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HalfwayHouseXXX – Caston, Bareback

Caston at Halfway House XXX


Data Released: Feb 20, 2015

Barebacking a 19 Year Old Petty Offender.

Our 19 year old blond friend thinks he is really too cool, considering his stay with us as only a temporary vacation. Although by nature he is quiet enough and not much of a bother, he also thinks that because he seems like such a goody-two-shoes that he can break the rules when he feels like it. We here at the Halfway House, however, try to enforce a strict environment. A no-tolerance policy is just what these shitheads need if they are ever going to be useful members of society. Having given him the speech, I decided to take it up a notch so that he wouldn’t mindlessly forget where he is, or who he has to answer to for his actions. …

HalfWayHouseXXX – Cocky 18 Year Old Gets It Bareback


Data Released: Jan 10, 2015

The newest guy at the Halfway House got dropped off before our shift started, and he was waiting for us to do his intake. We found out immediately that this little prick had an attitude from hell. It’s no wonder he could beat his rap. This situation called for an immediate “shock and awe” tactic. After making him empty his pockets and remove his articles of clothing one by one, we had him nude, and therefore vulnerable. Well, this guy has a nice body for an 18 year old, so the rest of our job was a sheer pleasure. He gets face fucked by one manager before we decided to get him on his knees for a closer look at his hole. Pretty and Pink! …


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