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ManAtPlay: Summoned (Xavi Duran, Nicolas Brooks)


Data Released: Aug 11, 2017 (ManAtPlay: Summoned – Xavi Duran, Nicolas Brooks)


ManAtPlay: The Gloves Are Off (Alejandro Torres, Flex, Sergi Rodriguez)


Data Released: Oct 28, 2016 (ManAtPlay: The Gloves Are Off: Alejandro Torres, Flex, Sergi Rodriguez)


ManAtPlay: Brazen (Bulrog, Logan Moore)


Data Released: Oct 21, 2016 (ManAtPlay: Brazen: Bulrog, Logan Moore)


ManAtPlay: Focus (Hector De Silva)


Data Released: Apr 15, 2016


ManAtPlay: Score (Hector De Silva, Dario Beck)

Data Released: Feb 26, 2016

It starts as a perfectly innocent evening – two friends watching a football game on TV, drinking a couple of beers and bonding like any regular friends would do. But as the beer starts flowing and the friends get more into the game, Hector starts suspecting that the blokey touching between them might not be that innocent after all. So he decides to get it all out in the open – literally unzipping his trousers and flopping his thick uncut dick out, and asks Dario straight up “Is this what you want? Then start sucking.” Hector takes the dominant role, forcing Dario to service his dick as he sits back on the couch enjoying the feeling of his friends tongue working his dick. He then turns his attention to Dario’s ass and giving him the deep fucking he’s been clearly craving for months. And as Dario rides Hectors hard cock he shoots a delicious load all over Hector’s suit. And just like that the men go from housemates to regular fuck- buddies.


ManAtPlay: CINE-X (Denis Vega, Ivan Gregory)

Data Released: Feb 19, 2016


ManAtPlay: Rough Diamond (Kris Irons)

Data Released: Feb 12, 2016


ManAtPlay: Blackout (Flex, Massimo Piano)

Data Released: Nov 13, 2015

This week we had a power outage at the MENATPLAY offices, and unable to do any work Flex and Massimo had the time to do some work-place bonding – and even share a few secrets. Flex lets down his barriers and confesses that he’s always had a crush for his handsome, blue-eyed colleague but never dared make a move…until now that is. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Massimo guys take advantage of the quiet, empty offices to make his move on Flex, tentative at first but soon the guys are completely lost in the moment, undressing each-other until they are completely naked and fucking right there in the office hallway. Massimo literally fucks the cum out of Flex, pounding his amazing bubble but and releasing months of sexual tension in two tasty cumshots!


ManAtPlay: Slick And Steel (Marco Rubi, Xavi Duran)

Data Released: Oct 30, 2015

Marco Rubi made a big impact as one the hungriest (and fittest) bottoms in the industry a couple of years ago… but now he’s back! Except this time round Marco is all grown up, looking even hotter than ever and ready to take anything we throw his way. And here at MENATPLAY we already have our big guns lined up for that amazing ass of his – but lets not get ahead of ourselves. This week we celebrate Marco’s return to MENATPLAY as the buffed up steel worker who catches the eye of customer and local entrepreneur Xavi Duran. But its not just his attention that Marco raises. Xavi has a major hard-on for him and Marco knows it, so he plays the business man until he has him just where he wants him – on his knees and drooling for a taste of that amazing ass! Xavi gets more than a taste as Marco gives him full access to his ass. Young Marco may be the one taking it here, but he’s in full control and pulling all the strings. Don’t miss Marco’s red hot comeback only on MENATPLAY.


ManAtPlay: Rock Candy (Denis Vega, Klein Kerr)

Data Released: Oct 23, 2015

We’ve only gone and done it again! Adding to our army of boner- enducing men, Menatplay bring you yet another brand new face – and what a face it is! 25 year old Klein Kerr has all the makings of a high fashion model, so his decision to step into one of our sharp tailored suits for his debut scene seemed only natural. And we couldn’t wait to get our hands on him (metaphorically of course) and here is the result – ROCK CANDY, co-starring none other the the muscle god that is Denis Vega. Except this time round Denis pulls no punches and breaks the new recruit in, the hard way, tying him up and giving him a bit of the Vegas rough treatment. …


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