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MenAtPlay: Hit The Roof (Robbie Rojo, Enzo Rimenez)

Data Released: Nov 27, 2015


MenAtPlay: 2 WET (Hector De Silva, Logan Moore)

Data Released: Nov 20, 2015

While the temperatures dip and the days get gloomy around much of the world, in Florida, the days are warm and sunny. Brock Hart and Steve King are naked and taking full advantage of the weather. Though, truth be told, it’s early morning and these two pigs have just come home after a night carousing at the local bars and clubs. Super charged and still way too horny to go to bed and get some sleep, tattooed and pierced Steve offers up his cock for Brock to suck. Steve is soon rimming Brock’s hungry ass and slides home, balls deep. After fucking the beefy hunk, it’s Steve’s turn to get pounded. Brock delivers a good pounding, shooting a hefty load all over Steve’s furry belly.


MenAtPlay: Gents (Matthew Anders, Dani Robles)

Data Released: Nov 6, 2015


MenAtPlay: Hands Tied (Robbie Rojo, Hector De Silva)

Data Released: Oct 2, 2015

Robbie Rojo seems to be gaining quite a reputation at work, after offering sexual favours to his boss Dallas Steele – and the rumour going round is that he’s an amazing fuck, and always horny for more! So when Hector asks him to swap one of his work shifts, Robbie plays hard ball and manipulates his handsome colleague to get exactly what he wants from him – except this time he wants him restraint so he can have his fill of Hectors thick, uncut cock. With Hector’s hands tied firmly behind his back, Robbie gets on his knees and helps himself to an endless serving of Spanish dick. Robbie just can’t get enough of it and by the look on Hectors face the rumours of his ‘oral skills’ were most definitely true. But what Hector wants to know if Robbie’s ass is as sweet as they say, and he unties himself dying to get his tongue deep in Robbie’s smooth hole, before fucking his young colleague to within an inch of his life!


MenAtPlay: Under The Hood (Emir Boscatto, Sergyyo)

Data Released: Sep 25, 2015


MenAtPlay: Manservant (Xavi Duran, Flex, Hector De Silva)

Data Released: Sep 11, 2015

What a beautiful piece of beef to put between a suited sandwich! The ever stunning Flex gets played like a rich playboy’s toy, as the obliging servant of Hector de Silva, in this weeks “MANSERVANT”. Handsome Spaniard Hector returns as the wealthy business man who likes to show off and conduct meetings in his hillside villa. When sexy young associate Xavi Duran notices the stunning new butler, half naked after having a relax in the pool on his day off, the two tycoons decide to have a little fun. …

MenAtPlay: Hands Free (Dallas Steele, Robbie Rojo)

Data Released: Sep 4, 2015

MENATPLAY goes Full Daddy-mode this week as bottom-boy Robbie Rojo gets a BIG dose of Silver Daddy Dallas Steele.
Dallas clearly calls the shots here, so when he’s feeling the horn all he has to do is snap his fingers and young Robbie will get on his knees. Unbeknownst to the customers in the shop Dallas is being deep-throated underneath the counter as he helps them out. Always the professional Dallas keeps a straight face as Robbie works on his rock-hard cock. But as soon as the customers walk out its no holds barred and Dallas pulls Robbie up from the floor an up on the shop counter to work his delicious, smooth hole with his massive tool. …

MenAtPlay: The Male Bond (Denis Vega, Emir Boscatto)

Data Released: Aug 28, 2015

MENATPLAY presents a Worldwide exclusive in the form of ex Big Brother contestant EMIR BOSCATTO who makes a leap into the world of Gay Porn. 33 year old Emir who came runner up in the 2011 Argentinian edition of the reality show, has been regular face on the celebrity scene in Latin America, appearing in a number of TV shows and gaining a huge following on twitter. But Emir being the hot blooded Latino that he is, has always had a desire to show his fans his other talents on camera. And for his big debut we have paired him up with none other than MENATPLAY star DENIS VEGA – and the result is a white-hot, muscle fest that’s sure to mark a turning point in Emir’s career. …

MenAtPlay: Malpractice (James Castle, Jose Quevedo)

Data Released: Aug 21, 2015

The hunks of Menatplay have been examined by their fair share of hot doctors. The waiting room just seems to be overflowing with willing patients and their dubious ailments. This week however, its not a doctor taking advantage of an accommodating convalescent, instead Dr. James Castle is working shifts on the hospital ward and it’s his colleague Dr Jose Quevedo that gets the full medical treatment. Under the charade of a well-meaning buddy massage, Dr James attempts to turn Jose in to putty in his hands! Maybe if he can just get Jose loosened up enough he can slip his sticky wet cock into that peachy Spanish rump. …

MenAtPlay: Rip Ride (Sam Barclay, Issac Jones)


Data Released: Aug 14, 2015



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