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LucasKazan: Ariel Vanean, Ken Summers


Data Released: Dec 8, 2016 (LucasKazan: Ariel Vanean, Ken Summers)

Czech Republic vs. Costa Rica. Seasoned pro vs. up-and-comer. Football player vs. agile cheerleader… “We knew Ken and Ariel, on loan from BelAmi, would be a good fit for each other”, says director Ettore Tosi. “And a HOT match they were”. “We’ve long wanted to work with Ariel”, adds producer Lucas Kazan.”He’s a porn legend in his own right and worth waiting for. We invited Ariel to Milano, asked him to grow his beard and gave him a rougher, more mature look, but no less sexy, than our friends at BelAmiOnline”. The end result? You be the judge…


LucasKazan: In The Loft (Hector De Silva, Ettore Tosi)


Data Released: May 5, 2016

Power fuck in the loft. That’s the title we had in mind… Same screen names: Hector (in Spanish), Ettore (in Italian); same forenames on their IDs; same dazzling blue yes; same sexual drive and unbridled magnetism. We simply let the camera roll, stepped back and let these hunks go at it!


LucasKazan: Jogos Cariocas 3 (Alex tops Andy)

Data Released: Apr 7, 2016

Back to Rio with director Ettore Tosi for more Brazilian beef. “Everything is bigger in Rio”, says Ettore. “The muscles, the cocks, the bubble butts…” In this 3rd chapter of “Jogos Cariocas”, muscle stud Alex tops power bottom Andy. Alex may be 100% straight, but who cares, really? He had no problems getting it up – and keeping it hard – for his insatiable partner. All the while showing off his HOT, HOT body!


LucasKazan: The Blogger (Sergyo, Brute Club)

Data Released: Mar 3, 2016


LucasKazan: The Photobook (Dario Beck, Hector De Silva)

Data Released: Feb 4, 2016

“Galeotto fu il libro…”, wrote Dante in Inferno V. “Gallehault was the book…” So is our very own photo book, conjuring Dario Beck’s sexual fantasies. The object of his (our) desires? Hunky Hector De Silva. Two of the most handsome MEN in gay porn, setting the set afire. And a tangible, off-the-chart chemistry.


LucasKazan: Robbie Rojo, Ettore

Data Released: Jan 14, 2016 (LucasKazan: Robbie Rojo, Ettore)

You know REAL chemistry when you see it. With Robbie and Ettore, there was no choreography to discuss, no blocking, no stop-and-go. We simply let them loose and did our best to capture every minute. The results? Ettore pounds Robbie (doggie and cowboy); Robbie takes it like a champ –and a hung champ to boot.

LucasKazan: Madrid Tales, Part 1 (Darius Ferdynand, Denis Vega)

Data Released: Sep 3, 2015

‘Novelist’ Darius Ferdynand is writing a new erotic short story. For “Madrid Tales 1”, he draws inspiration from a real-life crush: the hunky, swarthy Spaniard he runs into every day (Denis Vega). Which fantasies inhabit Darius’ naughty mind… and his pen?


LucasKazan: Ettore, Jonathan


Data Released: Jun 4, 2015

What’s not to love about Rio? The beaches, the caipirinhas, the jocks, the sexual vibe… Leave it to Ettore Tosi to discover HOT new talent and to ‘break them in’. First up is Brazilian newcomer Jonathan: sexy, hung, horny – like all Cariocas. Watch him pound Ettore’s ass and you’ll wonder: is he really 100% straight? Or is he enjoying his coach’s ass a little too much?


LucasKazan: Leo Domenico, Logan Moore

Leo Domenico & Logan Moore at Lucas Kazan


Data Released: Mar 5, 2015

Broken: Leo Domenico, Logan Moore

Logan and Leo have broken off. Memories of their happy times together haunt Logan: their falling in love, their sexual chemistry… Logan is overcome by despair and the bleak images of a future apart. Sounds familiar? Dedicated to those (of us) who’ve been in love once and had their hearts… broken.


LucasKazan: Raul Korso, Leo Domenico


Data Released: Dec 4, 2014 (The English Tutor: Raul Korso, Leo Domenico)

Hunky Leo Domenico (in the title role) will stop at nothing to teach English. What works-and what doesn’t work-with student Raul Korso? Too bad our professors looked nothing like Leo; none taught that way either!



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