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NextDoorOriginals: Derek Wulf, Jay Dymel (Remotely Turned On) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Derek Wulf, Jay Dymel: Remotely Turned On

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Derek Wulf, Jay Dymel: Remotely Turned On)

With only one big tv in the living room and two different shows, it sure seems like roomies Derek Wulf and Jay Dymel are in need of a compromise. Derek isn’t about to just let Jay take over the living room, but Jay is pretty intent on watching his program. Derek asks Jay what he’s gonna do for him, and Jay hesitates, unsure if Derek is serious. Derek tells him it’s been a while and asks him how he feels about servicing him in the meantime. Jay assumes Derek is full of shit, grabbing the remote from him as Derek pops up and wrestles with Jay to get it back. Jay plays keep away but Derek is more interested in something else, and when Jay looks up at him, Derek bends down and kisses him hard on the lips. ….

NextDoorOriginals: Chris Blades, Charlie Pattinson (The Faker) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Chris Blades, Charlie Pattinson: The Faker

Data Released: Mar 9, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Chris Blades, Charlie Pattinson: The Faker)

When Chris Blades comes home to find porn running in the living room, he realizes roomie Charlie Pattinson has been bullshitting him about being sick. He enters Charlie’s room to find him in bed pretending to be tired, but when he rouses Charlie’s covers and tells him to get up, he instead finds his roommate naked and ready for action. Chris asks Charlie if he needs a remedy for what’s ailing him, already working his way down Charlie’s body to his waistline. Looking Charlie in the eye, he takes the cock in front of him gently between hilips, giving his roommate slow head as Charlie gets hard inside his mouth. …

NextDoorOriginals: Johnny Riley, Blake Hunter (Pool Side Lovers) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Johnny Riley, Blake Hunter: Pool Side Lovers

Data Released: Feb 9, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Johnny Riley, Blake Hunter: Pool Side Lovers)

Playing by the pool and soaking up the sunshine is nice, but Johnny Riley & Blake Hunter are looking for an activity that’s a little more hands on, so they get out of the water and get into each other. First, Johnny shows Blake how adept he is with a cock in his mouth, then they move on to see how well he does with one in his ass. If you ask Blake, Johnny gets high marks in both areas, as Blake shoves his rock hard cock deep inside Johnny’s hole. Blake fucks him raw missionary before flipping Johnny over and stuffing him reverse cowboy style. Johnny strokes his dick as Blake continues to pound, pushing him onto his hands and knees as Blake proceeds to fuck him doggy style. He pulls out and blasts Johnny’s back, then flips him over and sucks the nut out of him. Johnny gives him a massive facial as the sunlight begins to fade outside, with just enough time for one last post-coital splashdown.


NextDoorOriginals: Jacob Peterson, Zay Hardy (Sex In The Sister’s Room) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Jacob Peterson, Zay Hardy: Sex In The Sister's Room

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Jacob Peterson, Zay Hardy: Sex In The Sister’s Room)

With his sister’s boyfriend showering in the bathroom, freshly single Jacob Peterson sneaks a peek thru his clothes, fantasizing about that good dick his sister is getting. Boyfriend Zay catches him in the act, but rather than be freaked out by it, he’s flattered, telling Jacob he knows someone who might want to hook up, provided Jacob can keep a secret. Jacob assures him he can, and Zay immediately whips off his towel, revealing his hard cock. Jacob seems confused, but he quickly figures out what Zay is talking about as Zay guides his head down to suck his cock. Jacob does as prompted, getting Zay nice and hard with his mouth before mounting him on his sister’s bed. …

NextDoorOriginals: Leo Luckett, Zay Hardy (Magic Stone) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Leo Luckett, Zay Hardy: Magic Stone

Data Released: Jan 19, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Leo Luckett, Zay Hardy: Magic Stone)

Zay Hardy has got something Leo Luckett might be very interested in obtaining for himself, and once he reveals it, Leo is certainly interested in seeing what it does. Leo checks out the precious ‘magical’ stone, which Zay assures him will give the possessor the power to have anyone he or she wants. Leo is skeptical until he puts his hands on the stone and feels Zay’s hands on his shoulders. Looking up at him, he realizes that maybe the stone does have magical powers after all, as Zay stands up and begins to unzip his pants. …

