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MachoFucker: Breeding Fedor (Bareback)

MachoFucker: Breeding Fedor

Data Released: Mar 23, 2018 (MachoFucker: Breeding Fedor)

2 Hispanic Power-Tops team-up to turn this young, bubble-butt Moroccan Sub boy into their personal suck- and fuck-toy. Watch straight jock ROBERTO and Bi-stud DEMILSON doing their thing with obedient gay-boy FEDOR in our today’s update video.


MachoFucker: Banged-Out In Havana (Bareback)

MachoFucker: Banged-Out In Havana

Data Released: Jan 1, 2018 (MachoFucker: Banged-Out In Havana)

Who doesn’t wanna spend a bang-out-night with these two tops? Since years they chase-down girls and boys together, fucking them non-stop with their relentless pingas, coz they are horny ALL THE TIME. The myth of Cuban Men comes to life in this outstanding piece of Amateur Porn from the Caribbean Island. Two handsome Bugarrones feasting on a Hispanics muscle-bum in our New Years-Update.


MachoFucker: Peto Doing Casper (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 5, 2017 (MachoFucker: Peto Doing Casper)

Two Dutch studs getting down and dirty in this stunning amateur video. Rough hunk PETO COAST is taking care of CASPER`s submissive needs in his very own special way. Dom Top meets sub Bottom – these two definetely were a perfect match. Classic MF- Video, re-edited with new footage and digitally re- mastered in HD- Quality.


MachoFucker: Socrates Breeds Lindo (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 4, 2017 (MachoFucker: Socrates Breeds Lindo)

Meet SOCRATES, a stunning Brazilean stud who just joined recently our MACHOFUCKER stable. Your typical Bugarron, but more on the playful side. Watch this stunner breeding sexy LINDO. Classic MF- Video, re-edited with new footage and digitally re- mastered in HD- Quality.


MachoFucker: Natural Born Fuckers, Marakesh Man (Bareback)

machofucker gay

Data Released: Oct 19, 2017 (MachoFucker: Natural Born Fuckers, Marakesh Man: Bareback)

NBF – it stands for NATURAL BORN FUCKERS, dudes who were born already with that special fucker-gene. Just like our “MARAKESH-MAN”, half Arabian-half European – Big, butch, demanding, always on Top of the game and he most definetely knows “how to play it”. Watch this stunning ass pounder making TITUS his fuck-doll.


MachoFucker: Chico Bravo, Asian Slut (Bareback)

machofucker gay

Data Released: Oct 4, 2017 (MachoFucker: Chico Bravo, Asian Slut)

Definetely another one of those “Natural Born Fuckers” – CHICO BRAVO. He truly has his way – AND HIS WAY ONLY – with submissive boypussies like the one that we offered him this time. Smooth Asian Sub-hole meets insatiable, horny Latino Top in our todays update.


MachoFucker: Brutal Ajax 5 – Horny Again! (with Joffrey) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 21, 2017 (MachoFucker: Brutal Ajax 5 – Horny Again! with Joffrey)

On parole again, MACHOFUCKER’s hottest Ex-con AJAX was horny and on the prowl again for boi pussy. His “Regular” JOFFREY was available and all too willing to take Daddy`s pinga y leche. Enjoy AJAX in his most “sexual performance” in our today’s update.


MachoFucker: The Ex-Con and His Boy-Toy (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 14, 2017 (MachoFucker: The Ex-Con and His Boy-Toy)

If you ever were or if you ever would be incarcerated – this is the kinda man you would like to share the cell and much, much more with. ANTON is his name, a Bulgarian Dream-Top – Straight, sexual, playful, curious, but always in charge of da game. After years in jail and prison he has, of course, a strong preference for young and slim “Toy-Boys”, and so far he hasn’t met any who would have said “No” when offered a good, hard shag “prison-style”.


MachoFucker: Angry Soccer Player (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 29, 2017 (MachoFucker: Angry Soccer Player)

Always hot to watch a genuine straight soccer player like SILVIU discovering his “freaky side”. The handsome Romanian puts on that “Angry Man-Face” when fucking his fellow team mate.


MachoFucker: Sub-Boy Julien – Manhandled (with Antonio Biaggi) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 5, 2017 (MachoFucker: Sub-Boy Julien – Manhandled with Antonio Biaggi)

This sexy, lil, cheeky slut is called JULIEN, and he loves nothing more than being manhandled by true studs. Well, here is one: ANTONIO is the natural-born fucker to put JULIEN in the place where he belongs to. Amazing action ahead in this newly edited, digitally enhanced MACHOFUCKER-Classic.



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