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HDKRaw: Ray Dalton, Cylus Kohen (Bareback)

Data Released: Jan 2, 2016

“Cum” eat these mother fuckers up on this HDKRaw video. Ray Dalton asks Cylus Kohen for his hole, like there’s going to be some other way of getting out of this “caged event.” Bowing down and sucking hard, Cylus gets his throat “punched” from the inside; his hole is next. Taking in all the smells and tastes of Ray, the bottom does one pit lickin’ job before the top imbibes. Taking the boy’s fuck hole chain aside, Ray buries his face up in Cylus’s puckered ass. …

HDKRaw: Bareback Predators (Chad Brock, Shay Michaels)

Data Released: Dec 24, 2015

This is the first scene from Bareback Predators, a new HDK release coming out in January 2016. As the scene opens, we find Chad Brock servicing Shay Michaels cock. Seems that Shay wants to know “how deep can I go?” as he throat fucks Chad. To reward Chad for a job well done, Shay treats his hairy hole to a tongue bath and gauges a little with his thumb; “nice and tight hole, oh yeah, let’s stretch it all the way open” we hear Shay tell Chad. Then Shay takes a turn sucking Chad and test his own skills at deep throating. Chad takes one more taste of Shay’s cock before the two really heat things “up.” Bending Chad over, Shay fucks him standing up from behind. …

HDKRaw: Cream’n ManJuice, Scene Three (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 3, 2015

Damn, this is some sweet “mana from above” as the desert heat turns into some desert meat; “tastes so good.” And when the action goes “inside,” these “man caves” are used again and again. Zooming in for the tight shots, this HDKRaw “Cream of the Cocks III – CREAM’N MANJUICE” drips out and is quickly lapped up. The only things these “winkers” cry for, is more. Only the cream of the crop were used: Jeff Palmer, Tommy Saxx, Mitch Banning, Tom Finn, Brad Fletcher, Brock Hunter, Billy Twee, Kenboy, and Aaron Buns.

HDKRaw: Cream’n ManJuice, Scene Two (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 26, 2015

Continuing the theme of “cum dump a load,” this “Cream of the Cocks III – CREAM’N MANJUICE” is a tasty treat. Showing some of the hottest daddies and cum pigs “in” there: Will West, Rand, Chad Adams, Ed Diamond, Ivan Fox, Kylthrpig, Eric Scott, Brad Fletcher, will have you chocking just right. Some of the scenes, and boys, were done in a sling, others outdoors; wherever there’s a hole, these daddies will fill it. With each sweaty fucker taking his turn, the “juice” never stops flowing. Pumping it in, shooting it out, all these men have cum to “swap the slop.” Now it’s your turn to “get a piece.”

HDKRaw: Cream’n ManJuice, Scene One (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 19, 2015

A cum-ulation of cum whores, cum dumpsters & creampies as real men shoot hot manjuice! If your a true lover of cum and all natural real men, if you like hot steamy manjuice being pumped down your throat, or literally pumped up your ass, or shot all over your body, then “Cream of the Cocks III – CREAM’N MANJUICE” will surely blow your load. If you like rough hairy build natural men feeding you their hot white milky cum, and if you like giving it or taking it raw, and enjoy one load after the next as it’s pumped out of hot throbbing pieces of huge man meat, then CREAM’N MANJUICE will bust your nuts as you yourself shoot load after load. …

HDKRaw: Editors Choice: West Cum’pressed (Bareback)


Data Released: Jun 4, 2015

Will West has made many films over the past years involving fisting to bareback and leather. This video starts out in the barn with Will and Chad Adams, a young up’cummer that Will is all to happy to help in teaching him the ropes. Stretching out Chad’s tight ass with some handballing first has Will, or rather his cock standing at full attention. Then Will fucks him bareback before blowing his load all over Chad’s face so he can get a good taste. From the barn to the sling in the backyard, is Will with Ray Butler. Both men helped direct the popular Handball USA video from HDK. The two men start out sucking each others cock before Will tells Ray “it’s time for some sling time.” …

HDKRAW – Rocco Steele & Brock Rustin, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 9, 2014

HDKRAW has the top raw daddy cock, 10 inches long and thick enough to leave you gaping. Rocco Steele penetrates and makes his presence known, just ask his bottom pig Brock Rustin. As Rocco states, “I always commit fully.” Grabbing Brock`s head for positioning, this daddy has no problem having his pig choke down, or at least try to, that monster. Slobbering and on his knees, the bottom pig is the “winker” in today`s video. Rocco`s piece of “Steele” shows Brock what “fuck yeah” really feels like, and we get to “cum” along. Satisfied with the pig`s mouth, the daddy turns his attention to the real fun, Brock`s hole. …

HDKRAW – Sperm Addicts, Vol 2


Data Released: Nov 20, 2014



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