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MilitaryClassified – Brubaker-Davenport / Anal Group

Brubaker-Davenport at Military Classified


Data Released: Mar 13, 2015

Today I’m excited about the return of these two studs Brubaker and Davenport because today these guys switch it up a little and ended up doing a few things that were out of the ordinary. Watch as these two cocky str8 boys involve the fleshlight, hand jobs, blow jobs, and fucking to make a movie that is pure lustful sex. In the end Davenport was true to fuck as the master top and delivers his infamous LOUD cum shots! This was a good day!


MilitaryClassified – August IV / Anal, Bareback

August IV at Military Classified


Data Released: Mar 10, 2015

Today I’ve brought back a straight civilian stud we’ve seen here at MC in the past! He’s tall, lean, smooth, 7 inches of juicy cock, and his name is AUGUST! August contacted me a couple of weeks ago and at 21 he’s been trying to make a go at life but needs some financial help today so I said why not… Today August came back to do what he does best.. fuck like a jack rabbit only this time… bareback! Check out this scene today because I think its Augusts’ best!


MilitaryClassified – Remo2 / Anal, Bareback

Remo2 at Military Classified


Data Released: Mar 3, 2015

Today i’m re-introducing a model who graces my website about 4 years ago by the name of REMO. He was just getting out of the service then and now he’s in the real world but came under financial stress again so he called up ole Rob! The last time he was here I gave him the BJ of his life so today I’m making him cross the line and bend my ass over and fuck me properly like he should have done 4 years ago!


MilitaryClassified – TJ & Conner / Anal Group

TJ & Conner at Military Classified


Data Released: Mar 1, 2015

Today is a special day because I’ve managed to pull off the best combo duo that do major damage on Rob’s ass today. 10 inch Ana-Conner is back and he’s teamed up with our very favorite TJ in a fuck, suck, lick and swallow session that has everyone doing something different. Watch as these two straight boys give Rob a run for his money and fuck his brown ass silly and blow nuts that surprised even them! Check it out!


MilitaryClassified – Nevada 5 – Anal

Nevada 5 – Anal at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 24, 2015

Nevada contacted me recently wanting to know if there was any way he could make money. I know when I hear this question, it always opens up the idea that I could control what he would do for the money since he is in dire need of it. I negotiated a fuck in the garage over the dryer and Nevada was satisfied to the point that he come over today and delivered on a pounding he hasn’t given Rob since he met him… check it out!


MilitaryClassified – Bobby 10 – Anal

Bobby 10 at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 20, 2015

Today is a special release because I’ve brought back Bobby for a special performance and this has to be one of his finest shoots to date! There wasn’t much said and definitely not the typical shoot you see here at militaryclassified but Bobby’s performance as the master Top shines brighter than it ever has before. Watch as Bobby reigns down on Rob’s ass with a flurry of poundings in positions that make you scratch your head. This is truly a classic for all you Bobby lovers!


MilitaryClassified – Brubaker-Thalius Anal Group

Brubaker & Thalius at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Today I’m really excited because I have been trying to get these two guys together to shoot a scene but could never schedule them, their both very busy now! Ha! Regardless I did and today Brubaker and Thalius will team up to go a little ‘gay for pay’ and stroke each other’s cock, get their dick’s sucked by a gay dude (me) and finally watch Brubaker lose the bet and get bent over by Thalius and fucked him in many positions before making Brubaker nut and Thalius nut all over Brubaker’s face. Lovely!


MilitaryClassified – Conner II Anal

Conner II at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 10, 2015

Today I’m bringing back a very hot straight stud I met recently that has become a hit on the website… yep.. 10 inch ANA-CONNER! You watched how Rob managed to handle that massive python but today watch as Rob maneuvers his ass all over Conner’s 10 inch dong and in some cases I literally scream! Holy Shit batman! This one is a true 10 inches and knows how to fuck with it also! Check it out!


MilitaryClassified – Layton 2, Bareback

Layton 2 at Military Classified


Data Released: Feb 6, 2015

Layton is back and i’m sure you all remember his first visit and the BJ that I got a chance to give this corn fed all American Marine 6’2″ stud. He contacted me recently asking me to help him get out of a financial jam and I, being the negotiator that I am managed to talk him into bending me over this time and fucking a guy in the ass for the very first time in his life! He got a lot more than last time but it was worth every penny when you see how this straight Marine shows up just how straight men fuck!


MilitaryClassified – Jerrad II


Data Released: Jan 3, 2015

Today I’m bringing back a straight Latino stud that I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for recently so ask…. and you shall receive! Jerrad shot his first video recently and told me he had no interest in doing more work because he told me his chick was pregnant. Turns out she wasn’t and Jerrad hit me up and asked if he could do more work cause he needed the money. That’s all I had to hear before I negotiated my way onto Jerrad’s 8 inch uncut cock up my brown ass! check it out!



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