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GuysInSweatpants: Aaron, Rex Johnson (After The Barfight) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Aaron, Rex Johnson: After The Barfight

Data Released: Feb 26, 2018 (GuysInSweatpants: Aaron, Rex Johnson: After The Barfight)

It’s not often we work with straight guys, but Rex Johnson (aka Rebel at ChaosMen) was super eager to have his first gay sex experience so we figured why not?? Leave it to the straight guy to get in a bar fight the night before a shoot, and show up with a black eye! Aaron’s had his fair share of gay sex, but it’s his explanation of his first time getting fucked that you should really hear!


GuysInSweatpants: Griffin Barrows, Karson Ambrose (Griffin’s New Playtoy) (Flip Fuck Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Griffin Barrows, Karson Ambrose: Griffin's New Playtoy

Data Released: Feb 6, 2018 (GuysInSweatpants: Griffin Barrows, Karson Ambrose: Griffin’s New Playtoy)

This is Karson Ambrose’s first video ever. It started with him sending us a tweet, and ended with him eating the infamous Griffin Barrows’ load. If you know Griffin, you know how much he loves to worship and suck cock, and this was no exception.


GuysInSweatpants: Casey, Mateo Vice (Everybody Gets Fucked) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Casey, Mateo Vice: Everybody Gets Fucked

Data Released: Feb 6, 2018 (GuysInSweatpants: Casey, Mateo Vice: Everybody Gets Fucked)

The last time we saw Mateo Vice, he was getting tied up and pounded, but he’s doing his own pounding today! He’s lucky, too, because he gets to play with Casey Jack’s (aka Owen III at Corbin Fisher) beautiful bubble butt and hole. Between the hot gym hookup stories they shared and even hotter, raw cock sucking and fucking, these guys’ connection is obvious. Mateo is a little sex machine because as soon as he fucked Casey’s load out of him, he grabbed Austin Wilde’s crotch as he was filming, made eye contact, and before you know it, Austin had him laid on the table pumping his load into him. Nothing hotter than when you both cum at the same time!


GuysInSweatpants: Judas King Roughs Up Vincent O’Reilly (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Judas King Roughs Up Vincent O'Reilly

Data Released: Dec 26, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Judas King Roughs Up Vincent O’Reilly)

This video is particularly hot because we have a bottom who loves getting roughed up while fucked, and a top who loves manhandling and rough fucking his bottoms. Judas King starts out somewhat gentle with Vincent O’Reilly’s hole, practically making love to it– kissing it, blowing on it, licking it, face planting in it. Then the real fun starts! Judas fucks him face down ass up, doggy style, on his back… and holds him down by the throat in every position. He even slaps him around a bit to make sure he knows who’s in charge. Vincent remains submissive, and loves every second of it in the process. Judas King busts his load all over Vincent O’Reilly’s perfect bubble butt. Vincent busts his load all over his own abs, and Judas feeds every drop to him!

GuysInSweatpants: Ash Hendricks, Kaden Dean (Ash cums in Kaden) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Ash Hendricks, Kaden Dean: Ash cums in Kaden

Data Released: Dec 6, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Ash Hendricks, Kaden Dean: Ash cums in Kaden)

We introduced Ash a few weeks ago when he was taking the biggest dick he had ever taken. This time he gets to use his fat dick on one of our cute power bottoms-Kaden Dean! Ash is big into yoga, so he wanted to get Kaden nice and loosened up at the park before fucking him silly. They swallowed each other’s cocks before Ash bent Kaden over the back of the couch to bury his face in that perfect, pink hole of his. In perfect ached bottom form, Kaden presents his hole for Ash to slide his thick, lubed up cock deep into it. The way Kaden started riding every inch of that cock is why I’d call him a power bottom. We LOVE deep, internal cum shots, so that’s what we gave you guys! “I can feel it coming out…” is what Kaden says as Ash his pumping his load into him. So hot!


GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Judas King (Mateo Tied Up And Fucked) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Judas King: Mateo Tied Up And Fucked

Data Released: Nov 26, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Judas King: Mateo Tied Up And Fucked)

Who doesn’t like getting new toys? Mateo Vice has been asking to get tied up, manhandled, and fucked so we figured since he’s gonna be tied up, we may as well go shopping for some toys to use on him too. Once we found a couple toys, we headed back to the house, and wasted no time getting Mateo naked with his legs in the air to play with his perfect, tight hole. Judas King was loving using the glass dildo on him before he pulled it out, lubed up his own cock, and slid it in balls deep. These two had wanted to fuck since they first met a few months prior, so the sexual chemistry was off the charts. I think Mateo’s favorite part was getting tied up and manhandled as Judas plowed him doggystyle. Judas left Mateo covered in cum on the inside and out as he fucked, and they both busted their loads at the same time.


GuysInSweatPants: Ash Hendricks, Austin Wilde (Austin introduces Ash) (Bareback)

GuysInSweatPants: Ash Hendricks, Austin Wilde

Data Released: Nov 6, 2017 (GuysInSweatPants: Ash Hendricks, Austin Wilde: Austin introduces Ash)

Ash comes to us from a small town in North Carolina, and the way these two devoured each other, you’d never guess it’s his very first time in front of a camera like this. Austin starts out by asking him some questions to get to know him a little better. Then it begins. Ash says he prefers to top, and he said he was nervous about his first time on camera, but his eagerness to get fucked and take Austin’s load took over. Their clothes were off, and both of their big dicks were in each other’s mouths in no time – Ash has a fat cock too. …

GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Vincent O’Reilly (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 26, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Mateo Vice, Vincent O’Reilly)

I think we made Mateo Vice’s day when we told him we had a hot new guy with a big ass and big cock for with. He was even more stoked when he found out this new guy, Vincent O’Reilly, loves to get rough fucked and smacked around during it. The passion and kissing between these two at the beginning is amazing to watch, and it quickly transforms into some ass eating, raw and choke fucking hotness. You can see the look of excitement on Vincent’s face each time Mateo gets rough with him while fucking him balls deep. At one point, Mateo holds him down, plowing him face down ass up, and it’s a pure look of ecstasy on Vincent’s face. If you love cum eating and swapping, you’ll love the end of this video!


GuysInSweatpants: Jaime Steel, Derrick Daniels (Bareback)

guysinsweatpants gay

Data Released: Oct 16, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Jaime Steel, Derrick Daniels)

Here we have Jaime Steel, an insatiable power bottom, and Derrick Daniels, an insatiable 9″ uncut top-the perfect match. We took a little trip into the woods, got naked, and ran around, just enough to get them all worked up for when we got back to the house. Jaime’s deep throating skills are like something I’ve never seen before. He makes every inch of Derrick’s 9″ disappear with ease! Nice and lubed up from Derrick’s face in it, Jaime’s hole took all of his dick slowly, inch by inch, until it was balls deep and ready for a pounding. It makes it much easier to bounce on a huge cock when the passion is thick– these two were all about each other! Derrick mounts Jaime doggy style, holding him down, and relentlessly pounds his nice warm hole… Jaime fucking loves it. Jaime blows his load with Derrick going to town on him, finished off with his hole covered in Derrick’s nice load!

GuysInSweatpants: Judas King, Austin Wilde (Bareback)

guysinsweatpants gay

Data Released: Oct 6, 2017 (GuysInSweatpants: Judas King, Austin Wilde)

It’s been quite some time since Austin Wilde has only wanted to get fucked by one of my models instead of sliding his big dick in them too. But when he saw Judas King’s chiseled bod and eagerness to fuck him, he was all about it. After some fun out in the woods with the other guys, they hit the sheets. Judas has an oral fixation, and Austin’s huge dick wasn’t complaining as he worshipped every inch of it. Licking. Sucking. Smelling. …


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