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LatinBoyz: Latino Raw Sex Gustavo and Gabriel

LatinBoyz: Latino Raw Sex Gustavo and Gabriel

Data Released: Dec 26, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Latino Raw Sex Gustavo and Gabriel)


LatinBoyz: Elan’s Latin Fantasy Fuck (with Rascal)

LatinBoyz: Elan's Latin Fantasy Fuck with Rascal

Data Released: Dec 13, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Elan’s Latin Fantasy Fuck with Rascal)

Elan has been exploring new ideas with his sexuality lately and when he saw last week’s video of our broke straight LatinBoyz model BJ getting serviced while blindfolded he called and let us know that he had his own fantasy about having an anonymous sexual encounter being blindfolded. But the difference is that he wanted to service someone else. Rascal was horny as fuck and more than willing to satisfy his fantasy as you can see in these hot photos. The video is coming soon.


LatinBoyz: Low Key, Diego

LatinBoyz: Low Key, Diego

Data Released: Nov 21, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Low Key, Diego)

The first thing new LatinBoyz model Diego told us when we met him was that he loved how Low Key fucks. This versatile papi said that when he does bottom it has to be with someone masculine that likes to fuck hard, so Low Key was the perfect match. So perfect that even after he came Low Key kept fucking him until Diego busted his nut and just couldn’t take it anymore.


LatinBoyz: Leonardo, Kardoso (Bareback)

latinboyz gay

Data Released: Oct 31, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Leonardo, Kardoso)


LatinBoyz: Low Key, Tico


Data Released: Oct 17, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Low Key, Tico)

We haven’t seen Low Key for over a year. When we ran into him a couple of weeks ago he was looking better than ever so we knew we had to put that big Latin dick of his back to work again in a new gay porn. Tico had heard he was a good fuck and was so excited about bottoming for him he didn’t even notice his socks didn’t match.


LatinBoyz: Cristian, Diez


Data Released: Oct 3, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Cristian, Diez)

Sexy Latino twink Cristian texted us a photo of Diez’ cute hairless ass and said he wanted to fuck one just like it in his next video. Of course we said we could hook him up with the real thing if he let us film it. The two of them really hit it off and rumor has it they’ve been fucking on a regular basis since the shoot. Check out the photos today. The video is coming soon.


LatinBoyz: Scorpio, Jayy (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 19, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Scorpio, Jayy)

Broke straight Latino Scorpio has an obsession with fucking ass. Tuesday, September 19th 2017 – This Tuesday Hot New Amateur Action Video Scorpio is a 21 year old broke straight Latino with a hot body that has an obsession about fucking ass. And being that he has such a thick cock he has a hard time finding females that can take it. Jayy is also 21 years old and has an obsession with getting fucked by straight guys so it’s no wonder they hit off. And he has no problem taking that cock!


LatinBoyz: Camilo, Cyco


Data Released: Sep 5, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Camilo, Cyco)

Puerto Rican twink Camilo just made his LatinBoyz solo debut a couple days ago and already wanted to put that thick uncut cock of his to work in an Amateur Action scene. We asked him what kind of guys he likes and he told us someone with a nice hairless bubble butt like Cyco’s so we decided to arrange for him to get the real thing. Check out the hot photos. The video is coming soon.


LatinBoyz: Chico Valle, Tico


Data Released: Aug 20, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Chico Valle, Tico)


LatinBoyz: Tico, Angel, Ramoncito


Data Released: Jul 18, 2017 (LatinBoyz: Tico, Angel, Ramoncito)



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