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HairyAndRaw: Parker Logan, Sebastian Sax (I Love My Job) (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Parker Logan, Sebastian Sax: I Love My Job

Data Released: Mar 22, 2018 (HairyAndRaw: Parker Logan, Sebastian Sax: I Love My Job)

Sebastian Sax works at a bathhouse and, although he sometimes wonders how he might do better, things are sometimes kinda nice. You see, cleaning up after other men have fucked and spilled their seed…well, it can be a dirty job. Except, the way Sebastian sees it, someone’s gotta do it. Right? It might as well be a freaky sexaholic who can’t get out of his mind the images of sweaty, hairy, horny men shooting their spunk and coming all over or inside each other. That’s where Sebastian comes in. His job might not be glitzy or glamorous but the gig comes with the occasional perk. Like this one time, after a huge fuck party. …

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk)

At a local playroom, Sebastian Sax and Alex Hawk make eye contact. Next thing you know they’re making out and taking turns sucking cock. Bearded Sebastian, who normally has bottomed for us, flips and goes top to ride Alex’s sweet hole. As it turns out, Sebastian is a VERY good top! Maybe it’s because of all that dick he’s sucked or maybe it’s because he’s taken so much raw cock. Whatever the reason, we’re glad the tattooed, scruffy blond has unleashed his inner top because he takes otter Alex, decked out in a sexy leather harness, for the bareback fuck of his life, pounding the cum out of him before exploding with an enormous load of his own, all over Alex’s cock, balls, and furry belly!


HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Aiden Storm (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Aiden Storm

Data Released: Dec 28, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Aiden Storm)

Unlike the days gone by of pre-online cruising, modern day technology provides different opportunities for men to meet, hook-up and get it on. Like hairy muscled hunk Atlas Grant, on his phone, looking for a big bearded hung fucker like Aiden Storm. Aiden, who loves everything Atlas has in his profile, is just the tattooed bad boy to put Atlas in his place. On his knees, face fucking him with that fat dick, balls swaying back and forth to slap Atlas on the chin. Then bent over a sling, bareback fucking that sweet, tight ass and getting sweaty as they build towards climax, fucking rough and hard.


HairyAndRaw: Alegzi Cage, Aries Steele (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Alegzi Cage, Aries Steele

Data Released: Dec 21, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Alegzi Cage, Aries Steele)

Quiet and unassuming, Alegzi Cage is the type of guy we’ve all seen, maybe looked at twice because he was so damn cute, and taken home to be fucked. He might not be your typical muscle hunk but what he is, is the type of man who knows what he’s doing. He’s not just adorable with that sweet, bearded face. According to Aries Steele, Alegzi is one hell of a fuck. Maybe he tries harder. Or maybe Alegzi enjoys the sensation of a pair of hot lips wrapped around the base of his cock. …

HairyAndRaw: Alex Hawk, Dino DeFrancesco (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Alex Hawk, Dino DeFrancesco

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Alex Hawk, Dino DeFrancesco)

There’s something cheap and tawdry and highly erotic about being in a bathhouse. Perhaps it’s all those men walking around half-naked, and sometimes just cock and balls out naked, hard throbbing shafts leading the way as they advertise what they have to offer. The sexual desire is so concentrated you can feel it and smell it. This is the type of energy sex pigs like Alex Hawk and Dino DeFrancesco feed off of when cruising the dark hallways. The two take turns sucking each other but they’re there for one thing and one thing only…cock-in-hole. The sexually charged duo lose themselves, with Dino stretching Alex open with his fat, Italian cock and Alex just taking it, like a good bottom should. Now this is bareback fucking with no apologies!


HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Topher Michels (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Topher Michels

Data Released: Dec 7, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Topher Michels)

You know how sometimes you just need to get off in the worst way possible? Like if you don’t get off you’re going to explode. Take Kosher Pig and Topher Michels as an example. The two pigs need to fuck and they need to fuck quick. Kosher likes cock. No, wait. That’s not right. He freakin’ LOVES cock! Why else would he drop to his knees so quick? He all but inhales Topher’s fat dick like it’s a drug, snarfing it down to the balls before giving up his hairy, meaty ass. …

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Topher Michels (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Topher Michels

Data Released: Nov 30, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Topher Michels)

On the prowl for cock and in desperate need of getting off, a chance encounter at Entourage, in Las Vegas, allowed us to film Sebastian Sax and Topher Michels. Sebastian, meaty and always looking for a top to fuck him raw gets his face and throat royally fucked but he’s a good cock sucker, with a deep throat and learning to control his gag reflex. Noisy dick slurping with sexy rimming and steamy bareback fucking at their local bathhouse, the only place where men can meet and give or collect as many loads as they can handle.


HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Aiden Storm (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Aiden Storm

Data Released: Nov 23, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Kosher Pig, Aiden Storm)

Big and beefy Aiden Storm is a good top. He clearly knows how to handle a submissive bottom. Even if they’re not a sub bottom, those curious about taking cock from the hung, burly young Daddy with a boyish face, end up as a complete and total whores by the time Aiden rewards them with his seed. As good as Aiden is, he’s even better in a bathhouse. Something about the environment brings out his true base instincts. When he’s in a bathhouse, Aiden is no longer Aiden but a sexual animal lusting for pig bottoms in need of a big fat cock. …

HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Atlas Grant, Mason Lear)

In a throwback to the cruising days of the late 70s and early 80s, Mason Lear and Atlas Grant pay homage to days gone by, when you fucked anywhere you found a private, secluded corner, and sometimes maybe even not THAT private. All that’s missing are the poppers as Atlas, sporting a shaved bald head, trimmed beard, sexy body and mouth watering cock, gets down and dirty with his bearded leather otter companion. Both Atlas and Mason get noisy, slurping and slobbering on big fat cock. Atlas then gets busy making a meal out of Mason’s hungry fuck hole. Tattooed Atlas slides his raw cock home, bareback fucking piggy Mason who later drops to his knees for some ass-to-mouth, savoring his own ass juices. But faster than you can say, “Fuck me,” Atlas offers up his big hairy ass for Mason to eat. The otter lubes the ultra furry tattooed bear full of spit then returns the raw favor, taking that sweet hairy muscled ass for a ride in this flip fucking bareback scene full of sweaty action!


HairyAndRaw: Ray Dalton, Parker Logan

HairyAndRaw: Ray Dalton, Parker Logan

Data Released: Nov 10, 2017 (HairyAndRaw: Ray Dalton, Parker Logan)

Decked out in leather, bald Parker Logan strokes his cock while Ray Dalton looks on. The heavily tattooed daddy soon starts making out with Parker and what follows is pure animal magnetism. Parker drops to his knees and starts sucking while Ray fucks Parker’s mind with dirty talk. When the two trade places, the bearded bald hunk is equally nasty talking trash before burying his face in Ray’s crack. The young daddy bareback fucks Ray, stretching out his hole. …


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