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HardKinks: Personal Trainer Needs a Massage (Bareback)

HardKinks: Personal Trainer Needs a Massage

Data Released: Mar 8, 2018 (HardKinks: Personal Trainer Needs a Massage)

Do you remember Master Personal Trainer? He’s back today and needs a complete foot massage, a mouth that wipes away all his sweat, and a hole to fuck without mercy. We have the perfect sub for him.


HardKinks: Boyfriend Into Slut (James Silver, Miquel Duque, Yago Sinner) (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 5, 2017 (HardKinks: Boyfriend Into Slut: James Silver, Miquel Duque, Yago Sinner)

Yago would like to see his preppy classic boyfriend becoming a dirty sub slut addicted to cocks that fills every single hole. Well guys, wish granted! The time has come for that to happen.


HardKinks: Alpha Daddy and Masterboy vs Twink (Alec Loob, Ely Chaim)


Data Released: Sep 28, 2017 (HardKinks: Alpha Daddy and Masterboy vs Twink: Alec Loob, Ely Chaim)

20 years old it’s the perfect age for a Master to learn using a submissive, so Ely hires a young puppy that will serve as a guinea pig for his twink. He’ll have to endure all the humiliations and games from the alphas.


HardKinks: Cleaner Roommate (Miquel Duque, Patrick Evans)


Data Released: Sep 13, 2017 (HardKinks: Cleaner Roommate: Miquel Duque, Patrick Evans)

Master Miquel wants his house cleaned but Patrick is a lazy slave. It’s necessary to teach him discipline trough humiliations and hard orders, this time the slave will learn to serve his alpha macho.


HardKinks: Scally Feet Lad (Mark Fontana, Oscar Joel)


Data Released: Aug 25, 2017 (HardKinks: Scally Feet Lad: Mark Fontana, Oscar Joel)

This week we bring you a new dominant sally lad just arrived from London wanting to put his toes inside your submissive mouth. Oscar lands in Madrid to use slave guys and be served.


HardKinks: Cheating Twinks (Alec Loob, Mark Fontana, Rafa Marco) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (HardKinks: Cheating Twinks: Alec Loob, Mark Fontana, Rafa Marco)

A couple receives a neighbor’s visit in the middle of the night. He has lost his keys, so they let him stay at home while waiting to solve the problem. Everything will turn 180 degrees when the cheating starts.


HardKinks: Breaking The Twink Slave (Guillaume Wayne, Mark Fontana) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 27, 2017 (HardKinks: Breaking The Twink Slave: Guillaume Wayne, Mark Fontana)

A new submissive twink comes to Hardkinks to be dominated and trained. He wants to become a good obedient dog slave, aso we have left him in the hands of our favorite French Master. The action begins.


HardKinks: Lick My Toes (David Luca, Guillaume Wayne)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (HardKinks: Lick My Toes: David Luca, Guillaume Wayne)

Guillaume comes from France to do a hard session of sex and BDSM with David. Our new Master is evil, a true pig, and he loves having a dog at his feet to do him whatever comes out of his balls.


HardKinks: The Dominant Personal Trainer (Ely Chaim, Rafa Marco) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 13, 2017 (HardKinks: The Dominant Personal Trainer: Ely Chaim, Rafa Marco)

Rafa has hired a personal trainer not knowing he’s a dominant stud who likes to make twinks into his personal slaves. Will he rebel or end up being a loyal dog for his trainer?


HardKinks: The Thief (David Luca, Dominique Kenique) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 6, 2017 (HardKinks: The Thief: David Luca, Dominique Kenique)

Dominique will do anything to find out where David’s stolen mutiny is hiding. Even if he have to skip all the police rules and subject the thief to an unprecedented BDSM session to find out.



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