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MenOfMontreal: Teddy Torres, Rogue Status (Bareback)


Data Released: Mar 26, 2017 (MenOfMontreal: Teddy Torres, Rogue Status)


MenOfMontreal: Taming The Dog In Heat, Part 2 (Derek Thibeau, Alexy Tyler)

Data Released: Nov 6, 2015

Derek Thibeau is back and with a model he’d asked Marko to shoot with… Alexy Tyler. We all know how Alexy can be the intense and passionate fucker he is and to be sure, he was pretty excited when we told him that Derek wanted to get it on with him. We knew he’d be pleased since Derek can bang a pretty good ass. As Derek and Alexy are passionately kissing, Alexy starts to make his way down from Derek’s neck to his tattooed chest and abs, then darts for Derek’s huge 8.5 incher. Alexy also found Derek huge balls irresistible, which he sucked on and liked for the longest of times. Derek was definitely enjoying this attention. Derek asks Alexy if he can start playing with his ass. This was like asking a ten year old if he wanted to go on a roller coaster…

MenOfMontreal: Taking It One Step Further (Jimmy Dube, Matthew Parker)

Data Released: Oct 23, 2015

The guys were locking lips a bit and Matthew was getting Jimmy’s cock ready for a good servicing. Down went Matthew as Jimmy’s arousal levels climb more and more. Off-camera, Marko was testing Jimmy’s courage to plunge onto Matthew’s stiff boner. But today, it wasn’t meant to be. Jimmy still has to work his way up to it… but he was more than willing to stuff his stiff cock into Matthew’s tight butt hole, so on they went! First, Matthew decided to ride this sitting cowboy’s stiff boner. Then, after some more kissing, Matthew turned around to let his fucker pound his ass doggy-style. This was all Matthew needed to be brought close to his brink. He got up, laid his head back on Jimmy’s chest and sucked Jimmy close to coming. After that, just a little jacking off produced the most powerful and huge cum shot to grace the set of Men of Montreal since a while. Matthew was a happy camper and jacked himself off to the benefit of our fans. Welcome back Matthew!


MenOfMontreal: Working On His Bedside Manners (Emilio Calabria, Rian Fortin)

Data Released: Oct 9, 2015

Emilio Calabria and Rian Fortin pick up where they left off after jerking off side-by-side on the edge of the bed. Jacking off wasn’t going to do it for two horny studs sitting one next to the other with their hormones hitting the roof. So, Rian instructed Emilio to lie down on the bed, on his stomach. With his bubble butt pointing upwards, Emilio settled in for a stimulating back and butt massage. This is when Rian decided to start prying open those firm cheeks and reach for his partner’s puckered butt hole. He gradually go a finger inside and starting prepping Emilio for a good fucking. But, Rian had other thoughts. He wanted to get Emilio wide open before plunging his pulsating cock inside. So, out came an imposing dildo and up it went into Emilio’s hungry hole. …

MenOfMontreal: Kyle Takes A Pounding (Kyle Champagne, Derek Thibeau)

Data Released: Sep 22, 2015

Kyle moved those French lips of his onto Derek’s fat 9 incher and blew his partner, mentally preparing himself for the next move he was going to make. That was to settle into a missionary position to take his first pounding from our top man Derek. It should be said that Kyle did prep himself prior to shooting, using a dildo to open up. He was too nervous to take it all in from the get go. But Kyle showed just how good he takes dick as he was pounded deeply, to full tilt, by Bad Boy Derek. Derek took a break and also gave his partner’s ass a break when he pulled out and sat back on the couch. That was Kyle’s cue to move in to blow our tattooed dude some more. Once Derek and Kyle’s ass had caught their breath (lol), Derek mounted his bottom boy from behind and let loose, pounding him silly on the edge of the sofa. When Derek pulled out, he just shot his load all over Kyle’s ass. Kyle, amazed at taking Derek’s cock with such ease, turned and laid on his back to pound his dick until he shot his own wad of cum.


MenOfMontreal: Craving Eyes, Part 2 (Brandon Jones, Micke Stallone)

Data Released: Sep 8, 2015

Brandon just got back from the gym and is horny as hell. Micke walks out of the shower simply wrapped in a towel when the 2 of them come face-to-face in the kitchen. The guys stare and lock lips and when Brandon removes Micke’s towel a hard boner is waiting for his talented attention. Brandon pushes his newfound partner onto the bar stool and zooms right in for his buddy’s stiff prick. Brandon shed any intention of fucking his partner as he abandoned his own hole to Micke’s penetrating stick. He sets his bottom guy on the kitchen counter and sucks him, before darting for his ass, and delivering an awesome rimming. …

MenOfMontreal: Fucking Passionately (Dominic Pacifico, Samuel Stone)


Data Released: Aug 12, 2015


MenOfMontreal: Passage To Montreal (Samuel Stone, Darius Ferdynand)


Data Released: Aug 7, 2015

Darius Ferdynand has definitely taken a liking to this city’s biggest draw for tourists… its men! Last time he was in town, it was in the frosty month of February. As summer has now settled in, memories of those frigid days seem in but a distant memory. And this time, upon arrival, Darius hooked up with Marko Lebeau and they quickly set up a scene for this European stud with our cock-hungry versatile sex fiend, Samuel Stone. Darius, as always, in in fine form and looking as good as ever. He had told Marko that he was looking for a hard-core sex romp and we knew that Samuel would fit the bill nicely. …

MenOfMontreal: The Journey Part 2 (Gabriel Clark, Mike Stallone)


Data Released: Jul 31, 2015

French Canadians were long known for their staunch catholic upbringing. While the Church had a stiff control over Quebec society for many years, today Quebeckers have largely shed this heritage as they are among the most open-minded, tolerant and hedonistic society this side of Sodom. Yet, the Church can still exercise influence in strange ways… So it wasn’t surprising that Gabriel Clark, in his Journey of self- discovery, turned to his local priest to exorcise his bad behavior. As you will recall, in the first installment of Journey, Gabriel succumbed to his carnal desires and fucked his girlfriend’s brother when he popped by for a quick visit. …

MenOfMontreal: Sexual Tension (Brandon Jones, Pierre Fitch)


Data Released: Jul 24, 2015



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