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JuicyBoys: I Bred My New Stepdad, Part 3 (Dennis West, Dylan Bridges, Vadim Black) (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 22, 2015

While Vadim Black is in the shower his stepdad Dennis West sneaks into the bathroom and texts Dylan Bridges to come over for something “fun.” Vadim Black is confused at first when Dylan Bridges enters the house, but quickly puts it all together. His pervert of a stepdad set it all up to have a raunchy, bareback fuckfest with these two young guys. Vadim Black and Dennis West take turns pounding little Dylan Bridges’ ass raw before they both cum on his abused hole and shove their big cock back in, pushing their cum deep in Dylan Bridges’ ass.


JuicyBoys: I Bred My New Stepdad, Part 2 (Dennis West, Dylan Bridges) (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 15, 2015

Dylan Bridges can’t go home yet so he decides to come over to his friend Vadim’s house for a little. Suddenly Dennis West comes home and Vadim tries to get Dylan to leave while he goes to class but Dennis, being the generous guy that he is offers to let Dylan stay while Vadim is at class. Dennis has a plan to fuck his stepson’s friend’s ass raw. Dennis slides his massive cock into Dylan’s ass raw, sucking this twink’s ass and showing him how to take a real dick.


JuicyBoys: I Bred My New StepDad, Part 1 (Dennis West, Vadim Black) (Bareback)

Data Released: Oct 8, 2015

Vadim Black thought that he would have the house to himself while his mom is on a business trip but instead his new step dad, Dennis West is left home to keep an eye on Vadim Black. Dennis West doesn’t mind though since he has had his eye on Vadim’s thick cock for a while now. After a little convincing Dennis West gets Vadim Black to cave in and the two begin sucking each other. Vadim Black barebacks Dennis West’s tight hole until he cream pies his perverted new stepdad.


JuicyBoys: The Garage, Part 4 (Logan Cruise, Marcus Ruhl) (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 24, 2015

Logan Cruise (formerly Zack II on SeanCody and Rob Stonebridge on RandyBlue) is the next victim to fall for Marcus Ruhl’s mastermind of a plan to have bareback sex with hot, built, young men. Marcus posts another ad, this time looking to “rent” out his house to a hot college guy and friends. Logan sees that the house is just down the street from his school and jumps on the chance to see it. Marcus takes him on a tour of the place finally ending the tour in the garage. The two walk into the dark garage and the door shuts behind them, then suddenly, like many before, Logan is blinded by bright lights and instructed to take off his clothes. Marcus ask if he wants the house enough to let another man suck his cock, and he does. Marcus drops down and wraps his lips around Logan’s hard cock. Logan will do anything to rent this place, even take a load in his ass! Marcus’ cock pumps put a nice load and then forces it into Logan’s ass. Logan is so turned on that he goes ass to mouth and cums with Marucs’ dick locked between his lips.


JuicyBoys: The Garage, Part 3 (Lucas Knight, Marcus Ruhl) (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 17, 2015

Marcus Ruhl posts an ad for an audition at his home, and Lucas Knight, eager to make it big as an actor in Hollywood is quick to jump on the opportunity. Lucas comes over and starts to show Marcus his acting skills, and Marcus directs him, telling him to unbutton his shirt, then pants, then tells him to get completely naked.


JuicyBoys: The Garage, Part 2 (Kaden Alexander, Marcus Ruhl) (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 10, 2015

Kaden Alexander like most 21 year olds is really in need for some money to pay off some serious debt and says he’ll do just about anything for it. Luckily for Kaden, Marcus Ruhl posted another ad looking to pay fast cash for a dirty job. Marcus gives Kaden the directions to his home, when he arrives he walks into a dark garage when suddenly he is blinded by lights. Marcus is behind the lights unable to be seen but gives Kaden instructions and orders, he knows that if he doesn’t comply he won’t get paid. Marcus comes and starts to suck Kaden’s growing dick, then has him suck his cock. In order for Kaden to be paid he needs to breed Murcus’ hole. Kaden pounds Marcus fucking so hot they are bother covered in sweat, he cums all over his asshole then pushes his load into Marcus’ hole fucking Marcus so good he can’t help but cum all over his stomach.


JuicyBoys: The Garage, Part 1 (Marcus Ruhl, Roman Todd) (Bareback)

Data Released: Sep 4, 2015


JuicyBoys: Johnny Rapid Goes Bareback, Part 4 (Johnny Rapid, Vadim Black, Dennis West, Jake Wilder) (Double Penetrated)

Data Released: Aug 27, 2015

The gang is all here and ready to stretch out Johnny’s hole to the max! They all get to pound his hole, and Johnny gets double penetrated! Dennis West and Jake Wilder DP his hole first and then Vadim Black and Dennis really stretch him out as Jake hold Johnny as he’s bouncing on these thick cocks. They all take their turn cumming on his hole until Dennis finally pushes it all in with his bare cock.


JuicyBoys: Johnny Goes Bareback, Part 3 (Johnny Rapid, Vadim Black)

Data Released: Aug 19, 2015

Johnny Rapid has some hot friends! Vadim Black is in town now and really working Johnny’s hole. Johnny rides Vadim’s thick cock before Vadim explodes his cum shot and slides back into Johnny’s ass. Johnny busts his nut all over Vadim’s hot body.


JuicyBoys – Johnny Goes Bareback, Part 2 (Dennis, Jake Wilder)


Data Released: Aug 13, 2015



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