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HomeMadeTwinks: Chris Summers, Zack Love (Bareback)

HomeMadeTwinks: Chris Summers, Zack Love

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (HomeMadeTwinks: Chris Summers, Zack Love)

Kinky boys Chris and Zack love to bring toys into their play sessions, getting kinky with paddles, restraints, toys and all kinds of horny things. One of the things they love the most is filming their fun as they suck those big dicks and swap their tight little bareback butt holes! Watch the boys in close-up detail as they film themselves and each other, sliding their naked cocks into those holes and fucking their way to some amazing climaxes that will have you gushing cream with them!


HomeMadeTwinks: Hot Bareback (Alex Aria, Taylor Tyce)


Data Released: Nov 18, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: Hot Bareback: Alex Aria, Taylor Tyce)

You are able to inform this is not the very first time fan kids Taylor and Alex have shot themselves fucking. The cameras are completely established, having a hand held also to consider us directly into the enjoyment as heavy-dicked child Taylor fills his sweetheart together with his remarkable penis and fucks him all around the mattress, completing his pit with warm cum and completing with Alex spurting out chaos for him to coat up! You’ll feel just like youare immediately together as you dash your personal goo out.


HomeMadeTwinks: POV Bareback Boys Bust Some Loads Out (Jasper Robinson, Tyler Thayer)


Data Released: Oct 21, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: POV Bareback Boys Bust Some Loads Out: Jasper Robinson, Tyler Thayer)


HomeMadeTwinks: Connor Jacobs, Trey Ryan (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: Connor Jacobs, Trey Ryan)

We’re getting a front-row seat to some of the hottest twink bareback ever! Trey and Connor invite us into the bedroom as the boys get down to business, filming everything themselves and just having a great time. Connor’s cock is so hard, dripping precum and desperate for that tight hole as his friend sucks and slurps. Soon he’s sliding in raw and filling his boy up with his big solid dick, giving Trey a ride on his cock and making him wank his load out all over himself before Connor pumps his cream deep in his lovers guts! You’ll feel like you’re tight there with them, loving every second of it.


HomeMadeTwinks: Bareback Lovers Home Video Fun! (Ricky Boxer, Trey Bentley)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2016 (HomeMadeTwinks: Ricky Boxer, Trey Bentley)

Ricky and Trey love being on camera, and so they should too, these boys are great together and any opportunity to see a couple of real friends enjoying their naked dicks is not to be missed! The boys have a couple of static cameras set up and a go-pro to give us some up-close and personal views as they suck on each others dicks, but it’s the sight of hung Ricky plunging his long naked cock in and out of his friend that really has us all stroking along with the boys! Watch as they fuck all over the bed, with some great shots getting us right in there, all the way to the cum shots! You really feel as though you’re there, able to lick up their loads!


HomeMadeTwinks: Matthew Cole, Tyler Thayer


Data Released: Aug 5, 2016


HomeMadeTwinks: Blake Anderson, Connor Jacobs


Data Released: Jul 15, 2016


HomeMadeTwinks: Blake Anderson, Greco Rai


Data Released: Jun 17, 2016

With a couple of cameras to film their fun horny lovers Blake and Greco invite us into their bedroom to share their cock fun. The boys start off slow, making out and stripping down, revealing their naked bodies and throbbing dicks for each other. With some sucking and rimming Greco’s perfect young ass is soon being filled with that big bare dick as Blake owns him all over the bed! Greco manages to film some of the action with his selfie stick, but soon all he can think about is the pleasure as his dick begins to erupt cum all over himself! Blake’s naked cock is loving that tight chute, but it’s too much with all that cum spent and he’s soon pulling out to decorate his lover with his own juices too!



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