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HotHouse: Johnny V and JJ Knight Double-Penetrate Danny Gunn (Swim Meat, Scene 2)

HotHouse: Johnny V and JJ Knight Double-Penetrate Danny Gunn: Swim Meat

Data Released: Jun 7, 2018 (HotHouse: Johnny V and JJ Knight Double-Penetrate Danny Gunn: Swim Meat)

Pool boy Danny Gunn finds himself alone with JJ Knight and they lock eyes. Without words, Danny gets on his knees and takes JJ’s massive meat down his throat. As he’s sucking, Johnny V enters the room and catches the two studs in action. Johnny joins in on the fun and finds his place in front of JJ’s big cock to help the pool boy take on JJ’s thick shaft. JJ is the first to give the young stud what he needs when he slips his dick deep into Danny’s ass. He fucks him deep as Johnny plants his cock in Danny’s face. The studs spit- roast Danny as he grunts and begs for each of them to go deeper. …

HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Josh Conners, Pierce Paris (Spot Me)

HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Josh Conners, Pierce Paris: Spot Me

Data Released: Mar 22, 2018 (HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Josh Conners, Pierce Paris: Spot Me)

Pierce Paris is training Josh Conners at the gym where Ryan Rose takes notice of both hot studs. Ryan can’t stop staring and finally approaches the guys to give his compliments on how great Josh’s body is coming along. Ryan doesn’t waste any time and reaches down to feel Josh’s tight ass. Fully taking advantage of the receptive response from Josh, Ryan immediately drops to his knees to rim Josh’s hole. Pierce joins in on the action and stuffs his cock in Josh’s face. The muscle bottom gets spit-roasted with Pierce down his throat and Ryan deep in his crack. The sight of the two hunks fucking is more than Pierce can handle so he gets behind Ryan to make him the center of a hunky muscle fuck train. …

HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Sean Maygers (Gear Play)

HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Sean Maygers: Gear Play

Data Released: Jan 25, 2018 (HotHouse: Ryan Rose, Sean Maygers: Gear Play)

Lacrosse players Sean Maygers and Ryan Rose don’t need spectators to take their competition to the next level. With the bleachers empty and their cocks hard, they get down and dirty when their bulges get a meet and greet through their sweaty uniforms. Ryan can’t control his urges and gets on his knees in front of Sean’s thick cock. Sean happily caters to Ryan’s whims and face fucks the eager stud by going pubes deep down his stretched-out throat. Ryan keeps a steady pace until Sean wants in on the action. Sean takes a taste of Ryan’s throbbing dick before he bends him over to eat his ass. …

HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners (Get LIT)

HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners: Get LIT

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners: Get LIT)

In a sleek sex club of the not-so-far-off future, Johnny V and Josh Conners meet as silhouettes in the door. As their mouths find each other, their natural instincts kick in and their hard cocks lead the way to a room with a sling. Josh is cock hungry and drops to his knees to service the mighty stud in front of him. Josh gets Johnny’s vein-popping cock as hard and sloppy as it can get before he bends over the sling and offers up a place for Johnny’s cock to spend some time. Johnny is more than happy to see what Josh feels like from the inside and slams his cock into the horny stud’s asshole. …

HotHouse: Beaux Banks, Roman Todd (Get LIT)

HotHouse: Beaux Banks, Roman Todd: Get LIT

Data Released: Dec 28, 2017 (HotHouse: Beaux Banks, Roman Todd: Get LIT)

In a futuristic sex play space, Beaux Banks is horny for dick and when Roman Todd straps him upside down with his legs in the air, Beaux is in complete bliss. Roman gets deep inside Beaux’s muscled-up bubble butt with his eager tongue and gets the stud lubed up. The further in Roman goes, the harder his cock gets and soon Beaux is begging for Roman to stick it to him. Roman has every intention of giving Beaux what he wants, but not before the partially restrained hunk chokes on his dick. Beau is happy to suck on Roman’s massive cock and takes it like it’s the last he’ll ever get to suck. …

