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MenAtPlay: To Be Frank (Logan Moore & Frank Valencia)


Data Released: May 22, 2015

Good staff are hard to come by but Frank Valencia proves to have the perfect credentials for Mr Logan Moore’s very particular, personal needs. That he can drive is a taken, but Logan didn’t hire Frank for that skill alone. His handsome looks, his smooth slick hair, his dark olive skin, his Hispanic swagger, and that promise of something much more enticing beneath the chauffeurs suit were all deciding factors in employing his new driver. And Frank, being Frank, isn’t oblivious to the tension between himself and his boss, so when he finally gets the chance to get up close to Logan, Frank grabs the moment and makes a move on his beautiful young boss. …

MenAtPlay – Flex, Darius Ferdynand & Hugh Hunter

Flex, Darius Ferdynand & Hugh Hunter at MenAtPlay


Data Released: May 15, 2015

2 to 1: Flex, Darius Ferdynand, Hugh Hunter

Flex is a true Menatplay VIP. His dark, handsome looks and his perfectly developed physique earn him the right to get exactly what he wants when he wants it. So when he walks in to an exclusive gentleman’s club where Hugh Hunter and new trainee barman are about to close up for the night, it’s no surprise that plans quickly change and young Darius is summoned to do some overtime and make sure Mr Flex’s needs are pandered to. And what does Flex need? Well apart from his usual poison he wants a beautiful young plaything for the night and Darius fits the bill exactly. Darius is ordered by his boss to suck on their customer’s meaty cock as he watches nearby and offer up his ass to his VIP client. But Flex likes his games with more than one player and invites hunky Barman to join in the fun and tag fuck Darius’ sweet ass until he is well and truly served and covered in the men’s juicy cum. Not bad for Darius’ first day at work!


MenAtPlay – Frank Valencia & Gabriel Vanderloo

Frank Valencia & Gabriel Vanderloo at MenAtPlay


Data Released: May 8, 2015

Deep Choke: Frank Valencia, Gabriel Vanderloo


MenAtPlay – Logan Moore & Xavi Duran

Logan Moore & Xavi Duran at MenAtPlay


Data Released: May 1, 2015

Chemistry: Logan Moore, Xavi Duran
The chemistry was so good between these two we decided to call it just that – ‘Chemistry’ MENATPLAY’s Number 1 Man Logan Moore searches out a bit of private space where he can relieve the pressures of the working day. Finding himself in the courtyard of a seemingly deserted mansion Logan gets aroused by the danger of being caught and that growing throb inside his suit trousers needs taking care of right there and then. Letting his cock hang out his flies in full public view, standing there in his suit and red power tie, this is exactly what turns him on. But where’s the thrill of the risk if no one is around to witness it? …

MenAtPlay – Denis Vega & Hugh Hunter

Denis Vega & Hugh Hunter at MenAtPlay


Data Released: Apr 24, 2015

Brawl: Denis Vega, Hugh Hunter


MenAtPlay – Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand

Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynand at MenAtPlay


Data Released: Apr 17, 2015

The Morning After: Adam Champ & Darius Ferdynan

The Monday morning alarm goes, you wake up in a groggy blur from a weekend of debauchery and yet again, there’s a complete stranger hogging most of your duvet. We’ve all done it ,and don’t deny it, you just want ‘what’s-his-name’ to get the hell out of your home right now! But we do it over and over again, chasing that rare occasion when you could strike gold. I mean, imagine you roll over and you’re laying next to the perfect, sculpted tight young beautiful body of Darius Ferdynand, his peachy, firm, cock-teasing bubble butt just laying there , waiting. …

MenAtPlay – Jessy Ares & Dominique Hansson

Jessy Ares & Dominique Hansson at Men At Play


Data Released: Apr 3, 2015

Pimped: Jessy Ares, Dominique Hansson
Porn Newcomer Dominique Hansson is put to the test by Pimp Boss Jessy Ares, when he tells him in no uncertain terms that he has to step out of his usual job as accountant and replace his star-boy Flex. But Jessy must first taste the goods himself before pimping him out to his high paying customers… and he certainly breaks him well and good. Jessy starts with his blow job skills, ordering Dominique to get on his knees and service him good, and he obliges by taking his boss’ fat dick deep in his throat without even barely gagging. …

MenAtPlay – Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer

Robbie Rojo & Edu Boxer at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

Free Ride: Robbie Rojo, Edu Boxer

Newcomer Robbie Rojo has run away from home and is heading to the big city, with dreams of making it big. But its a long and cold journey, that’s until a kind business man stops and offers him a ride. But things are not all that they seem as Edu soon makes its clear that he has other interests in the young 26 year old when he stops the car, unzips his suits trousers and takes out his hard dick. Robbie is faced with the choice of giving this man a blow job, or walking all the way back so it doesn’t seem like he has much choice, after all how hard can it be? Robbie takes his dick, and gives him a long, deep blow job that has Edu moaning with pleasure and to his surprise he loves the taste this man’s dick and the sticky pre-cum in his mouth. The heat between Edu and the boy steams up the car windows and he takes the young boy outside of the car where he can get his dirty way and give his cute, little ass a hard and deep Daddy-fucking. If he carries on this way, Im sure Robbie will make it very big in the city and on Menatplay!


MenAtPlay – Logan Moore & Isaac Eliad

Logan Moore & Isaac Eliad at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 20, 2015

UP4IT: Logan Moore, Isaac Eliad


MenAtPlay – Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford

Denis Vega & Mateo Stanford at Men At Play


Data Released: Mar 6, 2015

That’s The Way: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford



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