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NakedSword: Roman Todd, Seth Knight (Pool Mates)

NakedSword: Roman Todd, Seth Knight: Pool Mates

Data Released: Jan 31, 2018 (NakedSword: Roman Todd, Seth Knight: Pool Mates)

Wow! There’s no denying the sexual attraction between Roman Todd and Seth Knight. Seth can barely contain himself under water or poolside when Todd takes a chair and kicks back for some legit cock worship. He begs Roman to fuck his face then bends over to offer up his perfect tight hole. Roman can’t control himself around Seth’s delicious ass. To call it a rim job is an understatement… this is a legendary ass buffet. Seth mounts Roman and rides his dick until he blows then goes back down on Roman’s cock to eat his creamy white load.


NakedSword: Arad Winwin, Brad Payton (Pool Mates, Scene 2)

NakedSword: Arad Winwin, Brad Payton: Pool Mates, Scene 2

Data Released: Jan 17, 2018 (NakedSword: Arad Winwin, Brad Payton: Pool Mates, Scene 2)

Arad Winwin calls up his favorite boy toy, Brad Payton and entices him with a swim. It’s not long before Brad is enticed by the bulge growing in Arad’s speedo. Brad blows him then climbs out of the pool so Arad can eat his hot, tight pink hole. The deep-tongue rim job turns into a sweaty fuck. Brad shoots his load then sits up so he can swallow Arad’s jizz. Overheated and spent, they both melt back into the water to cool off.


NakedSword: Roman Todd, Gabriel Alanzo (Pool Mates)

NakedSword: Roman Todd, Gabriel Alanzo: Pool Mates

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (NakedSword: Roman Todd, Gabriel Alanzo: Pool Mates)

What do you do when it’s 100 degrees and your fuck buddy is even hotter? You strip down and dive in head first for a non-stop suck and fuck session poolside under the blazing sun. Get wet and get off with Pool Mates. When Roman Todd asks Gabriel Alanzo is eager to oblige. His expert cock-sucking skills almost get Roman off but Gabriel has other plans for his buddy’s rock-hard meat; he wants his hole plowed. Roman slams his ass from all sides then pulls out and fills Gabriel’s mouth with his hot white cum. When you hear Roman call Gabriel “Baby” you’ll blow your load too.


NakedSword: JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan (Loving Brent Corrigan, Episode 2) (Bareback)

NakedSword: JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan: Loving Brent Corrigan

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (NakedSword: JJ Knight, Brent Corrigan: Loving Brent Corrigan, Episode 2)

Working out with Brent Corrigan is even hotter than you imagined when he strips naked puts downtime weights to give your cock some attention. When he suggests you head out to the pool for a swim you follow so you can admire his muscular physique while he dries off. Unable to ignore your bulging swimsuit Brent goes down on your giant cock and makes you hard as a rock so you can fuck his tight hole until you both blow thick loads. There’s no better way to spend your day Loving Brent Corrigan!


NakedSword: Colton Grey, Dani Robles, Denis Vega, Johnny V, Theo Ford (Paris Perfect)

NakedSword: Colton Grey, Dani Robles, Denis Vega, Johnny V, Theo Ford: Paris Perfect

Data Released: Dec 13, 2017 (NakedSword: Colton Grey, Dani Robles, Denis Vega, Johnny V, Theo Ford: Paris Perfect)

Johnny V and Theo Ford return to the house and the case of the mistaken identity is solved but the 24-hour debt is due. Johnny and Colton Grey offer to pay up but Theo Ford explains it’s not money the Spaniards are after. In order to settle the debt, Dani Robles and Denis Vega must fuck Mr. Ferrand’s tight virgin hole – and it must be filmed. When Ferrand flatly refuses all eyes turn to his doppelganger, Colton. Ready for anything Colton and Johnny are all in! Passionate tongues dive down hungry throats as clothes fly off revealing chiseled, muscular bodies, perfect round asses, and giant rock hard cocks. …

NakedSword: Colton Grey, Gabriel Cross (Paris Perfect)

NakedSword: Colton Grey, Gabriel Cross: Paris Perfect

Data Released: Dec 6, 2017 (NakedSword: Colton Grey, Gabriel Cross: Paris Perfect)

Colton Grey falls into a troubled sleep. As his lovely dreams of Paris turn into a violent nightmare, Johnny V. is still lost and about to give up hope. As the sun sets on the Eiffel Tower Johnny meets a beautiful American tourist and borrows her phone. The call wakes Colton with a jolt but he’s relieved to hear from his best friend. Colton gives Johnny the address to the Penthouse when he suddenly realizes someone is standing over him, watching. …

NakedSword: Dani Robles, Theo Ford (Paris Perfect)

NakedSword: Dani Robles, Theo Ford

Data Released: Nov 29, 2017 (NakedSword: Dani Robles, Theo Ford: Paris Perfect)

As if being forced to eat escargot, “Mr. Ferrand’s Favorite” wasn’t bad enough, Colton Grey’s charade takes a turn for the worst when a Spanish hitman (Dani Robles) turns up at the Penthouse. His threatening demands for payment on a debt are appeased by Theo Ford who takes Dani into the next room to buy some time. The downpayment includes heavy foot play, ass eating, cock sucking, and every inch of Theo’s thick, uncut cock, shoved up Dani’s tight ass. All of the aggressive fucking and noisy load eating creates such a ruckus, Colton is convinced that Theo is being worked over by the Spanish hitman. On his way out, the disheveled Valet Theo ominously warns that the debt must be repaid within 24 hours – or else! Unaware that his best friend’s phone has been stolen, Colton frantically calls Johnny V Where could he be? All is definitely NOT perfect in Paris!

NakedSword: Francois Sagat, Johnny V (Paris Perfect)

NakedSword: Francois Sagat, Johnny V

Data Released: Nov 22, 2017 (NakedSword: Francois Sagat, Johnny V: Paris Perfect)

Dumped and disillusioned with San Francisco, Colton Grey convinces his best friend Johnny V to join him on an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Fourteen hours later the young Americans land only to discover that the card Colton swiped from his Ex can’t be used to rent a hotel room. While Johnny cruises Grindr, Colton tries to figure out what to do next, and “voila” his problem is solved! A handsome Driver/Valet (Theo Ford) approaches Colton and addresses him as “Mr. Ferrand,” explaining that his limo is waiting to take them to his Penthouse. …

NakedSword: Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey (Paris Perfect)

NakedSword: Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey

Data Released: Nov 15, 2017 (NakedSword: Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey: Paris Perfect)

Fuck the rain in Spain. One cum shower from Trenton Ducati sent Colton Grey right off to Paris. And once he got there, he found everything “Paris Perfect”. It’s finally here. The much-ballyhooed premiere of “Paris Perfect” from NakedSword Originals in collaboration with PinkX hits the blue screen today and along with it, your first holiday gift of the season has arrived. As we said in our sneak peek last week, “Paris Perfect” is that rare sexual spectacle that transcends the boundaries of traditional porn by making your cock hard while other times, making you laugh even harder. …

NakedSword: Justin Brody, Viktor Belmont (The Devils Deal And Other Sordid Tales)

nakedsword gay

Data Released: Oct 25, 2017 (NakedSword: The Devil’s Deal And Other Sordid Tales: Casey Jacks, Ruckus XXX)



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