HotHouse: Austin Wolf, Mason Lear (Private Practice)

HotHouse: Austin Wolf, Mason Lear: Private Practice

Data Released: Dec 21, 2017 (HotHouse: Austin Wolf, Mason Lear: Private Practice)

Mason Lear learns that his job at the clinic is on the line when Doctor Austin Wolf advises him of a possible downsize at the clinic. Eager to go that extra mile, Mason instantly gets on his knees and unzips Austin’s bulging pants. Austin needs to know what Mason’s ass tastes and feels like and throws the nurse over the exam table to quench his curiosities. Austin gets deep inside Mason’s hairy butt with his mouth and fingers and munches and probes until Mason is ready for entry. After Mason begs for a dick up his ass, Austin stands up and slowly slides his monster cock deep into his nurse. …

HotHouse: Josh Conners, Sean Maygers (Private Practice)

HotHouse: Josh Conners, Sean Maygers: Private Practice

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (HotHouse: Josh Conners, Sean Maygers: Private Practice)

Interns Sean Maygers and Josh Conners are the last two people in the clinic after everyone has gone home for the night. They’re both horny as hell and when they get out of their scrubs, Josh is the first to go in for some dick. Sean lies back on the exam table and offers up his massive meat for Josh to gobble down his throat. Josh takes good care to make sure that every inch is serviced, and keeps up the work until he’s ready to take it up his ass. Sean is attentive to Josh’s needs and gets on his knees to open up his co-worker’s shaved asshole with his tongue to make it easier for him to take his extensive member. …

HotHouse: Derek Bolt, Pierce Paris (Private Practice)

HotHouse: Derek Bolt, Pierce Paris

Data Released: Dec 7, 2017 (HotHouse: Derek Bolt, Pierce Paris: Private Practice)

Derek Bolt is visiting Doctor Pierce Paris for treatment on a pulled groin muscle. Pierce needs to check Derek’s vitals and has him remove his shirt. That’s all it takes for the hung doctor to start to swell in his scrubs and it’s only a matter of seconds before the patient notices the growing bulge. Derek is hungry for cock and grabs Pierce by the crotch to pull him closer. As Derek opens his mouth wide, he sucks the needy doctor until neither of them can possibly get any harder. Pierce needs a taste of his horny patient and bends down over Derek so the two hunks can 69. …

HotHouse: JJ Knight, Ace Era (Private Practice)

HotHouse: JJ Knight, Ace Era

Data Released: Nov 30, 2017 (HotHouse: JJ Knight, Ace Era: Private Practice)

JJ Knight is at Dr. Ace Era’s office for a routine physical. As the hunky doctor performs his check-up, the sexual chemistry between the two becomes evident as their eye contact intensifies. When Doctor Ace has JJ lie back on the table, the doc is in for a surprise when JJ’s boner pops out of his pants. Ace does a thorough check of JJ’s big full sack and soon pops his own cock out of his scrubs as he gets to work sucking on the stud’s mighty rod. Ace lets all the doctor/patient rules fly out the window when the patient becomes the aggressor. JJ bends the doctor over the exam table and slips his big, thick dick deep inside Ace’s open, throbbing asshole. …

HotHouse: Sean Zevran, Carlos Lindo (Private Practice)

HotHouse: Sean Zevran, Carlos Lindo

Data Released: Nov 23, 2017 (HotHouse: Sean Zevran, Carlos Lindo: Private Practice)

Doctor Sean Zevran is consulting his patient, Carlos Lindo. As they go over Carlos’ stellar health and fitness charts, Sean puts his patient at ease by rubbing his firm chest and sticking his tongue down Carlos’ throat. Carlos is responsive to the doctor and is the first to take a taste as he gets on his knees to service the doc’s massive, uncut cock. He keeps Sean throbbing hard with every slurp and suck from his eager mouth until the revved-up doctor can no longer take it. After giving Sean an oral exam with his own mouth, the doctor makes sure that Carlos is wide enough to take his cock by measuring Carlos’ asshole with his tongue. …


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