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NoelAlejandroFilms: Trivial (Valentin, Yann Andre, Gaspard)


Data Released: 2017 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Trivial: Valentin, Yann Andre, Gaspard)

Flat hunting can become quite an experience when the house of your dreams is inhabited by two terribly seducing human beings. Trivial is a about a music student (Valentin) who goes visit a flat to rent one of its rooms, and is welcomed by Renault (Yann Andre) and Pierre (Gaspard), who are roomate with benefits. …

NoelAlejandroFilms: Call Me A Ghost (Valentin and Pierre)


Data Released: 2017 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Call Me A Ghost: Valentin and Pierre)

About a young man who seems to have it all: he’s talented, intelligent and attractive. Still, something feels permanently out of place, and he falls into commanding sadness. He can feel the desolation taking over when he receives a visit from a curious supernatural presence. Feeling strangely attracted to it, and with nothing to lose, he welcomes the ghost into his life. …

NoelAlejandroFilms: The Cable Guy (Chris Michaels, Matthew Anders)


Data Released: 2016 (Noel Alejandro Collection: The Cable Guy: Chris Michaels, Matthew Anders)

Classics are classics for a reason! Take the good old story of the cable guy fixing something in your house, looking hot as hell, and mix it with some realistic touching, biting and heavy breathing. A modern fairy tale for those wishing nothing more than a regular everyday mantainment visit. No commitments, no strings attached, just the complete fulfillment of the carnal senses. The Cable Guy is the latest film by Noel Alejandro. Produced and shot in Barcelona, the film has 16 minutes of incredibly hot sex, flowering from the most deep desires. The silence, tension and the stunning close ups are printmarks of the director’s effervescent work.


NoelAlejandroFilms: Thank You (Vince, Damian Mauro)


Data Released: 2016 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Thank You: Vince, Damian Mauro)

“Are you always this quiet?” he asks, looking at him through the mirror. There’s something mad about his smile and his picturesque moustache. What is he hiding? Those pictures of him, aren’t they a little macabre? Mmmm… maybe best not to think. He’s here now, and he’s who I want. “Thank you…” is primarily a sex film, but not only that. Following the path of questioning personal feelings in sex (watched Eloi & Biel yet?), Noel Alejandro creates an erotic piece full of mystery and enigmas. …

NoelAlejandroFilms: Doing Elliot (Tristan and Cyrill)


Data Released: 2016 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Doing Elliot: Tristan and Cyrill)

Thomas (Cyrill) rings Elliot’s (Tristan) door in an attempt to give back his ID card, lost during a morning run at the park. They both met during college, but it’s been so long… Will Elliot remember Thomas? Despite living very different lives, they find themselves sharing the same crave for the perfect outbreak. Noel Alejandro’s six film is no ordinary porn. …

NoelAlejandroFilms: Roomies (Josh Milk, Johan J.)


Data Released: 2015 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Roomies: Josh Milk, Johan J.)

Synopsis: There wasn’t a single place in Barcelona hotter than that room. Despite of all the protesting voices breaking into the apartment, coming from street protests about which no one knew, Josh and Johan could smell the danger from way closer. Roommates, you know, can be real assholes – especially if you cross the line. The latest film by Noel Alejandro is an ode to sex between men who share a home, in all its complicated glory: unexpected, unsettled, and extremely hot. These nine minutes will bring you to beautifully shaped bodies under a warming natural light, smart close ups, and sweat drops that’ll leave you with a very yummy after taste.


NoelAlejandroFilms: Bad Medicine (Ian Grey, Aitor Bravo)


Data Released: 2015 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Bad Medicine: Ian Grey, Aitor Bravo)

Synopsis: When flesh needs a safe shelter, it’ll find it in the wild. Arms as branches, legs as trunks – and the silence isn’t silence but the loudest expression of earthly desire. Dazed by the mystery (and more), two men surrender to their strong appetite for a carnal, intense, and evanescent fuck. Shot in 2015, Bad Medicine portrays exactly what it promises: a quick-and-dirty option for a very needed cure. The camera moves around and brings you closer to these two smoking hot men, who entered the woods with a very provocative purpose – and who will make you leave completely satisfied.

NoelAlejandroFilms: Eloi and Biel


Data Released: 2013 (Noel Alejandro Collection: Eloi and Biel)

Synopsis: They woke up that morning eager to explore. Out of town, in a country house far from the world, they’ll feel each other as never before. Drinking wine with no glasses, from kiss to touch, to arouse, to desire – and even so still easy, still calm, still conscious of every centimetre of each others bodies. The secret places of pleasure. …


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