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NextDoorRaw: Markie More, Johnny Hill (Urgent Urges) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Markie More, Johnny Hill: Urgent Urges

Data Released: Jun 27, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Markie More, Johnny Hill: Urgent Urges)

When buddy Johnny Hill busts into his place begging for help, the last thing Markie More expects is for Johnny to ask to get fucked, but for whatever reason, that’s the case, and now Markie is faced with the prospect of acting on an urge he’s harbored for quite some time. He’s secretly wanted to show Johnny the ropes, but was always convinced his straight friend would never come around. …

NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter (Cum Shower) (Flip Fuck Raw)

NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter: Cum Shower

Data Released: Jun 20, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Julian Grey, Blake Hunter: Cum Shower)

As Blake Hunter showers himself off, he doesn’t realize his front door has blown open from the wind. Nosy neighbor Julian Grey sees the open door and thinks something might be wrong, so he takes it upon himself to check on Blake. When he finds him naked in the shower, Blake is shocked and covers himself up, telling Julian that everything is fine. But as Julian moves closer and closer, Blake realizes Julian didn’t just drop by to check up on him. Julian reaches out and kisses Blake, pulling him in closer, as Blake slips his hand inside Julian’s waistline, running his fingers over the bulge in Julian’s pants. They make their way to Blake’s bedroom and Julian kisses his way down Blake’s body, wrapping his lips around Blake’s cock as he lay on his stomach and spreads his legs. …

NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias (Pipe Cleaner) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias: Pipe Cleaner

Data Released: Jun 16, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Dante Martin, Mathias: Pipe Cleaner)

To say that Mathias is an uncooperative roommate would be an understatement, as Dante Martin is just now realizing. Trying to clean for his party later that evening, Dante doesn’t mind that Mathias isn’t really helping, but it seems like he’s going out of his way get in the way, and Dante wonders what the fuck Mathias’ problem is. Turns out, Mathias doesn’t want to wait to party, and when he looks him deep in the eyes, suddenly Dante realizes what’s really on Mathias’ mind. He pulls him in closer and the two of them kiss, as they both hurry out of their clothes. Mathias shoves Dante to his knees and feeds him his cock, as Dante deep throats it and strokes himself off. …

NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin (Cocks and Crunches) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin: Cocks and Crunches

Data Released: Jun 13, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Charlie Pattinson, Blaze Austin: Cocks and Crunches)

The progress Blaze Austin has made with trainer Charlie Pattinson has Charlie admitting a bittersweet truth to himself. On the down side, he realizes Blaze doesn’t really need him as a trainer much longer. On the plus side, Charlie finally feels free to pursue Blaze in a way that isn’t so professional. He tells Blaze the news and Blaze agrees that they should stop training and start fucking… immediately.


NextDoorRaw: Spencer Laval Fucks Connor Halstead (Big Feet) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Spencer Laval Fucks Connor Halstead: Big Feet

Data Released: Jun 9, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Spencer Laval Fucks Connor Halstead: Big Feet)

As Connor Halsted gives Spencer Laval a foot rub, both of them begin to entertain similar thoughts. Spencer wonders if Connor’s talents for touch apply to other parts of the body, and Connor wonders if it’s true what they say about guys with big feet. If Spencer’s half as big as Connor imagines, it will be worth the effort of making a pass. He reaches the bulge in Spencer’s pants and rubs his package gently. Spencer doesn’t jump back, which tells Connor everything he needs to know to go further. He tells Spencer to let him focus on the area that has the most tension, and Spencer decides Connor knows what he’s doing, so he consents. Connor immediately shows Spencer what a wise choice it was, as he kisses his way down to Spencer’s dick, pulling it out and downing it in one swallow. …

NextDoorRaw: Johnny B, Ty Derrick (First Time Pairings) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Johnny B, Ty Derrick: First Time Pairings

Data Released: Jun 2, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Johnny B, Ty Derrick: First Time Pairings)

