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KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Ely Chaim (Easy Lay) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Ely Chaim: Easy Lay

Data Released: Feb 2, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Ely Chaim: Easy Lay)

Nicoli Cole gives Ely Chaim a call after he leaves the gym. Nicoli knows that Ely is always horny and Nicoli has worked up an appetite for Ely’s cock while at the gym pumping iron. Ely proves to be the one constant in Nicoli’s life as his excitement is popping out of the top of his pants. Seeing his excitement, Nicoli immediately chokes down Ely’s steely rod. Ely knows that Nicoli is a hungry cock sucker and he takes full advantage of the situation and fucks his handsome face. Turning the tables, Ely savors Nicoli’s meaty cock, making sure that it receives his full attention and is treated to the full pleasures it so richly deserves. Ely works his way to the base of that meaty cock, then to his plump ball sac and then to the ultimate of pleasures, his hot, pink hole. …

KristenBjorn: Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook, Ricco Fatale (KB Underpants) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook, Ricco Fatale: KB Underpants

Data Released: Jan 26, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook, Ricco Fatale: KB Underpants)

Everyone is so excited at Kristen Bjorn for the launch of the new line of underpants/underwear, but watch what happens when the photoshoot with Manuel Scalco, Jake Cook and Ricco Fatale goes awry. Photoshoots can get very stressful, but as the models strip down and are completely nude everyone takes notice, especially the other models. After the photoshoot the models tug, touch and stretch the fabrics until Jake goes down on Manuel and pleasures his cock with his hot mouth. While Jake is busy sucking on Manuel’s cock, Ricco climbs on the furniture to get into a better position for Manuel to suck on his cock. The underpants have been lost and now it is all out raw sex with the models. Ricco appears to be the “pig” in the group and gets on his knees and sucks in both cocks at the same time. …

KristenBjorn: Gabriel Lunna, Damien Kilauea (Casting Couch #381) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Gabriel Lunna, Damien Kilauea: Casting Couch #381

Data Released: Jan 19, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Gabriel Lunna, Damien Kilauea: Casting Couch #381)

Damien Kilauea is in town on business and decides to stop in and visit his old friend, Gabriel Lunna. The guys waste no time and pick up where they left off the last time they saw each other. Old friends come with a certain familiarity and comfortableness. Gabriel unzips Damien’s shorts and immediately begins to lick and suck on his chestnut colored cock. As his mouth and lips are preoccupied with Damien’s cock, Gabriel’s fingers find their way to Damien’s rich brown nipples, encircled by his thick patch of chest hair. The talents of Gabriel’s mouth bring Damien’s cock to its full and meaty girth. Lying back, Gabriel’s smooth cock is inhaled by Damien, sucking on it as if he hadn’t seen him in a thousand years. Amongst good friends, time never passes. …

KristenBjorn: Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott (Juicy) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott: Juicy

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Jose Quevedo, Tonny Scott: Juicy)

With a rich abundance of fruits placed before them, Tonny Scott and Jose Quevedo give way their wildest and juiciest fantasy. As they indulge and cover their bodies with the juices of the fruits, Jose runs his hard cock up the length of the ripe papaya forcing the seeds to burst forth. When his cock leaps from the papaya, Tonny is there to suck and savor the richness of the juice on his cock. Tonny squeezes the juice from an orange onto his cock for Jose to taste the tart orange flavor with the sweet nectar of his own cock. The banana is always a fruit of sexual choice and Tonny begins to pry Jose’s ass open with the bright yellow fruit. …

KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw (Casting Couch #380) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw: Casting Couch #380

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw: Casting Couch #380)

Stephan Raw met up with Jorge Leal for a run in the park today. Now they have returned to Jorge’s and are all hot and worked up from all that physical activity. They turn their energy towards each other as their impressive hard-ons are impossible to restrain in their running shorts. Stephan has no problems stripping Jorge of his shorts and swallowing his hairy cock whole. Working his mouth up and down that hot shaft, Jorge is impressed with Stephan’s deep throat sucking and encourages him to keep sucking. Jorge flips with Stephan and lays with his head hanging off of the bed as Stephan stuffs his meaty cock all the way down to his shiny steel cock ring. Stephan places his hand on Jorge’s throat so that he can feel his hard cock filling Jorge’s deep throat. …

KristenBjorn: Marc Ferrer, Diego Lauzen, Mario Galeno (Doubleheader) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Marc Ferrer, Diego Lauzen, Mario Galeno: Doubleheader

