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NextDoorWorld: Will Fuck 4 Home (Bridger Watts, Justin Owens)


Data Released: Dec 16, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Will Fuck 4 Home: Bridger Watts, Justin Owens)

Returning from an afternoon of errands, Bridger Watts senses something is off inside his home. Not sure what he’ll find, he inspects the downstairs and makes his way up to his bedroom. Hearing a sound from the closet, he makes his way over, bracing for whoever is lurking behind the door. The last thing he expected to see was a naked man, bent over with a dildo in his ass, and yet, that’s exactly how he finds Justin Owen. Justin, obviously embarrassed, tries to play it off, but Bridger isn’t hearing it, grabbing Justin and throwing him on the bed. …

NextDoorWorld: NextDoor Homemade (Vinny Blackwood, Chase Klein)


Data Released: Dec 13, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: NextDoor Homemade: Vinny Blackwood, Chase Klein)

This tape comes to us from a handsome and horny dude named Vinny Blackwood. Vinny recently has been hooking up with a very sexy guy named Chase Klein, whom he met through a good friend and long-time bartender at his favorite, hometown watering hole. Apparently, Vinny has been eager to video tape his own homemade sex scene for a while, but hadn’t quite found the right partner…until now! …

NextDoorWorld: Earned Hours (Dante Martin, Scott Demarco, Lance Ford)


Data Released: Dec 9, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Earned Hours: Dante Martin, Scott Demarco, Lance Ford)

Sitting around eating their lunch, Scott Demarco and Dante Martin hatch a plan to get a little mid-day action brewing. Horny as all hell, Scott asks Dante to line up a meeting with the cute boy from massage class, and together, they figure out a strategy to see if Lance Ford is willing and able. When Lance comes over, Dante suggests that they work on getting in some of their credit hours for school, and so Lance begins to massage Dante as Scott joins him in a four handed massage. …

NextDoorWorld: Love Drunk (Gabriel Cross, Jay Austin)


Data Released: Dec 2, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Love Drunk (Gabriel Cross, Jay Austin)

Waking up from a drunken night of partying, Jay Austin finds boyfriend Gabriel Cross a few steps ahead of him, feeling frisky and already going after what he wants. As he opens his eyes, Gabriel is already working on his cock, sucking him off in his sleep and rubbing Jay’s chest. Jay comes to and immediately begins fingering Gabriel’s hole. …

NextDoorWorld: Next Door Homemade (Austin Kado, Alex F) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 29, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Next Door Homemade: Austin Kado, Alex F)

We’ve been simply giddy over this video we received from a hot young dude named Austin Kado. It seems Austin has a knack for convincing guys to get naked and fuck on camera for their first time. Austin has coaxed a handsome friend named Alex to join him this time.We get a brief introduction from Austin before he leans over and passionately kissed Alex. Pants come off and Austin takes Alex’s cock in his mouth for a sensuous servicing. After some good sucking, they switch so Alex can taste Austin’s swollen dick. …

NextDoorWorld: The Piano Teacher (Jake Davis, Alex Mecum)


Data Released: Nov 25, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: The Piano Teacher: Jake Davis, Alex Mecum)

As a student, Jake Davis definitely has potential on the piano. His desire and focus both are apparent, but instructor Alex Mecum thinks what’s missing is the feeling. Jake doesn’t seem to really understand what Alex is talking about, so Alex ‘s tutoring is required in other areas of Jake’s life. Unsure of how he’ll be recieved, Alex tries to keep it professional, but Jake is determined to acquire the experience needed to round into form, so he asks Alex to show him the way. …

NextDoorWorld: Sleepy Hands (Austin Everett, Mikey Junior)


Data Released: Nov 18, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Sleepy Hands: Austin Everett, Mikey Junior)

After a night of good company and a few drinks, Mikey Junior decides to sleep over instead of driving home. Austin Everett has no problem with this arrangement, but come morning time, Austin stirs awake to find Mikey’s hands down his pants. Maybe it was the wine or maybe Mikey has been keeping a secret, but whatever the reason, Austin can definitely feel Mikey’s hard on pressing against his back through Mikey’s underwear, but when he rolls over and laughs it off, Mikey is suddenly indignant and confused, adamant that he didn’t mean it. …

NextDoorWorld: Let Me Hold It (Michael DelRay, Dakota Young)


Data Released: Nov 11, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Let Me Hold It: Michael DelRay, Dakota Young)

Infringing upon his roommate’s privacy, Michael Del Ray has helped himself to try out Dakota Young’s newest Fleshjack, and by the looks of it, he’s getting a lot of satisfaction from his impromptu demo, so much so that he doesn’t notice when Dakota re-enters the room. Busted, Michael shows no remorse, telling Dakota he’s made a wise purchase, slipping it off his cock to hand back to it’s rightful owner. Dakota is trying his best to get angry but the sight of Michael’s huge cock has him distracted. …

NextDoorWorld: The Exchange Student (Brandon Moore, Jack Hunter, Sasha Alexander)


Data Released: Nov 4, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: The Exchange Student: Brandon Moore, Jack Hunter, Sasha Alexander)

With their parents gone, step-brothers Jack Hunter and Brandon Moore come home to discover that someone left some pretty raunchy porn on the screen. Confused, the brothers search the house and find no one, but quickly shift focus to the quality of the porn. Both guys agree it’s pretty hot, and it doesn’t take much to get these two in the mood. Assuming they are alone in the house, Brandon and Jack begin to make out, stripping out of their clothes as Brandon begins to suck Jack off. …

NextDoorWorld: Bros Who Blow (Markie More, Paul Canon)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: Bros Who Blow: Markie More, Paul Canon)

Buddies Markie More and Paul Canon are mostly inseparable. Where you find one, you will most likely find the other, whether you are in the gym, out in the park, shopping, or out at the club. As roommates, they share a lot of mutual interests and generally enjoy each other’s company and support, so it makes a lot of sense that their fondness for each other would extend to extra-curricular activities in the bedroom. …


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