NextDoorOriginals: Dalton Riley, Gunner (Wrong Dude) (Flip Fuck Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Dalton Riley, Gunner: Wrong Dude

Data Released: Jan 12, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Dalton Riley, Gunner: Wrong Dude)

With a knock at the door, Dalton Riley is ready for action. Journeyman Gunner, answering an ad for day labor, just happened to knock on the wrong door at the right time, so when he shows up looking hot and rugged, Dalton just assumes he’s the escort he called. Gunner seems confused when Dalton whips his cock out, but takes one look at Dalton’s impressive member and decides he can still be of service here. Immediately he falls to his knees and begins to work Dalton’s cock with his mouth, as Dalton goes from semi-chub to full on diamond cutting hard on in no time. Flipping the script, he services Gunner before flipping him over and tonguing his hole. …

NextDoorOriginals: Grayson Lange, Johnny Hill, Chad Piper (Don’t Tell My Brother, Part 2: He Already Knows) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Grayson Lange, Johnny Hill, Chad Piper: Don't Tell My Brother

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (NextDoorOriginals: Grayson Lange, Johnny Hill, Chad Piper: Don’t Tell My Brother)

Now that Grayson Lange and his brother’s friend, Johnny Hill, have hooked up, Johnny is back for more. This time Grayson is the hesitant one, as Johnny tries to initiate with him while he sits in the living room. Grayson is nervous because his step-brother, Chad Piper, is in the next room, but Johnny assures him Chad wouldn’t care. In fact, Johnny thinks Chad might be into it. Grayson is skeptical so Johnny tells him to ask Chad himself, as Grayson turns and finds his step-brother standing there, cock in hand, ready for action. Grayson Lange laughs and then shrugs, thinking why not. He quickly bends over and begins to suck Chad off, while Johnny tongues his hole and shoves a finger deep inside. …

NextDoorOriginals: Allen Lucas, Ty Thomas (Touchy Therapist) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Allen Lucas, Ty Thomas: Touchy Therapist

Data Released: Dec 29, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Allen Lucas, Ty Thomas: Touchy Therapist)

As Allen Lucas confesses his concerns to therapist Ty Thomas, he breaches the subject of infidelity, and Ty quickly assumes Allen is entertaining thoughts about cheating on his fiance with another woman. When Allen confesses that he’s actually fantasizing about other men, Ty’s interest perks up, and when Allen tells him he doesn’t even know another man to confide in, Ty assures Allen that he’s not alone, and that there are plenty of other men out there for him to share this secret with. Placing his hand on Allen’s thigh and inching closer to Allen’s crotch, Ty lets Allen know he’ll keep his secret. …

NextDoorOriginals: Cameron Dalile, Eric Turner (You Mean More Than Her) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Cameron Dalile, Eric Turner: You Mean More Than Her

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Cameron Dalile, Eric Turner: You Mean More Than Her)

As Cameron Dalile washes up in the restroom, he hears a sound from the front of the house and suddenly realizes the shit has hit the fan. Hurrying back to the bedroom, he informs a naked Eric Turner that his girlfriend is home. Eric is confused and Cameron is pissed, since Eric had assured Cameron he was breaking up with his girl. Eric tells him he thinks his girlfriend is crazy, and asks for more time. Cameron tells him he’s out of time, and Eric scrambles to rescue the situation, telling Cameron he’ll do anything if he’ll just keep it cool. …

NextDoorOriginals: Logan Cross, Chad Piper (You Fucked My Brother) (Bareback)

NextDoorOriginals: Logan Cross, Chad Piper: You Fucked My Brother

Data Released: Dec 15, 2017 (NextDoorOriginals: Logan Cross, Chad Piper: You Fucked My Brother)

Logan Cross has a juicy little secret that he fully intends to exploit for his own ends. Chad Piper is the unknowing mark, but he’s not so innocent. Turns out Chad’s been secretly dipping his wick in Logan’s brother, and now that Logan has found out, he wants a little taste of Chad’s infamous pipe. Confronted with this reality, Chad has no choice but to show Logan what he’s been missing, and the two of them make their way back to Chad’s bone room, where he quickly unleashes a cock worth scheming over. Logan discovers what all the fuss is about, downing Chad’s dick and gagging on such a mouthful. …


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