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HelixStudios: Blake Mitchell, Cole Claire (Dickin’ Of The Sea) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Blake Mitchell, Cole Claire: Dickin' Of The Sea

Data Released: Feb 15, 2018 (HelixStudios: Blake Mitchell, Cole Claire: Dickin’ Of The Sea)

Go on a romantic date with Blake Mitchell and Cole Claire at the aquarium. The porntastic pair get closer at every exhibit. They have fun with the fish, tickle and touch the stingrays and get deep with cozy conversation amongst the jellyfish when Blake goes in for a kiss. Cole bounces inside the living room back at the house and teasingly gets on all fours hoping to “catch a big one!” Lucky for him, Mr. Mitchell is packin’! Claire gasps when he unfurls his huge uncut phallus, then gags on the giant as he takes every inch down to the balls! Blake reaches back teasing the kid’s caboose and Claire just keeps on sucking. Blake puts a mean licking down on Cole’s cock as well before lifting his legs and going ham on his hind end! …

HelixStudios: Cameron Parks, Preston Hale (Introducing Preston Hale) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Cameron Parks, Preston Hale: Introducing Preston Hale

Data Released: Feb 6, 2018 (HelixStudios: Cameron Parks, Preston Hale: Introducing Preston Hale)

Get to know our super sexy newbie Preston Hale as Cameron Parks chats up the Chicago native. He’s a national award winning cheerleader so we know he’s definitely flexible! He says he’s always thought about going into porn and his family is even supportive! Hale is also interested in going into the medical field later, specifically dentistry. A flexible boy who likes to put things in one’s mouth, now THAT combination guarantees us a good time! Before these two Helix hotties start humping they discuss domination, which always gets Preston’s piece pointing north and soon enough our guys are swapping spit and stripping one another! …

HelixStudios: Aiden Garcia, Ben Masters (First Time Flashback) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Aiden Garcia, Ben Masters: First Time Flashback

Data Released: Feb 4, 2018 (HelixStudios: Aiden Garcia, Ben Masters: First Time Flashback)

Take a sexed up walk down memory lane with Aiden Garcia as he describes (in deliciously dirty detail) his first time with a guy back in high school. He walks us through his relationship with a high school hottie who was sort of a bully, the kind of guy who teases you when what he really wants is a blowjob. His story brings back all the feels from high school, the nervousness of being caught, the excitement, and the dick dripping goodness of your first time! Garcia leads us through the chase until he finally gets the courage to invite Mr. straight high school star over to his place and we join the boys for a fucktastic first time flashback as Ben Masters climbs through Aiden’s bedroom window. …

HelixStudios: Landon Vega, Angel Rivera (Body Heat) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Landon Vega, Angel Rivera: Body Heat

Data Released: Feb 1, 2018 (HelixStudios: Landon Vega, Angel Rivera: Body Heat)

North Carolina native Landon Vega is flirting with hot blooded Angel Rivera from Texas, chatting about snow and the weather all the while inching closer towards one another. Rivera’s game is on and the latin lust bunny takes the bait saying, “you look like you could use some warming up” and invites Vega to his place. The heat is on the moment these two hot latins connect, pulling at each other’s clothes and playing a tasty game of tonsil hockey. Angel sets his sites on Landon’s love lance and doesn’t loose his laser focus once he wraps his warm mouth around the monster. He caresses the king sized cock with gulping good care, eating every inch and even giving the kid’s cock a kiss on the head like he’s finally found the ONE! (or at least the one for tonight!) Vega returns the favor to see what Rivera is rockin’ and finds out the boy is ALSO gifted at each end! …

HelixStudios: Max Carter, Travis Berkley (Raunchy Romance) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Max Carter, Travis Berkley: Raunchy Romance

Data Released: Jan 30, 2017 (HelixStudios: Max Carter, Travis Berkley: Raunchy Romance)


HelixStudios: Cole Claire, Leo Frost (Defenseless) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Cole Claire, Leo Frost: Defenseless

Data Released: Jan 28, 2018 (HelixStudios: Cole Claire, Leo Frost: Defenseless)

