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NextDoorStudios: Room Service (Quentin Gainz, Chris Blades)


Data Released: Jun 23, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Room Service: Quentin Gainz, Chris Blades)

As concierge at the hotel, it is a priority for Chris Blades that his guests are satisfied with their stay, but sometimes the pursuit of customer satisfaction requires that he go the extra mile for them. As he knocks on the door to room 501, Chris is unsure what Quentin Gainz will request of him, but he quickly finds out it isn’t extra towels when Quentin runs his hand down the front of Chris’ pants. …

NextDoorStudios: First Time Friends (James Huntsman, Jordan Boss)


Data Released: Jun 9, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: First Time Friends: James Huntsman, Jordan Boss)

As they sun by the pool, James Huntsman asks his friend Jordan Boss what’s up with him and his girl. Jordan brushes off the questions with a flip of his wrist, and James tells Jordan he suspects that he isn’t into women at all. Jordan mildly protests but James persists, asking him if he’s ever thought about being with a guy. …

NextDoorStudios: Teacher’s Pet (Dakota Young, Mike Stone)


Data Released: Jun 2, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Teacher’s Pet: Dakota Young, Mike Stone)

Dakota Young has found his way into a funk, and his teacher Mike Stone has noticed. Mr. Stone has offered to help his student with some one on one tutoring, but despite the extra attention, Dakota confesses that he just can’t seem to focus. He tells Mr. Stone that he’s too distracted by that, looking down at the bulge in Mr. …

NextDoorStudios: Raking In The Dough (Lance Ford, Chris Blades)


Data Released: May 4, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Raking In The Dough: Lance Ford, Chris Blades)

Watching the hired hand do his handiwork around the bushes, Lance Ford has another area that needs Chris Blades’ attention. Rather than approaching the gardener with an awkward pitch, Lance decides to subtley bate Chris with the lure of cold hard cash. Chris takes the bait and follows its lead to Lance’s bedroom, where he finds Lance already laying in bed, shirt off, ready to pounce. …

NextDoorStudios: Caught On Camera (Quentin Gainz, Ty Thomas) (Bareback)


Data Released: May 2, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Caught On Camera: Quentin Gainz, Ty Thomas)

With the rest of the crew on lunch break, Ty Thomas and his buddy find Quentin Gainz taking a little ‘personal time’ in the back of the warehouse break room. Flogging the knob right out in the open, Ty assumes Quentin won’t mind the company so he and his friend decide to see if they can film it without him knowing. …

NextDoorStudios: Next Door Homemade (John Finch, Rick Michaels) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 18, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Next Door Homemade: John Finch, Rick Michaels)

Rick has invited a new friend over to film some hot porn with. John’s never been filmed but Rick is one of his best friends and was willing to try something new. John says hello to the camera and they start making out. John is excited to see what he looks like sucking cock so he doesn’t waste any time sucking on Rick’s dick. …

NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx: Surprise!, Episode 3 (Dean Phoenix, Quentin Gainz)


Data Released: Apr 14, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx: Surprise!, Episode 3: Dean Phoenix, Quentin Gainz)

The drama continues as Mark Long and Markie More face troubling times in their friendship following Markie’s steamy encounter with Mark’s ex, Ty. While the tensions rise, Mark discovers that his over-sexed Captain American neighbor is actually his hot trainer he has been lusting for and finds himself in an opportune moment when Jimmy Clay invites him to explore the wild side with him as his girlfriend watches. …

NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx, Episode 2: Noises Off (Markie More, Ty Thomas)


Data Released: Apr 7, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx, Episode 2: Noises Off: Markie More, Ty Thomas)

Quentin is finding it hard to work on his career in acting due to the lack of respect his straight roommate Jimmy shows. Even if tolerating it solves his rent issues, the sound of the straight couple fucking all the time is more than he can bare. Quentin finds himself at the mercy of his friend Ty Thomas who seems to be facing troubling times as well with his struggle to find his own sexuality and what he wants out of life. …

NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx Episode 1: Daydreams and Tech (Jimmy Clay, Mark Long)


Data Released: Mar 31, 2017 (NextDoorStudios: Straight Chexxx Episode 1: Daydreams and Tech: Jimmy Clay, Mark Long)

Mark Long has just moved into a new apartment with some interesting neighbors. His best friend, Markie More, who in experiencing some tough times helps him move in and is occupying Mark’s couch while he is working on getting back on his feet. Luckily, there is a trade out considering the one thing that Markie does have to offer is a car which comes in handy when Mark needs a ride to his first training session at the gym with Jimmy Clay. …

NextDoorStudios: Men’s Room Rookie


Data Released: 2016

Cast: Bam Bam, Brandon Lewis, Chris Noxx, Dominic Reed, Fernando Del Rio, Greg Jamison, Krave Moore, Lucas Knight, Orlando Fox, Osiris Blade.
Having your first bathroom sex experience gives a whole new meaning to the term “toilet training”! For every gloryhole guru out there, there’s a men’s room rookie who hasn’t yet taken the leap. Whether they’re shy, in the closet, or just never thought about it before, these newbies need someone to teach them the ropes of gettin’ it on at the public porcelain. Lucky for them, there’s usually a hot hung local lurking nearby any seedy bathroom who’d be happy to lend a hand (and a hole) to a stranger in need.


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