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MaverickMen: Hold Him Down and Fuck Him! (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Hold Him Down and Fuck Him

Data Released: Jun 13, 2018 (MaverickMen: Hold Him Down and Fuck Him!)

We found this gem from years ago, when we first started shooting. I really wasn’t going to put it out because this straight boy chickened out at the last minute and wanted to wear a mask. However, he was a virgin with a sweet hairy ass crack and sexy body, so we decided to teach him a lesson and punish fuck his virgin hole. If you like cute straight virgin man ass getting gaped open by two cocks, you’ll like this one.


MaverickMen: Rectal Ramming Jizz Wizards! (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Rectal Ramming Jizz Wizards!

Data Released: May 30, 2018 (MaverickMen: Rectal Ramming Jizz Wizards!)

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! This is a brilliantly hot video! Hunter and I met up again with our sexy, delicious, married, bisexual boy toy, Adam. This time he took us on a hike in the woods where we got down and rimmed and sucked and fucked a little, too. We wanted to get hard core on him, so we left the woods in search of some privacy. We got Adam back to our hotel and told him we were gonna rail on him as it had been almost two weeks since either of us had cum. Hunter and I love edging each other for weeks before we shoot a vid. By this time, We were so full of cum and so pent-up that we filled Adam’s hairy bubble ass with a gallon of cum.


MaverickMen: Jonah Fontana, Cole, Hunter (Fuck Your Loads Into My Muscle Hole!) (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Jonah Fontana, Cole, Hunter: Fuck Your Loads Into My Muscle Hole!

Data Released: Apr 26, 2018 (MaverickMen: Jonah Fontana, Cole, Hunter: Fuck Your Loads Into My Muscle Hole!)

For all you fans of breeding big hairy sexy brutes, this ones for you. Hunter and Cole have always had a little secret crush on macho, so when they discovered he loves to bottom and be submissive, they knew they had to get in that ass! And FUCK! Did they ever, they fucking railed his holes so hard and so deep then filled his hole up with so much cum it was dripping out! You will love watching how much macho loved getting man handled, you can see he was a bit shocked at how hard Hunter and Cole made him cum.


MaverickMen: Let’s Fuck Scotty! (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Let's Fuck Scotty

Data Released: Mar 14, 2018 (MaverickMen: Let’s Fuck Scotty!)

I have to confess; I thought this video was going to be a dud. That’s why I sat on it for so long, but now after reviewing the footage I can’t believe how super fucking nasty hot it is! I jerked off twice while editing it. Scotty’s moaning and whimpering along will make you bust a big ol nut. The fans of real, unscripted, authentic ass fucking will love this vid.


MaverickMen: Fuck Him Deep! (Jay) (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Fuck Him Deep!: Jay

Data Released: Feb 28, 2018 (MaverickMen: Fuck Him Deep!: Jay)

We REALLY love to fuck newbies! This sexy boy Jay is relatively new to man sex and he wanted to learn how to bottom from two experienced tops. Enter, us! Jay has been watching for a while and he’s been dreaming about getting pounded-out in a vid. Who are we to deny such a sexy, hairy-assed stud these dicks!?


MaverickMen: Horny Hole Fuckers! (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Horny Hole Fuckers!

Data Released: Feb 15, 2018 (MaverickMen: Horny Hole Fuckers!)

I just found this deliciously amazing video in my archives from a few years back. This is back when we shot a bunch of stuff with our super sexy boy-toy, Tom. I’ve posted little snippets from this video before, but I’ve never posted the full video. Now that I’ve reviewed all the footage, I’ve come to see just how fucking HOT this one is. In this vid, we spent the weekend with Tom. We chilled in our loft for the first night. Then, we got up early and took him swimming and sodomized his holes pool-side. We took Tom home for some four-way action with another sexy fuck bud of ours. We all sucked, fucked, rimmed and shot our loads all over the place.


MaverickMen: Return Of Oakley (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Return Of Oakley

Data Released: Jan 24, 2018 (MaverickMen: Return Of Oakley)

We just LOVE Oakley! We first met him many years ago when we first started making vids. We flew him in to Boston then, he was so nervous, and we got to know each other and began our friendship. We’ve watched him grow into the sweet and sexy man that he is today. This time, we met up on a cruise and we fucked and sucked all along the way. We can never get enough of his thick cock and thick cakes! Woof!


MaverickMen: Open That Hole (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Open That Hole

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (MaverickMen: Open That Hole)

Here’s a another gem we found way in the back of the vault. We still have a few hot videos rattling around in the vault from when we first started shooting. We made this vid in Denver 2012 with our super cute boy, Liam. You’ll remember him from one of my all time favorite vids, Fuck Of The Irish. We’ve shot several videos with Liam in the past. We can’t resist him. He loves to please his partners with every fiber of his being. He lives to obey commands to the letter, no matter what. Liam’s only request is that you fill him up with every drop of your hot sticky load. Woof!


MaverickMen (Directs): Twinkie And The Beast (Bareback)

MaverickMen (Directs): Twinkie And The Beast

Data Released: Dec 20, 2017 (MaverickMen (Directs): Twinkie And The Beast)

We introduced beautiful super twink Levi to super buff Steven because Levi had never had sex with a jacked-up guy before and he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He certainly got his wish and might have some regrets as wrestling with a huge guy like Steven can be rough on a smaller guy. I’m a serious fan of cutie Levi, especially when he’s clean-shaven; he has the cutest smile and downright adorable persona. Hunter and I want to eat him up every time we see him, and we usually do. We hope to have him back again real soon and maybe even have a rematch with these two where Levi tops Steven’s big muscle ass. I would LOVE to see that!


MaverickMen: Deep Breeding! (Bareback)

MaverickMen: Deep Breeding!

Data Released: Dec 13, 2017 (MaverickMen: Deep Breeding!)

We LOVED playing around with Kip! We met-up out at a bar over a few beers and got to talking and developed some serious sexual chemistry. I knew we’d have a great time after chatting with him over the phone and when we met him he was twice as nice and ten times as cute! Hunter had a hard on within the first five minutes of meeting him. If your idea of hot is a handsome, hairy, hung, bisexual and married guy with a GREAT ass, cock and body, then you’ll love watching us get naked and sweaty in this nasty-hot breeding vid. In my opinion, Kip is one lucky fucker to have found such an open- minded and totally cool woman to marry. To Kip’s awesome wife; all we have to say is thank you thank you! Thank you for lending us your hot man for the night. I hope you’ll both be watching this together while you fuck.



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