We join our two twinks mid-tickle/wrestling match as Cole Claire tosses around boy toy Leo Frost who apparently has several sensitive, sexy spots that Cole keeps hitting, causing the kid to squeal with delicious delight. Dirty blond boy Frost is calmed after the tickle fight and his hunger kicks in as he tells Claire all his dirty desires. The kid begs, whimpering, “I want dick.” Cole is more than happy to deliver, but keeps the anticipation and excitement throbbing by saying, “show me how much you want it.” Little, tight bodied Leo whips off Cole’s clothes and is downing his thick dick like it is fucking happy hour! Cole’s got his “Master hat” on today. He reaches under Frost’s red underwear clad caboose and smacks the boy’s beautiful booty, leaving a matching red hand print before softening the “hand brand” with a soothing tongue to the tight tush’s succulent center. …

HelixStudios: Corbin Colby, Preston Hale (Gymnasts) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Corbin Colby, Preston Hale: Gymnasts

Data Released: Jan 25, 2018 (HelixStudios: Corbin Colby, Preston Hale: Gymnasts)

Pretty blond newbie Preston Hale is a tasty, talented, teenaged gymnast. The thought of a beautiful blond boy who’s flexible as fuck is DEFINITELY appealing to Corbin Colby. The guys play around at the park as Preston literally does backflips peeking colossal cocked Corbin’s interest. Little does the newbie know, he’s definitely going to get served severely by cocky Colby. Hale puts a hurricane of a hummer on Corbin’s cock back at the house as Colby reaches for the gymnast’s perfect, tight teen tush while he fucks the pretty boy’s face. Corbin knows if ever there’s an ass to be eaten, a taut gymnast would certainly be some succulent gourmet goodness. …

HelixStudios: Josh Brady, Cole Claire, Angel Rivera (2 for 1) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Josh Brady, Cole Claire, Angel Rivera

Data Released: Jan 21, 2018 (HelixStudios: Josh Brady, Cole Claire, Angel Rivera)

Two innocent looking, beautiful twinks with EPIC asses have been very, very bad. Cole Claire along with new boy and jock strapped kink lover Angel Rivera are in desperate need of pleasurable punishment. Big dicked ass master Josh Brady owns these two tasty tushes with a strong hand and a huge cock. He orders the pretty pair to take their pants off and bend over the couch for a thorough ass inspection. One couldn’t ask for better specimens. Josh lays into each bubble butt with a heavy hand leaving a scalding red hand print on each boy. Kink lover River’s rump winds up RAGING red, nearly bleeding from Brady’s thick, brawny hand and he just keeps asking for more. …

HelixStudios: Ashton Summers, Travis Berkley (Photoshoot Bareback) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Ashton Summers, Travis Berkley: Photoshoot Bareback

Data Released: Jan 18, 2018 (HelixStudios: Ashton Summers, Travis Berkley: Photoshoot Bareback)

Porn legend Ashton Summers is paired with one of our freshest new twinks, Travis Berkley for a double gorgeous photo shoot. After some horsing around and heavy duty flirting the poses lead to kisses, undressing and- HALLELUJAH- cock sucking! The photographer is still in the room snapping away, upping the pervy, voyeuristic kinky quality to the whole sexy scenario. He sees the sparks starting to fly and suggests the boys move from the studio to the bedroom where Berkley REALLY puts a beating down on Ashton’s dick! He slaps his tongue with the latin long board as Summers pulls the twink’s pretty mouth down to the base of his mammoth member. …

HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves (Close Encounters) (Bareback)

HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves: Close Encounters

Data Released: Jan 16, 2018 (HelixStudios: Joey Mills, Garrett Graves: Close Encounters)

Sitting on a swing looking adorable, Joey Mills is hungry for cock and using a hook up app not realizing that Garrett Graves, the guy he’s been “Grindr’ing” is right across the street. The two sexpots wave at each other, get indoors and get down! After a smoldering make out session, Garrett gets down on his knees, pulls at Joey’s tighty whities and out flops that famous phallus just aching for attention. Garret gives it to him. Joey pulls at the back of Garret’s head, stuffing as much schlong inside the guy’s groin hungry gullet as possible then slapping the super sized torpedo against his wet, waiting tongue. Mills pulls off Garrett Graves jeans gorging himself on the kid’s already rock hard rod. …


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