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MenAtPlay – Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer

Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

Free Ride: Robbie Rojo, Edu Boxer

Newcomer Robbie Rojo has run away from home and is heading to the big city, with dreams of making it big. But its a long and cold journey, that’s until a kind business man stops and offers him a ride. But things are not all that they seem as Edu soon makes its clear that he has other interests in the young 26 year old when he stops the car, unzips his suits trousers and takes out his hard dick. Robbie is faced with the choice of giving this man a blow job, or walking all the way back so it doesn’t seem like he has much choice, after all how hard can it be? Robbie takes his dick, and gives him a long, deep blow job that has Edu moaning with pleasure and to his surprise he loves the taste this man’s dick and the sticky pre-cum in his mouth. The heat between Edu and the boy steams up the car windows and he takes the young boy outside of the car where he can get his dirty way and give his cute, little ass a hard and deep Daddy-fucking. If he carries on this way, Im sure Robbie will make it very big in the city and on Menatplay!


MenAtPlay – Logan Moore & Isaac Eliad

Logan Moore & Isaac Eliad at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 20, 2015

UP4IT: Logan Moore, Isaac Eliad


MenAtPlay – Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford

Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

That’s The Way: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford


MenAtPlay – Theo Ford & Jonan Wolff

Theo Ford & Jonan Wolff at Men At Play


Data Released: Feb 27, 2015

Dr. Ford Examines Jonan Wolff: Theo Ford, Jonan Wolff


MenAtPlay – Dani Robles & Isaac Eliad

Dani Robles & Isaac Eliad at Men At Play


Data Released: Feb 20, 2015

Perfect Strangers: Dani Robles, Isaac Eliad


MenAtPlay – Logan Moore & Jalil Jafar

Logan Moore & Jalil Jafar in Sweet Deal at Men At Play


Data Released: Feb 13, 2015

Sweet Deal: Logan Moore, Jalil Jafar

Real estate agents can be young , cocky , well groomed pushy upstarts who will do anything to get their commission on a deal. Perfect! Oh sorry did you think I was highlighting the negatives? Well maybe in real life they’re a bit much, but all those arrogant qualities mean that the possibilities of a hot sexual encounter are greatly magnified and like all fantasies, the more possible the scenario the quicker the blood pumps between the thighs. Perfect case in point is our beautiful blue eyed Logan Moore, strutting around in his fancy shiny suit and obligatory sunglasses, showing pinstriped executive Jalil Jafar business properties for rent. …

MenAtPlay – Axel Brooks & Theo Ford

Axel Brooks & Theo Ford at Men At Play


Data Released: Feb 6, 2015

Mañana: Axel Brooks, Theo Ford

MenAtPlay – Ronnie Bonanova & Flex

Ronnie Bonanova & Flex in “The Cat’s Away” at Men At Play


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

The Cat’s Away: Ronnie Bonanova, Flex

Any resemblance to real persons in this movie, is purely coincidental,… unfortunately. But hey, we can all dream that a guy like Flex would ever be our house guest. Oiling his uber-stacked body under the Southern Spanish sunrays, you’d never want him to move his beautiful bubble butt right? Well you might if you got something to hide, like straight villa-owner Ronnie Bonanova. He’s got plenty to be anxious about, for one his soon to return wife is going to have a lot of uncomfortable questions about the unexpected guest, and then there’s the fact that his ragging hard on at the sight of Flex, is playing havoc with Ronnie’s best intentions to play the role of “I’m-straight-no-really-I-am” convincingly. Ronnie needs this evidence, this temptation, out of the way and quick. But self assured Flex ain’t going no where, not until he’s got that straight cock pushed between his butt cheeks sliding deep into his hole. While the Cat’s away you need to get playing. So Ronnie, you better drop em quick!


MenAtPlay – Malek Tobias & Jahil Jafar

Malek Tobias & Jahil Jafar at Men At Play


Data Released: Jan 23, 2015

From Behind: Malek Tobias, Jahil Jafar
Have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched? You’re sixth sense is telling you that gazing eyes are burning through the back of your skull? Lets be honest, if someone is eyeballing you, it’s usually for one reason – they wanna hump you. That’s the feeling young Malek Tobias gets when he’s clocking up a bit of overtime one evening in the company office. Fortunately for Malek that searing gaze comes from his, hot , hairy, hunk of a suited supervisor, Jahil Jafar. When Malek peers furtively over his shoulder at his boss it becomes apparent very quickly that Jahil is a man of few words and blatant actions. …

MenAtPlay – Ronnie Bonanova & Malek Tobias


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Thug: Ronnie Bonanova, Malek Tobias



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