With a pair of newbies matched together, the action is unscripted and without a net, as studly Johnny B looks to have his way with long-legged Ty Derrick. Both guys push their boundaries on screen, as they take turns giving each other head, but the action ramps up when Johnny bends Ty over and begins to eat his ass. Suddenly and unexpectedly turned on, Johnny’s dick gets rock hard and he can wait no longer to stick in something. Luckily, Ty proves to be an eager and willing partner, and he lets Johnny fuck him any way he wants. Johnny gives it Ty raw and rough, fucking the cum out of him in doggy before drenching him with a nice facial. As Ty cleans up every last drop, the two of them rub each other down and realize this won’t be the last time either of them is in this position.


NextDoorRaw: Lance Ford, Princeton Price (Locked and Cocked) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Lance Ford, Princeton Price: Locked and Cocked

Data Released: May 30, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Lance Ford, Princeton Price: Locked and Cocked)

As he exits his ride, passenger Gunner is reminded by his driver, Princeton Price, that this isn’t their first encounter. Finding himself locked out of his car yet again, Lance Ford really doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Princeton Price just happens to be wandering by, and offers Lance some help. Making their way up to Princeton’s place, Princeton confesses that he can’t find the shimmy he thought he had to unlock his car, but he tells Lance he’s welcome to wait here while he figures out what to do. Lance wonders what the two of them could do in the meantime, but Princeton seems to be one step ahead of them, as he embraces Lance and pulls him in closer. …

NextDoorRaw: Carter Woods, Jacob Peterson (Catch A Dude) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Carter Woods, Jacob Peterson: Catch A Dude

Data Released: May 26, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Carter Woods, Jacob Peterson: Catch A Dude)

Carter Woods was just minding his business walking down the street when he notices a stranger spying on him from up above. Perched high on his balcony, Jacob Peterson’s wandering eye has found the object of its affection. When Carter returns the glance and the two of them make eye contact, with a look, Jacob invites Carter to join him upstairs.


NextDoorRaw: Mathias Fucks Luke Reed (Lunchbreak Hookup)(Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Mathias Fucks Luke Reed: Lunchbreak Hookup

Data Released: May 19, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Mathias Fucks Luke Reed: Lunchbreak Hookup)

With a knock on the door, Luke Reed smiles and hurries to answer, finding his recurring hookup, Mathias, eagerly waiting at the door. Luke tells him his sister is upstairs and asks if they can go into the garage. Mathias doesn’t care where they do it as long as they get to it. Luke understands Mathias is on break from work, so he gets right to business, sucking Mathias’ cock until it’s throbbing hard. Mathias leans Luke up against the car and begins to finger his ass, before replacing it with his hard dick, sliding it into Luke’s tight hole before proceeding to pound him up against the car. Luke holds onto the rearview mirror as Mathias works him from behind. Mathias is rock hard at the site of Luke’s perfect, young ass, and he lets Luke have control as he sits down to let him take a ride. Luke strokes his cock as he bounces on Mathias’ cock. …

NextDoorRaw: Mark Long and Donte Thick Fuck Each Other Raw (Shower Games)

NextDoorRaw: Mark Long and Donte Thick Fuck Each Other Raw: Shower Games

Data Released: May 16, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Mark Long and Donte Thick Fuck Each Other Raw: Shower Games)

With roomie Mark Long taking a shower, Donte Thick decides now is the perfect time to make his move. Stealing his towel, Donte creeps around the corner and waits, as Mark comes out of the shower, bewildered, but naked and dripping wet. Donte confesses that he stole Mark’s towel but tells him he had a reason. Mark asks him what is the reason is as he dries his face. Donte falls to his knees and quickly deep throats Mark’s giant cock. Mark’s eyes widen as he says ‘Oh,’ and Donte takes this as confirmation to keep going. He sucks Mark off until he’s nice and hard, then is surprised when Mark throws him back up onto the bed and returns the favor. It seems Mark’s been harboring the same urges for Donte, and as he plunges his rock hard cock deep into Donte’s raw hole, he fulfill’s a fantasy for both of them. …


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