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MenAtPlay – Paco & Billy Santoro


Data Released: Mar 20, 2014

Indecent Behaviour: Paco, Billy Santoro

Billy Santoro is all suited up and ready to get very wet and filthy this week on Menatplay, as he breaks in Paco for his first hardcore scene… and boy does he break him in. Intent of getting some information out of Paco, Billy blindfolds and ties him to a chair, slaps him around a bit, spits on him and when that doesn’t work he takes out his dick to piss all over him and get his shiny grey suit completely soaked through and ruined. But clearly Billy has underestimated Paco as he barely even flinches, intact Paco just takes it in his mouth and gets off on the abuse. So Billy is forced to turn his sexual torture games up a notch and what follows is a no holds barred ass-breaking session. Warning extreme hardcore sleaze action!


MenAtPlay – Johnny Hazzard, Patrik


Data Released: Mar 14, 2014

Johnny Hazzard is back on MenAtPlay and he’s about to become the unsuspecting victim in a confrontation with a street kid. When Johnny finally discovers who’s behind all the graffiti in his apartment block, he decides to make a stand against the rough but sexy vandal. But instead Johnny ends up becoming the next victim of his spray can as he gets overpowered and pinned against the wall.


MenAtPlay – Paul Wagner & Darius Ferdynand


Data Released: Mar 7, 2014

Boss Been Bad: Paul Wagner, Darius Ferdynand

We saw him in misbehaving in BOY BEEN BAD now Bad Boy Darius Ferdynand is back, except this time he’s met his match in Hot Boss Paul Wagner. When Mr. Wagner confronts him about his dubious past, Darius just denies everything so Muscle Daddy Paul decides to teach him a much needed lesson. First he tells him to strip naked and play with his uncut dick and tasty ass as Paul watches stroking himself, then he orders him to get on his knees and service his hard dick. And to finish off Paul lifts Darius on the meeting table and gives his smooth, tight hole a hard pounding, which makes Darius scream with pleasure . And being the good bottom-boy that he is, Darius rides Paul’s thick dick until he shoots his load all over his Boss.


MenAtPlay – Landon Conrad & Rio


Data Released: Feb 20, 2014

Under Construction: Landon Conrad & Rio


MenAtPlay – Paco


Data Released: Feb 7, 2014


MenAtPlay – Dan Broughton & Paul Wagner


Data Released: Jan 24, 2014

Back On Site: Dan Broughton, Paul Wagner


MenAtPlay – Daton Foland & Landon Conrad


Data Released: Jan 17, 2014

Deliver Me To Temptation: Daton Foland, Landon Conrad


MenAtPlay – Dario Beck & Woody Fox


Data Released: Jan 3, 2014

Diary of a Fox: Wednesday.

It’s only mid week and already Mr Fox’s reputation has spread to the other side of town. Woody meets slick businessman Dario Beck in his high rise office under the impression he is there on real estate business. It soon becomes apparent to Woody that Dario mearly wants a piece of the action he’s heard so much about from his head of finance Justin Harris ( see Menatplays -’PureSuit’ ). After voicing the disclaimer “You do realise this suit of yours is going to get very messy!” Woody gives Dario the fucking of his life. …

MenAtPlay – Paul Wagner & Rogan Richards


Data Released: Dec 27, 2013

Tux Dup: Paul Wagner, Rogan Richards


MenAtPlay – Misha Dante & Marco Rubi


Data Released: Dec 13, 2013

Screen Test: Misha Dante, Marco Rubi


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