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MasqueradeMen – Sean Duran & Morgan Shades

Sean Duran & Morgan Shades at MasqueradeMen


Data Released: Apr 18, 2015

We had the opportunity to do a little something different this week. Sean Duran has been with us before, and because he trusts us, he agreed to a scene with an unknown partner ahead of time. We weren’t gonna do the guy wrong either! When he was ready we had a hot stud walk in wearing a full mask, and the two had some fun with it before deciding to reveal whose ass he’d been munching on and already fucking with that big dick of his. We don’t know if he’d already figured out when he untied the mask strings, but Morgan Shades would be a pretty cool surprise for any top out there, huh? The two obviously had a good time at Masquerade Manor!


MasqueradeMen – Adam Bryant & Marxel Rios

Adam Bryant & Marxel Rios at Masquerade Men


Data Released: Mar 26, 2015

Do you like to watch a good ass pounding? Because that’s exactly what we’ve got this week with our bang-em-hard Adam Bryant and his hole partner Marxel Rios! We learned from previous work with Adam that when given a choice he likes to fuck his guys hard until they can’t take it anymore. Marxel was a willing participant for that sort of thing, so we let these two go at it as fast and intense as they wanted. Our cameramen absorbed their energy and didn’t worry about everything being all smooth and perfect. They got up in there just like Adam’s fat dick! This scene has many awesome parts, especially if you like seeing a guy’s meaty ass clench as he’s fucking from behind, but definitely keep your eye out for the cum that slings off Adam’s cock at the last second as he flings himself on the bed after spraying his juice all over Marxel’s face and mouth. We got us a hot one here!


MasqueradeMen – Ashton & Morgan Shades

Ashton & Morgan Shades at Masquerade Men


Data Released: Feb 20, 2015

Ashton came by our studios again recently and we paired him with hottie Morgan Shades. Have you ever met one of those guys who “says” he doesn’t like anything too rough or too hard, but the more you push him the more he wants you to give it to him? Rougher? Faster? Deeper? Morgan was like that. We encourage our performers to talk things through and get to know each other. You know, the usual stuff… What they like. How they like it. Their turn-ons. The turn-offs. So Morgan tells Ashton how “sensual” is his personal key word, but that he’ll try to go with the flow and do whatever Ashton likes as long as he can play with his feet AND kiss. He definitely made it clear he didn’t like it too rough though! So what does Ashton do? Pounds him all over the bed just like any other guy he’s with! And Morgan’s reaction? You’ll have to see it for yourself, but you already know huh?

MasqueradeMen – Andrew Blue & Emanuelk

Andrew Blue & Emanuelk at Masquerade Men


Data Released: Feb 6, 2015

Both Andrew Blue and Emanuelk are back this week with a passionate update you don’t wanna miss guys! We gave them minimum directing for this one. In fact our advice was limited to, “Do whatever you want and don’t worry about us being here with the cameras. It’s our job to make it work.” One of the things we love about working with Emanuelk is he really does love sex of all kinds, sucking dick, and taking it up his tight sexy hole. We just happen to be there to put it on the web for you. You can tell what he does is genuine by how he can’t keep his hands off his top. Andrew went along for the ride, and we were sure to catch his butt workings too for you cause he’s hot as hell back there! Hope you cum while watching these two!


MasqueradeMen – Ashton & Duncan Black

Ashton & Duncan Black at Masquerade Men


Data Released: Jan 23, 2015

Our Ashton is back for another fuck-down, and this time it’s with porn star Duncan Black. These two hit off from the get-go! You’re gonna love this scene! Combine one hot super stud who loves to pound any available hole with a gay bottom who says, “I love it rough!” and good luck getting through from start to finish without spewing cum all over yourself. There. You’ve been warned! Favorite part: Duncan flings his leg all the way up to Ashton’s shoulder while he drills him harder — all while standing up. Have fun because they sure did!

MasqueradeMen – Sean Duran & Emanuelk


Data Released: Jan 9, 2015

As promised last week, here is Emanuelk’s first sex scene, and it’s with no other than muscle stud Sean Duran! These two hit it off from the get-go. After Emanuelk chowed down on Sean meaty cock for just a few moments he quickly turned around and presented his perk little ass to Sean’s waiting mouth and tongue. Sean knows how to give a good tongue fucking, and we hope it helped Emanuelk get ready for the dick pump that was about to come! This was another one of those times when no one wanted to say “cut,” and we just let these two guys go at each other until the creamy, down the throat jizz-fest. You ready? Click play.

MasqueradeMen – Adam Bryant & Nick Cross


Data Released: Dec 26, 2014

The first time we saw Adam Bryant`s round, thick ass, we couldn`t wait to film him with a scene partner! We needed to get the right bottom guy too because he had to be hungry and not afraid to take some thick dick. Nick Cross turned out to be the perfect porn star for Adam`s first Masquerade duo. Adam`s a straight guy, and he`s not pretending to be anything else because he doesn`t need to. As long as there`s an ass to pound he`s game! So do you like butts as much as we do? Sure hope so because you`re going to see a juicy one from every possible angle pumping & fucking Nick`s tight hole. And we can`t end this write-up without telling you to stay tuned for BOTH guys` reaction to Nick`s explosive cum shot in the end. It`s both funny and hot at the same time! It`s so good we`re giving it to you twice. How`s that?


MasqueradeMen – Chance & Chase, Flip-Flop, Pt 2


Data Released: Dec 12, 2014

We are back with Part 2 of Chance`s first gay fuck with Chase! When we left them last week Chase had done an admirable job loosening him up in all the important ways before sticking in the dick and going to town. It`s obvious to anyone that Chance enjoyed it and we`re sure he`ll be back for more in future weeks. What he also enjoyed was getting a chance to have some fun with Chase`s sweet round ass! The only challenge he had was cumming when Chase was ready for it… You might remember Chance saying he almost came in Part 1, and we all know how that can be if you reach that edge just a little too close… Chase tried several ways to help his new buddy out but in the end all it took was a dick… You`ll see what we mean!

MasqueradeMen – Chance Moore & Chase, Flip-Flop, Part 1


Data Released: Dec 5, 2014

Chance Moore`s ass is no longer virgin territory after having his first gay fuck with our favorite twink-stud Chase! Everyone involved did their best to bring you a completely genuine, real experience between these two, and because of that, things begin nice and easy for Chance. Chase patiently loosens him up with first one finger, then another, and then a comfortable sized dildo before attempting to get up in there with the real thing. The way these guys talk to each other is sexxy as hell and leaves no doubt they both thoroughly enjoyed their bedroom time together. Chase loved it so much that when Chance asked him if he could get some himself, he quickly agreed to an impromptu flip flop fuck, scene scheduling be damned! And. We. Filmed. Everything. So did we edit down the 1st half for the sake of web-friendly file sizes? Nope! Stay tuned for the 2nd half next week!


MasqueradeMen – Nick Cross & Marxel Rios, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Watch out for the little guys with big, uncut, pointed dicks! Marxel Rios learned his lesson when he paired up with Nick Cross for what he thought was going to be a 50/50 flip flop fuck. Sure, Nick seems like a pretty easy-going guy, but that all changed as soon as the clothes came off and he had easy access to Marxel`s pink hole. After some gentle screwing to loosen him up (Or was it to make him drop his guard?), Nick started pounding that sweet ass like he was making up for lost time. Of course, Marxel was up for whatever Nick wanted to do, including his too-brief top time with him, but he never expected what would blast out of that small body of Nick`s when he was finished… Super Soaker… Everywhere… Three times man! You gotta see this one.


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