Data Released: Dec 28, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Marc Ferrer, Diego Lauzen, Mario Galeno: Doubleheader)

Diego Lauzen and Mario Galeno are good friends and were out clubbing when they spotted Marc Ferrer dancing his ass off and immediately knew they could put him to good work. The three sexy, muscle men head back to Mario’s place and the clothes are rapidly removed. Marc is impressed with what he sees and is holding in his hands that he drops to his knees and begins pleasure both meaty cocks with his hungry mouth and deep throat. Marc does justice to both cocks, making sure to share the gift of his deep throat with both cocks equally. All that dancing and admiration at the club has left Marc more than horny and blows his creamy load of cum as his mouth is doing double duty. The guys switch positions and Marc isn’t finished sucking on Diego’s perfect cock, so he sits on the floor as Diego feeds him his dripping cock as Mario plunges his hot cock deep into Diego’s raw bubble butt. …

KristenBjorn: Xavi Garcia, Manuel Scalco (Casting Couch #379) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Xavi Garcia, Manuel Scalco: Casting Couch #379

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Xavi Garcia, Manuel Scalco: Casting Couch #379)

On a beautiful Sunday morning we find our sexy muscle bears, Xavi Garcia and Manuel Scalco doing what they do best. With all the passionate kissing, their straining cocks re barely contained by their sexy underwear. Xavi releases Manuel’s rock-solid cock and jackhammers it with his famished mouth. Edging Manuel has reached its limit and he turns to Xavi and devours his hot cock balls deep down his throat. Manuel feels that Xavi’s cock is slicked up enough and is straining for his hot ass, so he lowers his furry ass down onto Xavi’s excited cock. …

KristenBjorn: Attila Kardos, Dani Robles (Romance) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Attila Kardos, Dani Robles: Romance

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Attila Kardos, Dani Robles: Romance)

Though they have only been dating for a few short months, Attila Kardos still gets butterflies in his stomach when Dani Robles walks in the door. Of course, every greeting is met with a kiss, but they just can’t stand to have clothes on when they are around each other. You know that feeling! The clothes are quickly stripped away and our lovers are all over each other in a heartbeat. Attila lowers Dani’s underwear and his hard cock springs forward demanding attention. Danny needs, desires to see his man in his full glory as well and strips him of his underwear. Dropping to his knees, Danny immediately begins making love to Attila’s perfectly shaped cock with his moist mouth. Danny has learned exactly how Attila’s cock responds to certain movements of his tongue and lips and he makes sure that every move is a calculated movement of pleasure. Attila moves in and begins to suck on Dani’s cock, but Dani cannot get enough of Attila’s cock and shows him exactly where he wants it. Attila shoves the fat head of his cock into Dani’s awaiting mouth and throat. …

KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Jan Bavor, Tomas Friedel (The Boyfriend) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Jan Bavor, Tomas Friedel: The Boyfriend

Data Released: Dec 15, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Nicoli Cole, Jan Bavor, Tomas Friedel: The Boyfriend)

Jan Bavor is sitting in the park when the sensational Nicoli Cole passes by, Jan wastes no time inviting him over, knowing that his boyfriend Tomas Friedel would soon be home and join the fun. Nicoli and Jan begin kissing and exploring the others bodies when Nicoli is surprised when he turns and there is a mountain of muscles standing behind him. Jan assures Nicoli that it is ok, as Tomas reveals his heaving chest muscles. Nicoli thinks to himself that he almost stayed home to watch tv. The guys drop their pants and reveal their already rock-hard cocks. Sizing them up and feeling them up, Nicoli decides to drop to his knees and swallow Tomas’ muscle cock first. Working his way from one cock to the other, Nicoli makes sure that both cocks are satiated with pleasure. …

KristenBjorn: Jamil Bargas, Salvador Mendoza (Casting Couch #378) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Jamil Bargas, Salvador Mendoza: Casting Couch #378

Data Released: Dec 8, 2017 (KristenBjorn: Jamil Bargas, Salvador Mendoza: Casting Couch #378)

Salvador Mendoza and Jamil Bargas have only been dating for 3 months when they decide to take a romantic getaway. The spark between our two lovers has ignited into a burning desire for romance and more. The infatuated couple are lounging on the bed when the passionate kissing begins and leads to the exploration of each other’s muscular bodies with their tongues and lips. Jamil begins consuming Salvador’s huge, fat cock with ease, then Salvador picks up the pace and begins rapidly fucking his face. Salvador flips Jamil onto all 4’s and spreads his furry hole open and begins to fuck him with his hungry tongue. …


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