, fucked all over the bed and made to pump out a hot load, finished with Jack splashing his own mess out over the lad!


PhoeniXXX: Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter


Data Released: Aug 11, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter)

Adam is the kind of young man any horny boy would love to work for! He’s supposed to be disciplining young Deacon for getting his rocks off during work hours, but he can’t resist taking advantage of the clearly rampant young man. Within moments their big uncut cocks are out for sucking the two are taking it all the way right there on the desk! …

PhoeniXXX: Jack Cums Hard With Twink Boy Alex (Jack Masters, Alex Silvers)


Data Released: Jul 22, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Jack Cums Hard With Twink Boy Alex: Jack Masters, Alex Silvers)

Young Alex needs an experienced top to give him a proper pounding, Jack is the perfect choice. He loves tight young holes to slam his cock into, and Alex loves being dominated and used by older men. After swapping their cocks and making each other drool precum Jack slides in, taking it slow at first but soon pounding his length in and out of the boy until Alex can’t stop the jizz leaping from his dick! With some friendly ball licking to help his older friend along Alex gets Jack splashing out a thick and heavy load of his own!



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