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HotDadsHotLads – Ken Cartwright & Calvin Cuffs

Ken Cartwright & Calvin Cuffs at Hot Dads Hot Lads


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Adorable lad Calvin Cuffs lays in bed playing with himself when he calls Ken Cartwright. Calvin takes Ken’s towel off revealing his daddy’s huge cock. They kiss and feel each other up, then stand in front of the bed as Calvin goes down on Ken’s dick. Ken moans as Calvin deep throats his pole. Ken gets down and gives Calvin a little oral loving’ in return. He takes every inch of Calvin’s rock hard cock down his throat. Calvin rides his daddy and bounces hard on his thick rod. He rides facing forward and moans, his cock slapping his belly, as Ken hammers deeper into him. …

HotDadsHotLads – Cameron Jacobs & Jake Jennings, Flip-Flop

Cameron Jacobs & Jake Jennings at Hot Dads Hot Lads


Data Released: Jan 16, 2015

Cute lad Cameron Jacobs makes out passionately with daddy Jake Jennings. Cameron quickly gets on his knees and helps Jake take off his briefs before deep throating his cock. Jake moans with excitement as Cameron pleasures him. Jake takes of Cameron briefs before laying him on all fours on the couch, revealing his great ass. Jake eats Cameron’s hole priming it before planting his big dick inside. Jake stuffs his thick 7 1/2 inch cock up Cameron’s tight young ass doggy-style. He then flips Cameron over and pounds away while Cameron strokes his own pole. …

HotDadsHotLads – Alessio Romero & Billy Warren


Data Released: Jan 2, 2015

Scruffy Dad Alessio Romero works in the back yard, but Billy Warren has other plans. Billy goes up to Alessio and kisses him. They take their shirts off, and Billy plays with Alessio’s pierced nipples. Alessio unbuckles his pants and Billy sucks his stiff cock, just like daddy likes it. Alessio moans in ecstasy. Alessio goes from getting his cock sucked to licking Billy’s ass, getting it ready for the plowing marathon. Billy takes daddy’s big dick doggie style. …

HotDadsHotLads – Ben Venido & Derek Scott


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Ben Venido is getting a tan, he gets hungry and orders a Meat-Lover’s pizza. Derek Scott, the delivery boy, comes to the back yard and delivers the pizza. To his surprise Ben starts to feel out his cock. Ben tells him to pull his dick out just a bit so it peaks out of his pants. Ben notices Derek’s cock is still somewhat soft, and takes the lads cock straight into his warm mouth. Ben’s got a big tool, too, and Derek takes a turn sucking and licking his cock. They both lay sideways on the lounge chair and Derek gets fucked by the hairy, muscle daddy. …

HotDadsHotLads – David Benjamin & Josh Benson


Data Released: Dec 5, 2014

Muscle stud David Benjamin is watching TV waiting for Josh Benson to get home. As soon as Josh walks into the room, he tells David he`s exhausted. David calls him over to ease his long day. David proves to be a pushover as all it takes is a few kisses to get Josh re-energized. He makes sure Josh gets a mouthful of daddy`s dick. David gets on his knees and gets a taste of the young lads cock. Josh bends over so that David can eat his ass and get it ready to be plowed. David mounts his young stud and firmly pounds his hungry hole doggy-style. …

HotDadsHotLads – Zion Jay Prescott & Jake Marshall, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Nov 21, 2014

Zion Jay Prescott and Jake Marshall kiss passionately on the couch. Zion plays with Jakes nipples, then unzips Jake`s jeans to get at daddy`s cock. Jake stands up while Zion blows his prick. Jake pulls Zion`s briefs down and Zion lays on the couch, his ass up in the air. Jake tongues Zion`s ass getting it wet and ready. Jake plows Zion doggy style on the couch.


HotDadsHotLads – Nick Capra & Casey Everett


Data Released: Nov 7, 2014

Muscle dad Nick Capra and young stud Casey Everett make out in the living room. They take their shirts off and Casey kisses Nick`s chiseled body. Casey pays special attention to Nick`s hairy man pits. He takes Nick`s monster cock out for air and swallows it down to the base. Nick gets down and gives Casey a little oral lovin` in return. He takes every inch of Casey`s rock hard cock down his throat. Casey gets on all 4`s on the couch eagerly waiting daddy Nick`s thick tool. Nick gets Casey`s hole wet, ready to fill it with his massive tool. …

HotDadsHotLads – Tony Zorta & Diego Brassi, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 24, 2014

Tony Zorta is not interested in what Professor Diego Brassi is trying to teach him. Tony has other things in mind, giving his professor a french kiss and foreplay. Diego leans over and sucks Tony`s humongous dick, he feels Diego`s warm mouth and skilled tongue on his cock. Tony then plants his face in Diego`s ass getting it wet and ready for cock. Diego then turns back around and Swallows Tony’s giant cock. Diego bends over on the couch and Tony drives his cock bareback inside Diego`s hole. After getting slammed from behind Diego wants to fuck sideways. …

HotDadsHotLads – Brad Kalvo & James Ryder


Data Released: Oct 10, 2014

James Ryder is one lucky guy to have massive, hairy, muscle stud Brad Kalvo as his daddy. After cleaning the house, he has one more thing to do, please his daddy. Brad pulls him towards him, kissing him. James feels his hairy chest, he then goes on kissing Brad`s biceps. James pulls Brad`s briefs to his thighs and slurps down Brad`s cock while playing with his nipples. Brad loves it when his nipples are played with. After getting sucked he pulls the lad up, taking a taste of James’ cock. Brad flexes his muscles for the lad to worship. They sit on the couch and Brad leans over and deep throats his cock, making him moan. James ask if he can take a turn on servicing Brad`s cock. Brad doesn`t hesitate a moment. …

HotDadsHotLads – Trenton Ducati & Andrew Markus


Data Released: Sep 26, 2014

Muscle dad Trenton Ducati and trim Andrew Markus kiss passionately. Trenton takes the young lad’s shirt off, licking and sucking his nipples. Andrew strokes Trenton`s cock, getting it hard. He leans over and sucks the stiff rod. Trenton moans, showing off his muscular body, then face fucks Andrew. He takes Andrew`s briefs off and spreads his sweet ass cheeks, fingering Andrew`s hole. Trenton takes turns rimming and fingering Andrew`s ass, as well as sucking his cock from behind. Trenton rubs his stiff cock in between Andrew’s butt cheeks. He slams his cock on Andrew`s ass making him moan. …


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